1963 - 6th Biennial Conference - Pittsburgh, PA

Held at the University of Pittsburgh

Technical Program

Studies of Young's modulus of carbons at high temperatures
J. F. Andrew and S. Sato

The tensile properties of ZTA grade graphite under varying conditions of temperature, pressure, atmosphere and pre-treatment
R. M. Hale and W. M. Fassell Jr.

Sonic modulus measurement of graphite at temperatures up to 3000 degrees C
S. O. Johnson

A study of the amplitude of vibration of carbon atoms in the graphite structure
E. A. Kellett, B. P. Jackets and B. P. Richards

Structural and high-temperature tensile properties of boron pyrolytic graphite
W. V. Kotlensky and H. E. Martens

High temperature tensile and short-time creep properties and structural transformations of pyrolytic graphite
W. V. Kotlensky, A. W. Thompson and K. H. Titus, Jr.

High temperature tensile creep of graphite
E. J. Seldin

Reactions of carbon with carbon dioxide activated by low voltage electrons
K. T. Claxton and R. F. Strickland-Constable

Etude de la reactivite et de la structure des noirs de carbone
J. B. Donnet

Reactions of graphite with carbon dioxide at 1000 to 1500 degrees C under flow conditions
E. A. Gulbransen, K. F. Andrew and F. A. Brassart

Reactions of atomic oxygen with graphite and carbon
H. Marsh, T. E. O'Hair, R. Reed and W. F. K. Wynne-Jones

Kinetics of oxygen exchange between CO2 and CO over carbon
M. Menster and S. Ergun

Reactivity of carbon surfaces studied by low temperature ortho-para hydrogen conversion
D. A. Seanor and R. C. Seymour

Modification de la structure du carbone pyrolytique par compression a haute temperature: evolution vers le monocristal
R. Gremion and J. Maire

The prediction of oxidation rates of carbonaceous materials from plasma arc tests
J. K. Haviland and J. E. Medford

Thermoelectric properties of pyrolytic graphite up to 2000 degrees C
G. Rupprecht, A. I. Mlavsky and P. Smakula

Relationship of graphite properties to rocket nozzle erosion
S. E. Slosarik and L. M. Swope

High temperature radiation effects in lampblack-based graphite
H. H. Yoshikawa

Oxidation resistant graphite-base composites
K. J. Zeitsch

Some observations on the reaction of polymer carbons with carbon dioxide
M. Bregazzi, J. W. Sutherland and D. J. Tucker

Oxydation du graphite par l'ozone
M. Gillois

Ablation of graphite in oxygen and air at 1000 to 1492 degrees C under flow conditions
E. A. Gulbransen, K. F. Andrew and F. A. Brassart

Oxydation des carbones tendres (soft carbons) en milieu liquide
M. Oberlin

Localized oxidation rates on graphite surfaces by optical microscopy
J. M. Thomas and E. E. G. Hughes

Motion pictures of the oxidation of graphite crystals
P. L. Walker, Jr., F. J. Vastola, B. C. Banerjee and J. Shigo

Reactions of graphite with oxygen at temperatures of 1000-25000 degrees C
J. R. Walls and R. F. Strickland-Constable

Precision measurement of elastic properties of graphite by means of transverse sonic waves
J. L. Otero de la Gandara and R. Mendez-Penalosa

The role of crystal structure in determining the mechanical properties of graphite
G. M. Jenkins, G. K. Williamson and J. Barnett

Some creep and recovery characteristics of carbon and graphite
A. J. Kennedy and A. Younger

A low temperature thermal creep in irradiated graphite during annealing
H. H. W. Losty, H. D. Blakelock and M. Kimpton

Effect of low compressive stresses on radiation-induced dimensional changes in graphite
W. C. Morgan

Studies of elastic modulus of irradiated graphite by means of an ultrasonic pulse method
S. Sato and S. Miyazono

Mechanical energy losses due to motion of dislocations in graphite and carbons
T. Tsuzuku

Oxidation of graphite and various types of carbon
W. Bradshaw

X-ray diffraction characteristics and microstructure of the chars of an ablating composite
W. Bradshaw, J. C. Robinson and A. Gleason

Reaction of carbon with oxidizing gases
J. T. Gallagher and H. Harker

The reactivity of carbon and graphite: the role of unpaired electrons produced by pyrolysis or by neutron-bombardment
H. Harker, C. Jackson, J. T. Gallagher and J. B. Horsley

The effect of diffusion and bulk gas flow on the thermal oxidation of nuclear graphite. Part 1. Temperatures below 500 degrees C
P. Hawtin, J. Gibson and R. Murdoch

