1959 - 4th Biennial Conference - Buffalo, NY

Held at the University of Buffalo (G. J. Young, Chairman)

Conference Chairman: G. J. Young

Technical Program

PART I: Surface Properties, Adsorption and Reactivity
The structure of activated carbon and adsorption-extension behavior
E. A. Flood
Adsorption swelling of Saran charcoal
J. R. Dacey and D. A. Cadenhead
Alteration of surface characteristics of graphite by adsorbed gases
H. J. Dawe and R. F. Stevens
Heats of wetting of carbons prepared from low rank coals
N. Rice
The preparation and study of evaporated carbon films
K. W. Sykes and J. M. Thomas
The theoretical calculation of the heat of adsorption for gases physically adsorbed on carbon surfaces
E. L. Pace
Structure of activated carbons and adsorption from solution
L. F. Gleysteen and G. H. Scheffler
The effect of surface complexes on adsorption from the liquid phase by carbon black
C. G. Gasser and J. J. Kipling
The role of carbon black in the thermal oxidation of polyolefins
M. A. Worthington and F. W. Winslow
Physical adsorption and the surface area of carbon blacks
L. L. Lyon, G. R. Crocker and J. S. Dahler
Influence of hydrogen content on oxidation of carbon blacks
C. W. Snow, D. R. Wallace, L. L. Lyon and G. R. Crocker
A preliminary study of surface oxide produced by reaction of carbon and carbon dioxide
B. L. Tonge
The gasification of carbon in carbon dioxide and other gases at temperatures above 900 ¡C
T. H. Blakeley
On the role of surface oxides in the graphite-oxygen reaction
L. Bonnetain, X. Duval and M. Letort
Effets catalytiques au cours de l'oxydation du graphite par l'air
H. Hering, S. Keraudy, F. M. Lang and S. May
Volatile catalysts for the reaction of carbon with carbon dioxide
H. H. Kopper and K. Hedden
Catalysis by alkali-metal salts in carbon gasification reactions
H. Harker
Quenched lattice defects in graphite
G. R. Hennig and M. A. Kanter
Electron microscope studies of graphite single crystals
G. R. Hennig
The energy exchange between argon and a hot graphite surface
L. Meyer
Retention of protons by graphite
G. L. Montet
Ternary lamellar compounds of lithium or sodium with graphite
M. L. Dzurus, G. R. Hennig and G. L. Montet
The disruption of carbon compositions by alkali attack
J. J. Vadla

PART II: Electronic Properties
Relation between electron energy band structure and the properties of graphite
J. W. McClure
Fermi surfaces in graphite determined from a De Haas-van Alphen type effect
D. E. Soule
Magnetic susceptibility of a two-dimensional electron gas with an energy proportional to k^n
A. Marchand and N. Lumbroso
Spin resonance of charge carriers in graphite
G. Wagoner
Electron spin resonance of broken carbon bonds
S. Mrozowski and J. F. Andrew
The electronic structure of the boundary atoms of a graphite layer
C. A. Coulson
Acceptor and donor impurities in graphite
G. R. Hennig
Electrical properties of carbon surfaces
H. Hirabayashi and H. Toyoda
Semiconduction in nickel-doped polymer carbons
H. A. Pohl
Carrier behavior in nickel-doped polymer carbons
H. A. Pohl and J. P. Laherrere
Double magnetic resonance of fluids adsorbed on coals
J. Uebersfeld and M. Jacubowicz
g-Anisotropy and line broadening of electron spin resonance in chars
S. Mrozowski

