1961 - 5th Biennial Conference - State College, PA

Held at the Pennsylvania State University (G. R. Hennig, Chairman)

Conference Chairman: G. R. Hennig

Technical Program

PART I: Electronic Properties
Electronic properties of graphite and its crystal components in the direction of the c-axis
A. R. Ubbelohde
Further considerations of the pi electron properties of graphite
T. E. Peacock
The effect of boron on the electronic properties of graphite
D. E. Soule
Theory of the g-factor of the current carriers in graphite single crystals
J. W. McClure and Y. Yafet
Etude de l'effet Hall et de la magnetoresistance de carbones pregraphitiques pulverulents-techniques et resultats
J. Cherville, P. Bothorel et A. Pacault
Formation of spin centers by oxidation and their thermal anneal
K. Antonowicz
Formation by chemical attack and nature of spin centers in carbon
K. Antonowicz
Theory of the electron transport of single-crystalline graphite
J. W. McClure and L. B. Smith
Electronic processes in pyrolytic graphites
C. A. Klein
The magnetic susceptibility of pyrolytic carbons
D. B. Fischbach
A review of electron spin resonance in carbonaceous materials
L. S. Singer
Electron spin resonance in high-temperature carbons and graphites
L. S. Singer and G. Wagoner
Double magnetic resonance in chars
M. Jacubowiez and J. Uebersfeld
Further studies of electron spin resonance in chars, carbons and graphites
S. Mrozowski
Trapped radicals in organic deposits
R. Mangiaracina and S. Mrozowski
A magnetic study of the carbonization and graphitization of some representative polymers
H. E. Blayden and D. T. Westcott
Semiconduction in pyro-polymers doped with Na, Ca, and Th
H. A. Pohl and S. L. Rosen
Semiconductive properties of carbonized coal
P. L. Waters
Spectral studies of coal
R. A. Friedel and H. Retcofsky
Absorption of graphite in the ultraviolet and visible spectrum
S. Ergun and J. T. McCartney
Infrared absorption at two microns and coal-tar pitch properties
P. L. Walker, Jr. and D. O. Baumbach

PART II: Surface Properties, Adsorption and Reactivity
The catalytic properties of amorphous carbons
D. E. Weiss
Surface properties of extremely thin graphite lamellae
H. P. Boehm, A. Clauss, G. Fischer and U. Hofmann
Thermal treatment and microporous structure of carbonaceous adsorbents
M. M. Dubinin
On the size distribution of pores in charcoal and in other porous substances
G. Biorci and D. Pescetti
Adsorption of surface active agents from non-aqueous solutions by carbon blacks
J. C. Abram and G. D. Parfitt
Interpretation of nitrogen adsorption isotherms of oxidized carbon blacks
G. R. Crocker, R. O. Lussow and L. L. Lyon
Adsorption of vapors on high energy sites of carbon blacks
A. Voet, W. N. Whitten, Jr. and F. G. Boyd
Adsorption and desorption of water films on graphite surfaces
G. L. Montet
The adsorption of iodine by graphite
P. Connor, J. B. Lewis and W. J. Thomas
The formation of methane from hydrogen and carbon at high temperatures and pressures
K. Hedden
Intercalation of cobalt(II) chloride in graphite
J. J. Pitts and L. L. Lyon
Catalyzed lamellar reactions of graphite
M. L. Dzurus and G. R. Hennig
Surface oxides on graphite single crystals
G. R. Hennig
The kinetics of the diamond-oxygen reaction
T. Evans and C. Phaal
Oxidation of carbon between 1000-2000 °C
J. Nagle and R. F. Strickland-Constable
Surface oxidation of charcoal at ordinary temperatures
B. R. Puri
Etude de l'oxydation des carbones par l'air et l'anhydride carbonique en function de leur texture et de leur etat de purete
F. M. Lang, P. Magnier et S. May
The degassing behavior of commercial graphites
L. G. Overholser and J. P. Blakely
The effect of gasification by carbon dioxide on the pore structure of graphite
J. Butcher and D. M. Grove
The effect of air flow rate on the C-O2 and CO-O2 reactions
D. G. Schweitzer, G. C. Hrabak and R. M. Singer
Thermal changes with time and distance in air-cooled graphite channels
D. G. Schweitzer and D. H. Gurinsky
The chemical reactivity of BNL graphite and its effect on the length of channel cooled by air
D. G. Schweitzer and R. M. Singer
Combined effects of temperature, flow rate, diameter and chemical reactivity on the length of channel cooled by air
D. G. Schweitzer
Thermal properties of air-cooled graphite channels
D. G. Schweitzer
Direct titration of the acidity of carbon blacks
M. L. Studebaker
Hydride-transfer reactions of carbon black
D. Rivin
The role of the surface complex in the carbon-oxygen reaction
N. R. Laine, F. J. Vastola and P. L. Walker, Jr.
The formation and oxidation of high-area carbon films
V. R. Deitz and E. F. McFarlane
Oxidation kinetics of pyrolytic graphite
W. S. Horton
Catalysis of the carbon-carbon dioxide reaction by iron
J. F. Rakszawski, F. Rusinko, Jr. and P. L. Walker, Jr.
Mode of porosity development in activated anthracite
M. Kawahata and P. L. Walker, Jr.
Steam activation of charcoal: a systematic study of weight and volume losses
D. G. Edwards, R. York, J. Tracht, P. E. Loveday and F. P. Williams
Chemical characteristics of carbon brush wear dust
R. J. Bobka

