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Various Awards and Honors - The SGL Carbon Awards (1969-present)

...overall contributions and achievements that have significantly influenced the progress of the science and/or technology of carbon materials."

*Please email nominations to Dr. Semih Eser, Awards Secretary,

Winners (1989-2013)

R. H. Baughman (2013)
Multifunctional Carbon Nanotube Yarns for Artificial Muscles and Energy Harvesting and Energy Storing Textiles
F. Rodriguez-Reinoso (2010)
The Versatility of Carbon Materials
L. R. Radovic (2007)
Physical Chemistry of Carbon Surfaces: Applications and Fundamentals
M. Inagaki (2004)
Nanotexture in Carbon Materials
B. McEnaney (2001)
Some Aspects of Deformation and Fracture in Carbons
R. T. Yang (1999)
Gas-Carbon Reactions Studied by TEM and STM
M. S. Dresselhaus (1997)
Recent Advances in the Science and Technology of Carbon Materials
G. H. Taylor (1995)
Carbons for Industry-The Mesophase Pathway
W. Ruland (1993)
Structural Studies on Carbon Materials
R. J. Diefendorf (1991)
High Performance Carbons and Graphites
H. P. Boehm (1989)
Graphite Compounds-A Most Interesting Group of Materials

Winners (1969-1987)

J. L. White (1987)
The Unique Nature of Carbon Materials
H. Marsh (1985)
Carbon in Society
W. P. Eatherly (1983)
On Telephones, Red Lights and Flowers, or: How to Design with Graphite
J. B. Donnet (1981)
Structure and Reactivity of Carbons: From Carbon Black to Carbon Composites
T. Noda (1979)
Crystal Growth and Graphitization
E. Fitzer (1977)
From Silicon to Carbon
A. R. Ubbelohde (1975)
A. Pacault (1973)
The Evolution of Carbon-A Structural and Electronic View
P. L. Walker, Jr. (1971)
S. Mrozowski (1969)