Executive Committee


Dr. Rodney Taylor (2013), Chairman
Orion Engineered Carbons
e-mail: rodneyltaylor@gmail.com

Dr. Rodney Andrews (2013)
University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research
email: rodney.andrews@uky.edu

Dr. Nidia Gallego (2016)
Oak Ridge National Lab
email: gallegonc@ornl.gov

Dr. Weiming Lu (2016)
Advanced Carbon Materials Lead
UTC Aerospace Systems
email: weiming.lu@utas.utc.com

Dr. Matthew Weisenberger, Secretary-Treasurer
Associate Director
University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research
e-mail: matt.weisenberger@uky.edu

Please send Meeting and Conference announcements to Zhong Lin:
e-mail: zzl116@psu.edu



S. Mrozowski (State University of New York at Buffalo)
Julian Norley (GrafTech International Holdings Inc.)
P. L. Walker, Jr. (The Pennsylvania State University)
L. H. Juel (Great Lakes Carbon Corporation)
V. R. Deitz (U.S. Naval Research Laboratory)
J. T. Meers (Union Carbide Corporation)
J. C. Bokros (General Atomic Company/CarboMedics Inc.)
R. K. Carlson (POCO Graphite)
D. W. McKee (General Electric Company)
W. A. Nystrom (Stackpole Carbon Company)
D. Rivin (Cabot Corporation/U.S. Army Natick RD&E Center)
R. A. Meyer (The Aerospace Corporation/ University of California, Santa Barbara)
J. L. White (University of California, San Diego)
L. R. Radovic (Penn State University)
F. J. Derbyshire (University of Kentucky)
Dan D. Edie (Clemson University)
Frederick S. Baker (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
Timothy D. Burchell (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
Peter A. Thrower (Editor, Carbon Journal)
Nidia C. Gallego (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
Joseph M. Calo (Brown University)
Gary Tibbetts (Applied Sciences)
Wesley Hoffman (AFRL/PRSM Edwards, CA)
Linda E. Jones (Alfred University)


2010-2016 Term

  • Teresa Bandosz (City University of NY)
  • Semih Eser (Penn State University)
  • Nidia Gallego (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
  • Jacek Jagiello (Micromeritics Instruments)
  • Khalid Lafdi (University of Dayton)
  • John McHugh (Michelin Americas Research)
  • John Montminy (SGL Carbon)

2013-2019 Term

  • Bob Griffin (Phillips 66)
  • Weiming Lu (UTC)
  • Cameron Thomson (Ingevity)
  • Nirav Patel (GE Aviation)
  • Yury Gogotsi (Drexel University)
  • Cristian Contescu (ORNL)

2016-2022 Term

  • Renee Bagwell (Harper International)
  • Philip Bradford (NC State)
  • Liming Dai (Case Western Reserve)
  • Andriy Korchev (Cabot Corp.)
  • Satish Kumar (GA Tech)
  • Julian Norley (GrafTech International)
  • Karla Strong (AFRL)
  • Mauricio Terrones (Penn State)


  • J. C. Bokros (General Atomic Corporation)
  • R. K. Carlson (POCO Graphite)
  • R. J. Diefendorf (Rensselaer Polytechnic University)
  • W. P. Eatherly (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
  • D. B. Fischbach (University of Washington)
  • W. V. Kotlensky (TRW Systems Group)
  • A. I. Medalia (Cabot Corporation)
  • W. A. Nystrom (Stackpole Carbon Corporation)
  • C. A. Pratt (Air Force Materials Laboratory)
  • F. Rusinko, Jr. (Airco Speer Carbon-Graphite)
  • P. A. Thrower (The Pennsylvania State University)
  • L. L. Winter (Union Carbide Corporation)
  • L. A. Joo' (Great Lakes Carbon Corporation)
  • D. W. McKee (General Electric Company)
  • D. Rivin (Cabot Corporation)
  • R. H. Bragg (University of California)
  • F. Fair (Airco Speer Carbon-Graphite)
  • C. R. Kennedy (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
  • R. A. Meyer (The Aerospace Corporation)
  • I. Spain (University of Maryland/Colorado State University)
  • M. S. Dresselhaus (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  • G. B. Engle (General Atomic Company/BF Goodrich/Nuclear & Aerospace Materials)
  • P. J. Reucroft (University of Kentucky)
  • L. S. Singer (Union Carbide Corporation)
  • R. T. K. Baker (Exxon Research and Engineering Company)
  • M. B. Dell (Alcoa Laboratories)
  • I. W. Gazda (Great Lakes Carbon Corporation)
  • W. E. Duggins (Union Oil of California)
  • E. A. Heintz (Airco Carbon Research/SUNY Buffalo)
  • J. A. Woolam (University of Nebraska)
  • J. W. McClure (University of Oregon)
  • C. R. Rowe (U.S. Naval Surface Weapons Center)
  • J. L. Wood (Bendix Corporation)
  • A. Sacco, Jr. (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
  • R. T. Yang (SUNY Buffalo)
  • I. C. Lewis (Union Carbide Corporation)
  • R. J. Price (G. A. Technologies/BF Goodrich)
  • W. Kenan (Asbury Graphite Mills)
  • L. Peebles (Office of Naval Research)
  • R. W. Rosene (Great Lakes Carbon/SGL Carbon)
  • J. L. White (University of California, San Diego)
  • R. Bacon (Amoco Performance Products)
  • J. Newman (Ashland Carbon Fibers/Ashland Petroleum Company)
  • L. R. Radovic (The Pennsylvania State University)
  • C. F. J. Chang (UCAR Carbon Company)
  • W. P. Hoffman (Air Force Research Laboratory)
  • O. M. Mahajan (Amoco Research Center)
  • P. C. Pinoli (Lockheed Palo Alto Research)
  • F. S. Baker (Westvaco Corporation-Charleston Research Center)
  • T. D. Burchell (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
  • J. F. Byrne (Westvaco Corporation)
  • F. J. Derbyshire (University of Kentucky)
  • G. S. Rellick (formerly with Aerospace Corporation)
  • Linda E. Jones (Alfred University)
  • Julius Jortner (Jortner Research & Engineering)
  • J. Gerard Lavin (Retired - DuPont Experimental Station)
  • Nicholas R. Pollack (Calgon Carbon Company)
  • Richard T. Lewis (GrafTech International)
  • Neil Murdie (Honeywell)
  • Gary G. Tibbetts (Applied Sciences, Inc.)
  • Deborah D. L. Chung (SUNY at Buffalo)
  • Bahram Fathollahi (UC San Diego)
  • Chris D. Levan (BP)
  • Jayne A. MacDonald (Royal Military College of Canada)
  • Gary Pruett (Goodrich Corporation)
  • James Klett (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
  • Mark Southard (ConocoPhillips)
  • Albert Tamashausky (Asbury Graphite Mills)
  • Mark Thies (Clemson University)
  • Jim Zimmer (Carbon Consulting)
  • Rodney Andrews (University of Kentucky)
  • Fred Cannon (Penn State University)
  • Bob Hurt (Brown University)
  • Tim Burchell (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
  • Ljubisa Radovic (Penn State University)
  • Bahram Fathollahi (U.C. San Diego)
  • Julian Norley (GrafTech International LTD)
  • William Betz (Supelco)
  • Carlos Leon y Leon (Hexcel Corporation)
  • John Linck (Goodrich Corporation)
  • Amod Ogale (Clemson University)
  • Keith Roussel (ConocoPhillips Company)
  • Rodney Taylor (Atlantic Hydrogen)