Oxydations du graphite par l'oxygene sec-oxydes de surface
F. M. Lang, C. Koch and A. Merle

Etude des gaz chimisorbes sur la surface des pores fermes des graphites nucleaires
F. M. Lang and P. Magnier

Some chemical factors influencing the thermal oxidation of nuclear graphite
J. B. Lewis, P. Connor, T. J. Dix, P. Hawtin and R. Murdoch

The effect of heat treatment on the thermal properties of permeable cellulose carbon
H. D. Blakelock and C. Arno

Measurement of the difference in the heat contents of rhombohedral and hexagonal graphite
H. P. Boehm and R. Coughlin

Thermal conductivity of pyrolytic graphite at low temperature
M. G. Holland and C. A. Klein

Determination of the thermal diffusivity for polycrystalline graphites as a function of temperatures
N. H. Juul

Further studies of thermal conductivity of carbon at high temperature
H. E. Strauss

Rate of porosity in the accommodation of thermal expansion in graphite
A. L. Sutton and V. C. Howard

Thermal expansion of carbons and graphites
T. Yamaguchi

Diametre des couches atomiques dans les carbones tendres (soft carbons)
A. Bouraoui

Review of structural studies on carbon. Part I. Non-graphitic carbons
S. Ergun

Review of structural studies on carbon. Part II. Graphites
O. J. Guentert

Studies of crystalline order and the physical properties of artificial graphites
E. Fitzer, W. Fritz and A. Ragoss

Preferred orientation of pyrolytic graphites and its effect on X-ray diffraction patterns
O. J. Guentert and S. Cvikevich

Diamond synthesis by electric discharge shock technique
H. Honda, Y. Sanada and K. Inoue

Transformations des carbones sous l'effet des hautes temperatures croisantes
J. Mering

The dimensional changes produced in graphite by absorption of bromine
J. E. Brocklehurst and R. A. Bishop

Some aspects of the radiation-induced reaction of carbon with carbon dioxide
T. B. Copestake, N. S. Corney and H. A. Jones

Interaction of carbon dioxide with carbon adsorbents at temperatures below 400 degrees C
V. R. Deitz, F. G. Carpenter, R. G. Arnold and D. Larry

The nature of the initial gasification products from graphite irradiated in carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide/carbon dioxide mixtures
F. S. Feates and R. J. Waite

Origin of etch pits on graphite surfaces
E. E. G. Hughes, J. M. Thomas and H. Marsh

Kinetics of the oxidation in liquid phase of non-irradiated or irradiated nuclear graphites
M. Oberlin, J. Rappeneau and M. Yvars

The effect of in-pile oxidation by carbon dioxide on the porosity of graphite
J. Standring and B. W. Ashton

Effect of in-pore diffusion combined with temperature gradients on graphite corrosion rate
E. Wicke

Variations in carbon body properties with coal tar pitch binder properties
D. O. Baumbach, P. L. Walker, Jr. and W. E. Parker

Use of strength measurements to follow the reaction kinetics of a hydrocarbon bond system
E. Becker

Characterisation of bonded carbons by ultra thin sectioning
D. Clinton and G. Kaye

Some structural aspects of the oxidation of bonded carbons
R. F. Deacon, B. R. Pugh and E. V. Rockwell

Methods for assessing the suitability of coal tar pitches as binders for industrial carbon
F. K. Earp and A. R. Ford

Chemical studies of pitch binders for graphite
J. R. Hooker, R. E. Norman and W. V. Goeddel

Factors influencing the performance of pitch binders in the baking of small carbon electrodes
G. G. Lauer and K. P. Bonstedt

Structural studies of the development of order in some polymer carbons with particular reference to the radial distribution approach
D. V. Badami and R. J. Hussey

X-ray studies of the formation of graphite from silicon carbide
D. V. Badami

The nature of turbostratic carbon
D. V. Badami and G. Kaye

Electron microscope studies of intercalated graphite compounds
I. M. Dawson

Determination of proportions of tetrahedral and trigonal-pi bonds in carbon. I. Theoretical study
S. Ergun, W. Van Buren and J. R. Townsend

Determination of proportions of tetrahedral and trigonal-pi bonds in carbon. II. Experimental study
W. F. Donaldson and S. Ergun

An electron microscopic examination of porosity in cellulose carbon
M. Phillips and H. H. W. Losty

Deposition and properties of a little-oriented pyrolytic carbon
J. Rappeneau, M. Yvars, M. Bocquet, C. David and A. Auriol

Structural properties of pyrolytic carbons deposited between 1100 and 1800 degrees C
C. David, P. Sublet, A. Auriol and J. Rappeneau

Desorption, sous azote ou hydrogene, de l'oxygene chimisorbe sur le graphite
H. Le Bail

The effects of adsorbed water on the properties of Saran charcoal-a preliminary account
J. R. Dacey, G. Frohnsdorff and J. T. Gallagher

The anticlot properties of graphite coatings on artificial heart valves
V. L. Gott, J. D. Whiffen, R. C. Dutton, D. E. Koepke, R. L. Daggett and W. P. Young

Effects of oxidation on the surface heterogeneity of some graphitized carbons
D. W. L. Griffiths, W. J. Thomas and P. L. Walker, Jr.