PART III: Carbonization, Graphitization and Structure
Some novel carbonaceous polymers
R. McNeill and D. E. Weiss
The effect of carbon blacks on the free radical thermal polymerization of styrene
G. Kraus, J. T. Gruver and K. W. Rollmann
On the mechanism of the carbonization of benzene, acetylene and diacetylene at 1200 ¡C
C. R. Kinney and R. S. Slysh
The formation of carbon from polyvinylidene chloride
J. R. Dacey and D. A. Cadenhead
Spectra and the constitution of coal and derivatives
R. A. Friedel
Carbonization studies of powders and single crystals of vat dyes
H. P. Stadler
Croissance des dimensions des domaines cristallins au cours de la graphitation du carbone
J. Maire and J. Mering
Importance of double Bragg reflections in the small angle scattering from carbon
B. E. Warren
On the substructure and the crystallite growth in carbon
H. Akamatu and H. Kuroda
Dislocations in graphite
A. Grenall and A. Sosin
Graphitization stresses and dislocations in polycrystalline carbon
T. Tsuzuku
On the crystallite growth of carbon
S. Mizushima
Crystallographic and physical changes of some carbons upon oxidation and heat treatment
W. V. Kotlensky and P. L. Walker, Jr.
A novel amorphous carbon
W. A. Mohun

PART IV: Mechanical and Thermal Properties
The spectral and integrated emissivity of carbon and graphite
J. D. Plunkett and W. D. Kingery
Studies of thermal conductivity of polycrystalline graphite at high temperature
H. E. Strauss
The mechanical strength of pyrolytic graphite
R. J. Diefendorf
The effect of atmosphere on the strength of graphite
R. J. Diefendorf
Observations on the high-temperature elastic and inelastic properties of polycrystalline graphites
L. Green, Jr.
Tensile and creep behavior of graphites above 3000 ¡F
H. E. Martens, D. D. Button, D. B. Fischbach and L. D. Jaffe
Evaluation of a tension test for brittle materials
S. A. Bortz and H. H. Lund
High temperature physical properties of molded graphites
H. H. Lund and S. A. Bortz
Thermal expansion of pitch bonded carbons
J. Okada
Dependence of thermal expansion of bonded carbons on the heat treatment temperature
J. Okada
Elastic constants and permanent set in carbons and graphite at room temperature
J. F. Andrew, J. Okada and D. C. Wobschall
The velocity and attenuation of sound in carbons
D. Wobschall and H. Hammill
An interpretation of the mechanical behavior of carbons
H. W. Davidson and H. H. W. Losty
The problems raised by the influence of neutron irradiation on the stress- strain relationships of graphite
H. H. W. Losty
High temperature radiation induced contraction in graphite
J. M. Davidson, E. M. Woodruff and H. H. Yoshikawa

PART V: Carbon Technology, Friction and Wear
Synthetic binders for carbon and graphite
C. H. Riesz and S. Susman
Investigation of synthetic binders by differential thermal analysis and dilatometry
H. H. Nakamura and L. M. Atlas
Prediction of optimum binder content of a carbon mixing by use of the mercury porosimeter
P. K. C. Wiggs
The dependence of the properties of graphite on porosity
J. M. Hutcheon and M. S. T. Price
Dependence of the density and other properties of bonded carbons on the binder proportion in the green mix
J. Okada and Y. Takeuchi
The effect of impregnation and heat treatment on the physical properties of graphite
H. H. W. Losty
Some factors affecting the anisotropy of extruded carbon
E. S. White
Jauge d'epaisseur pour la mesure de la densite du graphite
P. Leveque, M. Gasnier, R. Hours, G. Jouquet, J. Rappeneau and J. C. Tanguy
Microscopy and structures of brush carbons
I. Pincus and N. J. Grendron
Boron carbide in the graphitization of the lampblack carbon brush constituent
A. C. Titus
Wear and friction of carbon brushes as a function of air humidity
L. E. Moberly and J. L. Johnson
Behavior of carbon brushes in dry and wet atmosphere
J. Millet
Elementary processes of graphite wear
R. H. Savage
The mechanical properties and friction of carbon and graphite at high temperature
B. L. Mordike
Fine grinding of artificial graphite
J. R. May and R. K. Warner
Properties of molded Ceylon natural graphite
F. Rusinko, Jr. and P. L. Walker, Jr.