Aims and Scope

The American Carbon Society, formerly the American Carbon Committee, was established in 1957 with the express purpose of organizing U.S. conferences on carbon. Today, the aims and scope of the American Carbon Society are considerably more diverse than those envisioned by its founders. The Society promotes interdisciplinary research on the fundamentals and applications of carbon materials. Moreover, the Society organizes and/or sponsors the triennial International Conference on Carbon ("Carbon 20XX"), the world's most important meeting of researchers in all areas of carbon science and technology.

In the intervening years, the society organizes and/or sponsors workshops which provide a forum for reporting and discussing single-topic carbon research in a more focused manner than that afforded by the triennial conferences. The Society also promotes carbon science and engineering through its Graffin Lecture series, and recognizes excellence in carbon research through the Carbon Medal, SGL Carbon (Skakel) and Pettinos Awards. Student participation at Society-organized conferences is recognized through the Mrozowski and Walker Awards.

The Society is managed by an elected executive committee and an elected advisory board. Various sub-committees exist (e.g., awards, long-range planning, communications) to further the aims and scope of the Society.

Individuals wishing to join the American Carbon Society may obtain additional information from the Secretary/Treasurer:

Dr. Matthew Weisenberger, Secretary-Treasurer
University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research
2540 Research Park Drive
Lexington, KY 40511, USA
phone: +1 (859) 257-0322; fax: +1 (859) 257-0220 

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