Measurements of the surface area of coals and cokes by adsorption of xenon, krypton, argon and methanol
K. A. Kini

Oxydation des carbones: recherches sur la nature "des sites actifs"
F. M. Lang and P. Magnier

Stress induced graphitization of pyrolytic graphite
R. H. Bragg, D. D. Crooks, R. Fenn, Jr. and M. Hammond

The graphitization of pyrolytic carbons
D. B. Fischbach

Effect of rate of temperature rise during graphitization on the final properties of graphite
J. F. Hogan, J. F. Rakszawski and M. B. Redmount

Etude de la pregraphitation des carbones
J. Millet, M. Cerutti and J. Uebersfeld

Effect of atmosphere of graphitization of carbon
T. Noda and M. Inagaki

Contribution a la cinetique de la graphitation
A. Pacault, A. Marchand, M. Mazza, H. Gasparoux, A. Forchioni et J. Amiell

Investigations about the influence of graphitization time and temperature on the ash content of electro graphite
E. Wege

Studies of radiation in single crystal graphite
C. Baker and A. Kelly

Electron microscope observations on radiation damage on graphite
W. Bollman and G. Hennig

The effect of high flux fast neutron irradiation on the physical properties of graphite
H. Bridge, B. T. Kelly and P. T. Nettley

Radiation damage effects on xenon-133 release from natural graphite
W. S. Diethorn, J. Schiffgens and P. L. Walker, Jr.

The development of fuel element graphite for the Dragon reactor experiment
L. W. Graham and M. S. T. Price

Electron microscopy of pile-irradiated and annealed Madagascar graphite
A. E. B. Presland and N. Dowson

Enhanced nucleation of radiation damage in graphite
W. N. Reynolds and P. A. Thrower

Recent contributions to the mechanism of radiation damage in graphite
D. G. Schweitzer

Electrical and other properties of irradiated and periodically annealed graphite
S. Aronson, D. G. Schweitzer, R. M. Singer and J. G. Davis

The neutron irradiation of a graphitized carbon black
D. A. Cadenhead

Effect of furfuryl alcohol impregnation on irradiation stability of graphite
G. B. Engle, G. R. Tully, B. F. Disselhorst and W. P. Wallace

Dimensional changes in the irradiated graphite lattice
P. R. Goggin, R. W. Henson, A. J. Perks and W. N. Reynolds

Effect of massive neutron exposure on the distortion of reactor graphite
J. W. Helm and J. M. Davidson

Radiation induced creep in graphite
A. J. Perks and J. H. W. Simmons

Synthesis of reinforced carbon and graphite bodies
R. K. Carlson, I. Harder and B. A. Forcht

Transient heat flow in a stirred mixer
T. E. Morrisson

The use of chemical additives for improved graphite densification and neutron radiation stability
W. E. Parker, R. W. Marek and E. M. Woodruff

The effect of size reduction equipment on graphite properties
F. Rusinko, Jr. and W. E. Parker

Effect of formulation on graphite strength
R. B. Trask

The hot-working of graphite bodies containing carbide particles
J. L. White

Electrical resistivity of carbon blacks under pressure
E. Adelson and A. E. Austin

Electron tunneling in carbon black-loaded rubber vulcanizates
L. K. H. van Beek and B. I. C. F. van Pul

Variation thermique du coefficient de Hall de carbones pregraphitiques pulverulents
F. Boisard, J. Cherville et P. Bothorel

Effet Hall de carbons d'anthracene traites de 550 a 1000 degres C
P. Bothorel and J. Cherville

Thermoelectric effect in raw carbons
L. Depowski

Problems in the electrovalency of graphite
A. R. Ubbelohde

Galvanomagnetic properties of glassy carbon
T. Yamaguchi

Solid complexes of carbon and sulphur
H. E. Blayden and J. W. Patrick

Carbonization of cellulose fibers. I. Low temperature pyrolysis
M. M. Tang and R. Bacon

Carbonization of cellulose fibers. II. Physical property study
R. Bacon and M. M. Tang

