1957 - 3rd Biennial Conference - Buffalo, NY

Held at the University of Buffalo (S. Mrozowski, Chairman)

Conference Chairman: S. Mrozowski, University of Buffalo

Technical Program

PART I: From Benzene to Graphite and to Diamond
On some electronic properties of large aromatic systems
B. Pullman
Ionization energy and electron affinity: benzene to graphite
F. A. Matsen
Benzene to graphite-the change in electronic energy levels
C. A. Coulson, L. J. Schaad and L. Burnelle
A study of the magnetism and structure of carbon blacks
A. Pacault and A. Marchand
Le diamagnetisme du benzene
A. Pacault, J. Hoarau, J. Joussot-Dubien, B. Lemanceau and N. Lumbroso
Semiconductive properties of polycyclic aromatic compounds
H. Akamatu and H. Inokuchi
Comparisons between perfect graphite and identifiable aromatic molecules
A. R. Ubbelohde
A physico-chemical study of the carbonization of hexamine
C. J. J. Baraniecki and H. L. Riley
H. T. Hall

PART II: Electronic Properties (from Benzene to Graphite)
Photoconductance in single crystals of naphthalene, anthracene, tetracene, phenanthrene, 1, 2-benzanthracene, 1, 2, 5, 6-dibenz-anthracene, biphenyl, p-terphenyl, pyrene and chrysene
L. E. Lyons, A. Bree and G. C. Morris
The catalytic and electronic properties of semiquinone-type complexes
D. D. Eley and K. Inokuchi
Electron resonance studies of heat-treated organic compounds
D. J. E. Ingram
Paramagnetic resonance in coals and heat-treated organic compounds
J. Uebersfield and E. Erb
A study of the low-temperature carbonization of d-glucose using electron magnetic resonance and infrared absorption
T. H. Brown and J. Turkevitch
Electron spin resonance in charred sucrose
L. S. Singer, W. J. Spry and W. H. Smith
Paramagnetic resonance absorption in heat-treated carbon blacks
J. G. Castle, Jr. and D. C. Wobschall
Electron spin resonance in heat-treated nine-ring compounds
H. Akamatu, S. Mrozowski and D. Wobschall
Magnetic studies of graphites and mesomorphous carbons
A. F. Adamson and H. E. Blayden
The change of magnetic properties in carbonization and graphitization of coal
H. Honda
Changes in the magnetic susceptibility with the degree of carbonization
P. Kiive and S. Mrozowski
A calculation of the energy bands of the graphite crystal by means of the tight-binding method
F. J. Corbato
Band structure and magnetic properties of graphite
J. W. McClure
The electric and magnetic properties of graphite
R. R. Haering and P. R. Wallace
Cyclotron resonance in graphite (experimental)
J. K. Galt, W. A. Yager and F. R. Merritt
Cyclotron resonance in graphite
P. Nozieres
Magnetic field dependence of the Hall effect and magnetoresistance of graphite single crystals
D. E. Soule
Electronic properties of heat-treated carbon blacks
S. Mrozowski, A. Chaberski, E. E. Loebner and H. T. Pinnick
Optical properties of graphite and coal
J. T. McCartney and S. Ergun

PART III: Reactions and Compounds
Red carbon
L. Schmidt, H. P. Boehm and U. Hoffman
Surface compounds of carbon and their significance for its catalyst efficiency
H. P. Boehm, U. Hoffman and A. Claus
About some influences on the reactivity of carbons
K. Hedden and E. Wicke
The kinetics of the reactions of carbon filaments with carbon dioxide and water vapor at high temperatures and low pressures
F. Boulangier, X. Duval and M. Letort
Catalysis of graphite oxidation
G. Hennig
The reaction of carbon with oxygen atoms
J. Streznewski and J. Turkevitch
Reaction of carbon blacks with oxygen
C. W. Snow, D. R. Wallace, L. L. Lyon and G. R. Crocker
Observations on the reaction between carbon black and water at low temperatures
M. L. Studebaker
Functional groups in activated carbon and carbon black with ion- and electron-exchange properties
V. A Garten and D. E. Weiss
New molecular compounds of graphite
R. C. Croft
Structure determination of graphite oxide
A. Clauss
Electronic properties of the crystal compounds of graphite
A. R. Ubbelohde
Fixation du brome sur les carbones de degre de graphitation variable
J. Maire et J. Mering
Kinetics of the graphite-bromine reaction
J. G. Hooley
Interstitial compounds of irradiated graphite
G. R. Hennig and G. L. Montet