PART III: Irradiation, Nuclear Graphite and Diffusion
Mechanism of radiation damage to graphite at high temperatures
D. R. de Halas and H. H. Yoshikawa
The effect of high flux neutron irradiation on the physical properties of graphite
W. N. Reynolds and J. H. W. Simmons
The irradiation induced plasticity of graphite
H. H. W. Losty, N. C. Fielder, I. P. Bell and G. M. Jenkins
Proprietes mecaniques du graphite irradie: modification de la durete par irradiation et recuit
J. Rappeneau et G. Jouquet
Effect of temperature on radiation-induced contraction of reactor graphite
J. M. Davidson and J. W. Helm
Stored energy and dimensional changes in reactor graphite
H. Bridge, B. T. Kelly and B. S. Gray
Energie emmagasinee par le graphite irradie: evolution de l'energie en fonction de recuits successifs
J. Rappeneau et M. Quetier
Post-irradiation measurements of thermal conductivity between 200 and 600 °C for low permeability graphites
R. A. Meyer and D. Schweitzer
Permeabilite aux gaz des graphites nucleaires-etude de la structure poreuse par porosimetrie au mercure
J. Rappeneau, M. Bocquet, A. Fillatre et J. C. Trutt
Large graphite columns in the core of the experimental gas-cooled reactor (EGCR)
J. V. Neely
The migration of fission products in artificial graphite
J. Bromley and N. R. Large
Properties of fueled graphite
R. A. Reuter and D. D. Johnson
Thorium oxide infiltration of graphite spheres
F. Rusinko, Jr. and W. E. Parker
Observation of lattice defects in fission fragment-irradiated graphite
F. E. Fujita and K. Izui
On the mechanism of radiation damage in graphite
W. Bollman
Effect of heat treatment on the high-temperature properties of baked carbons and irradiated graphite
J. F. Doar and J. N. Pike
Preliminary results on radiation damage in various graphites
M. Beutell, E. Fitzer, R. Gain and O. Vohler
Gas permeability studies on some artificial graphites
T. R. Jenkins and F. Roberts
The use of graphite in high-temperature nuclear fuel elements
W. V. Goeddel, G. R. Tully, Jr. and R. A. Meyer
The role of pore structure in the oxidation of graphite by irradiated carbon dioxide
J. M. Hutcheon, H. C. Cowen and J. Winton
The development of low permeability graphite for the Dragon reactor experiment
L. W. Graham, W. Watt, W. Johnson, P. A. P. Arragon and M. S. T. Price
Experiment on the diffusion of cesium and barium through graphites of low helium permeability
A. B. Riedinger, C. E. Milstead and L. R. Zumwalt

