1955 - 2nd Biennial Conference - Buffalo, NY

Held at the University of Buffalo, Buffalo, New York

Conference Chairman: S. Mrozowski, University of Buffalo

Technical Program
X-Ray Study of the Graphitization of Carbon Black
B. E. Warren
Imperfections in the Graphite Structure
J. C. Bowman
Fine Pore Structure-Crystallite Size Relationships in Carbons
L. D. Loch and A. E. Austin
Gas Reactions of Carbons and Graphites
P. L. Walker, Jr.
Studies on Producing Graphitizable Carbons
C. R. Kinney
The Structure and Properties of Some Pyrolyzed Polymers
F. H. Winslow, W. O. Baker and W. A. Yager
Properties of Graphite Compounds
G. R. Hennig
Paramagnetic Resonance Absorption in Graphite
G. R. Hennig and B. Smaller
Recent Work on Electronic Properties of Carbons at the University of Buffalo
E. J. Seldin
Radiation Damage Effects on Graphite
J. E. Hove
Long Wavelength Neutron Transmission as an Absolute Method for Determining the Concentration of Lattice Defects in Crystals
J. J. Antal, R. J. Weiss and G. J. Dienes
Some Effects Produced in Graphite by Neutron Irradiation in the BNL Reactor
W. L. Kosiba, G. J. Dienes and D. H. Gurinsky
Moderator Graphite for High Temperature Reactors
R. L. Carter and R. R. Eggleston
Thermal Conductivities of Polycrystalline Carbons and Graphites
C. P. Jamieson and S. Mrozowski
The Shape of Ground Petroleum Coke Particles
T. Beirne and J. M. Hutcheon
Dimensional Changes during Heat Treatment and Thermal Expansion of Polycrystalline Carbons and Graphite
F. M. Collins
Experiments on the Compaction of Graphite
V. D. Frechette, J. Hay and Y. Tao
Physical Properties of Carbons and the Formulation of the Green Mix
S. Mrozowski
Density-Resistivity Relationships for Baked Carbons
E. J. Seldin