PART IV: Graphitization and Structure
The ultra-fine capillary structure of carbonaceous solids
R. L. Bond and D. H. T. Spencer
A study of some carbonized coals using new X-ray techniques
R. Diamond
Graphite-like layers in coals and high vacuum distillation products
S. Ergun
X-ray small-angle scattering by carbon blacks and heat-treated carbons
H. Akamatu and H. Kuroda
Crystal structural properties of carbon blacks
A. E. Austin
Studies on producing graphitizable carbons
J. S. Conroy, R. S. Slysh, D. B. Murphy and C. R. Kinney
Influence of organic compounds on the formation of gas carbon
J. D. Frazee and R. C. Anderson
Carbon formation by the flash illumination of polymers
J. L. Lundberg, L. S. Nelson and M. Y. Hellman
Ionization and the structure of carbon particles at high temperatures
F. T. Smith
The energy exchange between cold gas molecules and a hot graphite surface
L. Meyer and R. Gomer
Dislocations in graphite crystals
T. Tsuzuku
Graphite whiskers
L. Meyer
Atomic arrangement and bonding across a twinning plane in graphite
J. R. Platt
Production of graphite single crystals by the thermal decomposition of aluminium carbide
L. M. Foster, G. Long and H. C. Stumpf
Remarques sur la graphitabilite de certains charbons agglomeres
R. Baroin
Influence de certains catalyseurs de graphitation sur les proprietes du graphite, en particulier, sur les conductibilites electriques et thermiques
P. Albert et J. Parisot
X-ray diffraction studies of irradiated and ground graphites
C. E. Bacon
Fine grinding of Ceylan natural graphite
P. L. Walker, Jr. and S. B. Seeley
Studies of carbon powders under compression I
S. Mrozowski


PART V: Mechanical and Thermal Properties and Carbon Technology
Lattice vibrations and low temperature thermal properties of graphite
J. A. Krumhansl
Thermal properties of graphite
J. E. Hove
High-temperature tensile-properties of graphites
H. E. Martens, L. D. Jaffe and J. E. Jepson
Heat-flux-rupture limits with internal heat generation of several graphites up to 5000 ¡ Fahrenheit
W. B. Powell and P. E. Massier
The effects of irradiation on the mechanical properties of graphite
J. H. W. Simmons
Effect of pile radiation on mechanical and other properties of graphite
R. A. Meyer and R. G. Bourdeau
The micropore structure of neutron irradiated graphite
C. N. Spalaris
Distribution of radiation damage in graphite
R. E. Nightingale and W. A. Snyder
Annealing of crystal distortion in irradiated graphite
A. E. Austin and R. J. Harrison
Determination of x-ray absorption coefficients of inhomogeneous carbonaceous materials
S. Ergun and V. H. Tiensuu
X-ray absorption analysis of chemicals in carbon brushes
A. C. Titus
Magnetic susceptibilities and thermal expansion of artificial graphites
P. Cornuault, A. Herpin, H. Hering and M. Seguin
Effect of impregnation and subsequent burn-off on physical properties of graphitized carbon rods
P. L. Walker, Jr. and F. Rusinko, Jr.
Effect of different cokes on physical properties of graphitized carbon plates
P. L. Walker, Jr., F. Rusinko, Jr., J. F. Rakszawski and L. M. Liggett
Thermal expansion of polycrystalline carbons and graphites II
F. M. Collins
Electrical resistivities and crushing strengths of baked carbons
E. J. Seldin
Permeabilities of baked carbons and beds of carbon powders to the flow of a gas
E. J. Seldin and S. Mrozowski