Microstructure of heat-treated carbon blacks
F. A. Heckman

A note on structural changes in heated carbon blacks
G. Kaye

X-ray studies on the carbonization and graphitization of acenaphthylene and bifluorenyl
W. Ruland

A new concept for the structure of graphitic carbons
W. Ruland

On the carbonization of polyacrylonitrile fiber
A. Shindo

Magnetoreflection experiments in graphite
M. S. Dresselhaus and J. G. Mavroides

The optical constants of graphite in the ultraviolet-visible spectrum determined by transmission through ultrathin crystals
S. Ergun, R. L. Knoll and J. T. McCartney

The optical constants of graphite in the infrared spectrum determined by transmission through ultrathin crystals
J. T. McCartney, H. J. O'Donnell, J. B. Yasinsky and S. Ergun

Spectral reflectance and emissivity of carbon and graphite
M. R. Null and W. W. Lozier

Optical properties of pyrolytic graphite
G. Rupprecht and P. Smakula

The optical constants of graphite in the ultraviolet-visible spectrum determined by reflectance from single crystal faces
J. B. Yasinsky, J. R. Townsend and S. Ergun

Acidic surface oxides on carbon
H. P. Boehm, E. Diehl and R. Sappok

Hydrogen reaction with carbon and nickel evaporated films
V. R. Dietz and E. F. McFarlane

Surface hydroxyl groups in carbon blacks
P. H. Given and L. W. Hill

Extensive reduction of coal by a new electrochemical method
R. E. Markby, H. W. Sternberg and I. Wender

Oxidation of carbon black with oxygen: formation of surface oxygen groups
A. I. Medalia and E. Hagopian

Chemical properties of C3, a dicarbene
P. S. Skell and L. D. Wescott

Surface orientations and operating characteristics of some carbon blacks
G. Kaye

Mechanical and physical properties of the EGCR core graphite
J. V. Neely and M. N. Burkett

Effect of sulphur on the properties of carbon and graphite
J. F. Rakszawski

The effect of group IIIA to VIA elements and their oxides on graphite oxidation
J. F. Rakszawski and W. E. Parker

Sample preparation and microscopic techniques for carbon and graphite
H. D. Shade and G. L. Peters

The properties and application of the glassy carbon
S. Yamada, H. Satoh and T. Ishii

The interaction of strongly adsorbed oxygen with free radicals in carbon
K. Antonowicz

Electronic properties of heat-treated coals
H. Honda, K. Egi, S. Toyoda, Y. Sanada and T. Furuta

Anisotropie magnetique theorique des pyrocarbones
A. Marchand

Variation thermique du paramagnetisme des carbones pregraphitiques
A. Marchand et P. Delhaes

Electron spin resonance in doped and in irradiated polycrystalline graphites
S. Mrozowski

Electron spin resonance in chars, carbons and graphite
S. Mrozowski

Mise au point sur le magnetisme des carbones
E. Poquet et A. Pacault

An electron spin resonance study of carbonization of the aromatic hydrocarbon acenaphthylene
L. S. Singer and I. C. Lewis

The diffusion of uranium in graphite
R. J. Borg, D. R. McKenzie and J. R. Wolfe

The threshold curve for the displacement of atoms in graphite - experiments on the resistivity changes produced in single crystals by fast electron irradiation at 15 K
M. W. Lucas and E. W. J. Mitchell

The effect of catalyst mobility on the thermal oxidation of natural graphite
A. E. B. Presland and J. A. Hedley

The diffusion of nickel and silver in pyrographite
J. R. Wolfe and R. J. Borg

Sur quelques proprietes des pyrocarbones
Le Groupe Francais d'Etudes des Carbones

Temperature dependence of electrical properties of polycrystalline carbons and graphites
A. Chaberski

Electrical conductivity of thin films of evaporated carbon
T. Hanawa and J. Kakinoki

Transport properties of boron pyrographalloys
C. A. Klein and W. D. Straub

Porous carbon for fuel cell electrodes
M. W. Reed and R. J. Brodd

The electrical conductance of carbon black
A. Voet, W. N. Whitten, Jr. and F. R. Cook

Turbostratic graphite
G. Wagoner

Kinetics of bromine exchange in graphite-bromine lamellar compounds
S. Aronson

Halogenation of graphite
W. T. Eeles and J. A. Turnbull

Electron microscope study of graphite/bromine lamellar compounds
M. Heerschap and P. Delavignette

Reactions of Br2, ICl and CrO2Cl2 with natural graphite
J. G. Hooley

Preparation and properties of chlorine graphite
R. Juza

Carbon black iodination
D. Rivin

The behavior of iodine in graphite
F. J. Salzano