PART IV: Carbonization, Graphitization and Structure
An electron microscope study of carbon formation in the pyrolysis of hydrocarbons
G. L. Johnson and R. C. Anderson
Carbon films from carbon suboxide decomposition. Formation kinetics***
T. J. Hirt and H. B. Palmer
T. J. Hirt and H. B. Palmer
Some reactions of aromatic systems in chars
J. D. Brooks and T. McL. Spotswood
Functional groups and x-ray diffraction patterns of chemically modified brown-coal chars
J. D. Brooks, J. F. Stephens and H. Silberman
X-ray studies on the coal maceral vitrinite and its extraction products
W. O. Ruland
X-ray stereo-microradiography of carbons
J. B. Nelson
Technique for microscopic studies of graphite
R. L. Hales and E. M. Woodruff
Direct observation of imperfections in graphite single crystals
R. bacon and R. Sprague
X-ray study of the effects of heat treatment on pyrolytic graphites
O. J. Guentert and S. Cvikevich
Neutron diffraction studies of the structure of carbon blacks
A. E. Austin and E. Adelson
The determination of the interlayer spacings in carbons at high temperature
K. T. Yang
Effect of rapid heat treatment on the properties of carbon
J. Okada, A. Sekiguchi and T. Ishii
Effect of residence time on graphitization at several temperatures
F. V. Fair and F. M. Collins
Carbonisation et aptitude a la graphitation
G. Montaud, J. Millet et J. Parisot
Studies of the thermal behavior of some polynuclear aromatics
I. C. Lewis and T. Edstrom
Influence of aromatic nitro-compounds on the condensation of coal-tar pitch
S. Yamada
Rate of graphitization of carbon
S. Mizushima
Studies on the deposition of pyrolytic carbons
K. W. Carley-Macauly and M. Mackenzie
Some effects of annealing pyrolytic graphite
J. T. Meers
The microscopic structure of pyrographite
G. Susich and L. M. Dogliotti
Comparison of properties of carbon and graphite bodies produced from anthracite and petroleum coke
I. Geller and P. L. Walker, Jr.
Particle shape factors, crystallite orientation and grindability of petroleum cokes
P. L. Walker, Jr., R. P. Gardner, M. A. Short and L. G. Austin
Development of three-dimensional crystallinity in natural graphite materials
M. Mentser, H. J. O'Donnell and S. Ergun
The tetrahedral structure in evaporated thin films of carbon
J. Kakinoki
Some difficulties encountered in the application of x-ray diffractometer measurements to the matrix method of R. Diamond for the determination of crystallite size distributions in turbostratic carbons
H. A. McKinstry and M. A. Short
The Breit-Dirac correction to Compton scattering of carbon
S. Ergun and W. F. Donaldson

PART V: Mechanical and Thermal Properties, Friction and Wear, Carbon Technology
The strength of graphite
H. H. W. Losty and J. S. Orchard
Determination of the thermal diffusivity for polycrystalline graphites at high temperature
N. H. Juul
Observations of sparking at a sliding carbon-copper interface
W. J. Spry and P. M. Scherer
The effect of carbon structure on copper oxidation at a sliding electrical contact
P. M. Scherer and W. J. Spry
Analytical determination of carbon varieties in electrographitized carbon products by x-ray diffraction method
T. Noda and M. Inagaki
Recent development in graphite impregnation
L. W. Graham, D. R. Perels and W. J. Greenwood
The deposition of pyrolytic carbon in the pores of bonded and unbonded carbon powders
R. L. Bickerdike, A. R. G. Brown, G. Hughes and H. Ranson
Low density carbon and graphite shapes
G. Stecker, K. H. Sia and R. D. Tait
Unique properties of flexible carbon fibers
G. E. Cranch
Properties of high density, recrystallized graphite
R. M. Bushong and E. A. Neel
Preparation de graphite de haute densite
P. Bergognon, P. Cornuault, J. Bentolila et M. S. T. Price
Compaction of artificial graphite
J. R. May
Electron microscopy of imperfections in graphite crystals
G. K. Williamson and C. Baker
Extended dislocations in the anisotropic elastic continuum approximation
G. B. Spence
Internal friction of carbon materials
T. Tsuzuku and H. Kobayashi
Creep and recovery in graphites at high temperatures
E. J. Seldin
Compressibility of carbon black
A. I. Medalia and R. L. Sawyer
Further studies of Young's modulus of carbons at room temperature
J. F. Andrew and D. C. Wobschall
The strength of commercial graphite
I. B. Mason
Preparation of special graphite grades for Jet Propulsion Laboratory high-temperature studies
L. Simbeck and R. Kronenwetter
Structural and high-temperature tensile properties of special pitch-coke graphites
H. E. Martens and W. V. Kotlensky
Mechanical properties of pyrolytic graphite to 2800 ¡C
W. V. Kotlensky and H. E. Martens
The spectral emissivity and total normal emissivity of commercial graphites at elevated temperatures
A. F. Grenis and A. P. Levitt
Thermal conductivity of carbon at high temperature
H. E. Strauss