Charles E. Pettinos Award

"... recent outstanding research accomplishments in the science and/or technology of carbon materials."

A. Ferrari (2016): seminal research on Raman spectroscopy of carbon materials and leadership role in the development of graphene and other two-dimensional materials in Europe and worldwide

R. H. Hurt (2013): House of Cards - New Carbon Architectures through Graphene Self Assembly

H.-M. Cheng (2010): Development of Carbon-based Materials for Energy Storage

K. Kaneko (2007): Structural Adsorption Studies on Water Molecules and Ions in Carbon Nanopores

D. D. L. Chung (2004): Functional Carbons for Thermal, Electromagnetic and Sensor Applications

M. Endo (2001): Vapor-Grown Carbon Fiber and New Forms of Carbons for Electric Energy Storage Applications as a Pioneer in the 21 Century

O. P. Bahl (1999): Recent Trends in the Development of Carbon Fibers and Carbon-Carbon Composites

H. F. Stoeckli (1997): 50 years of Dubinin's Theory: 1947-1997

K. J. Hüttinger (1995): Sintered Carbons from Mesophase Powder

I. Mochida (1993): Carbonaceous Liquid Crystal Mesophase

J. Lahaye (1991): Particulate Carbon from the Gas Phase

I. C. Lewis (1989): The Fascinating Science of Carbonization Chemistry

R. T. K. Baker (1987): Catalytic Growth of Carbon Materials

J. W. McClure (1985): An Electron's Eye View of Carbon and Graphite

A. Oberlin (1983): Carbonization and Graphitization as Studied by Transmission Electron Microscopy

B. T. Kelly (1981): Graphite-The Most Fascinating Nuclear Material

J. G. Hooley (1979): The Intercalation of Layered Structures

L. S. Singer (1977): The Mesophase and High-Modulus Carbon Fibers from Pitch

J. C. Bokros (1975): Carbon in Prosthetic Devices

S. Ergun (1973): Structure of Graphite

W. Watt (1971)

J. M. Thomas (1969)