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The 2014 George D. Graffin Lectureship in Carbon Science and Engineering


Dr. Khalid Lafdi
Group Leader, Carbon Materials
Professor of Materials Engineering
Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering University of Dayton Research Institute
Dayton, Ohio, USA

The American Carbon Society supported by grants from the Asbury Graphite Mills, Inc., sponsors this lecture series in North American Universities. The lecture series is in honor of George D. Graffin, who was a pioneer in the natural graphite industry. Each year the Society selects a lecturer who has made distinguished contributions to carbon science and engineering. The lecture is available to North American universities, by arrangement with the lecturer.


The Speaker:

Dr. Khalid Lafdi, has published more than 140 articles on carbon science and technology in referred journals. More more information, please review his University Profile.


Venues and Dates

  • Dates/Locations: TBA

Dr. Lafdi is in the process of arranging a lecture schedule. If you would like for him to lecture at your location please contact him directly.

For further information on the 2014 Graffin Lecture Series please contact Dr. Lafdi.

Additional information may be found at the Society's web site at or contact:

The Education Secretary:
Dr. Carlos A. Leon y Leon
Hexcel Corporation
3300 Mallard Fox Dr.
Decatur, AL 35609 USA