1965 - 7th Biennial Conference - Cleveland, OH

Held at Case Institute of Technology

Technical Program

PART I: Electronic Properties
Microwave galvanomagnetic measurements on semiconducting diamond powder
J. K. Furdyna
The magnetothermal effect in graphiter
C. A. Klein and M. G. Holland
Electrical resistivity of soft carbon below 4.2 K
R. I. Gayley and O. K. Griffith
Electrical resistivity of carbon blacks under high pressure
E. Adelson and A. E. Austin
Electronic processes in glassy carbons
T. Tsuzuku and K. Saito
Studies of carbon thermocouple
S. Sato, T. Oku and T. Honda
Energy band parameter determination in graphite
M. S. Dresselhaus and J. G. Mavroides
Spin-orbit interaction in graphite
G. F. Dresselhaus and M. S. Dresselhaus
Optical properties of graphite
Y. H. Ichikawa and K. Kobayashi
Alfven wave propagation in graphite
J. K. Furdyna and M. Surma
De Haas-van Alphen effect in pyrolytic and single crystal graphite
S. J. Williamson and S. Foner
Measurements of the electronic density of states in graphite
G. Wagoner
Electronic states in perturbed two-dimensional graphite lattice
Y. Fukuda
Further electron spin resonance studies of the pyrolysis of aromatic hydrocarbons
I. C. Lewis and L. S. Singer
Electron spin resonance of chars at low temperatures
M. Fourrier and J. Uebersfeld
Dynamic polarization of nuclei in fluids on paramagnetic surfaces of char
J. P. Grivet and J. Uebersfeld
ESR observations on solid aromatics related to low-temperature carbons
H. Akamatu and M. Kinoshita
Electron spin resonance of heat treated phenol-formaldehyde resins
H. Honda, S. Toyoda, S. Kaneko and T. Furuta
Desensitization of ESR of chars by treatment with alkali metals
S. Mrozowski
Spin-lattice relaxation of current carriers in graphite
K. Sugihara and S. Ono
Some comments on the diamagnetic anisotropy and splitting factors of carbons
A. Pacault and J. Uebersfeld
The ESR of boron doped polycrystalline graphite
S. Mrozowski
Magnetic susceptibility and electron spin resonance of ultra-fine graphite
R. J. Bobka and L. S. Singer
A survey of ESR in heat treated carbon blacks
G. Arnold
Etude de noirs de carbone oxydes par resonance paramagnetique electronique
A. Charlier and P. Taglang
On the structure sensitivity of the diamagnetism of pyrolytic carbons
D. B. Fischbach
Thermal variations of the diamagnetism and structure of boron doped pyrocarbon
H. Gasparoux and A. Pacault
Paramagnetic and galvanomagnetic properties of a boron doped pyrocarbon
P. Delhaes and A. Marchand
Electronic properties of nitrogen doped carbons
J. V. Zanchetta and A. Marchand
The transport properties of stress-recrystallized graphite
A. R. Ubbelohde and D. A. Young
The effect of adsorption on the electrical conductivity of Saran carbon
D. Quinn and J. R. Dacey

PART II: Structural Studies
Etude de la distorsion des couches carbonees dans les cokes graphites. Rapports avec la dilatation thermique interne
C. Schiller, J. Mering, P. Cornuault and F. du Chaffaut
Parametres de distorsion des couches elementaires dans differents carbones: influence de ces parametres sur la susceptibilite diamagnetique
C. Schiller, M. Oberlin and J. Mering
X-ray studies on the crystallite growth during graphitization
W. Fritz
Investigations on Austrian natural graphites with high carbon content
H. Spatzek
Recent refinements in producing and correcting X-ray diffraction patterns of carbon blacks
F. A. Heckman and J. S. Clarke
Structural studies on the carbonization of Fortisan fibers
W. Ruland
The atomic radial distribution of a carbon black
S. Ergun and W. Van Buren
Graphitization process of carbons. III. Cokes and carbon blacks
A. Pacault, A. Marchand, H. Gasparoux and S. Flandrois
Interaction des produits carbones au cours de la graphitation
P. Cornuault and F. du Chaffaut
The effect of electric spark discharge on graphitization of carbon
H. Honda, Y. Sanada, K. Kobayashi and T. Furuta
Kinetic studies on graphitization: effect of thermal history of carbon on the rate of graphitization
T. Noda and M. Inagaki
Heat treatment of carbon under pressure
T. Noda, M. Inagaki, H. Kato, A. Amanuma and K. Kamiya
Carbonization of 2,4,6 octatriyne
W. M. Ollison and R. C. Anderson
Studies of the liquid phase polymerization of aromatic hydrocarbons and heterocyclic compounds
M. Janes
Oxidation of cokes by potassium bichromate-Phosphoric acid and sulfur trioxide
C. Yokokawa, K. Hosokawa and Y. Takegami
Size and structure of coal molecule
C. Yokokawa, Y. Watanabe, S. Kajiyama and Y. Takegami
Factors affecting the graphitization of carbons: evidence from polarized light microscopy
J. J. Kipling and P. V. Shooter
Cathodic etching of graphite by argon ion bombardment
J. D. Ruggiero
Studies of single crystal graphite containing boron
W. T. Eeles, M. S. Stagg and J. A. Turnbull
Replica electron microscopy of artificial graphites
E. M. Woodruff
Graphitization of thin carbon films
A. E. B. Presland and J. R. White

PART III: Pyrolytic Graphite The structure of pyrolytic carbon deposited in a fluidized bed
J. C. Bokros
Deformation and fracture of pyrolytic carbons deposited in a fluidized bed
J. C. Bokros and R. J. Price
Electron microscopy of pyrolytic carbon deposits on fuel particles
J. O. Stiegler, C. K. H. DuBose and J. L. Cook
Determination of density of pyrolytic carbon coatings on nuclear fuel particles
J. L. Cook, W. R. Laing and R. L. Beatty
X-ray study of pyrolytic graphites and glassy carbons
R. H. Bragg and M. L. Hammond
Spiral growth in pyrolytic carbon
E. Fitzer and H. Schlesinger
Preparation en lit fluidise de pyrocarbones massifs: proprietes physiques de ces pyrocarbones
A. Auriol, G. Maurel, H. Tannenberger, J. Rappeneau and M. Yvars
Microstructure and deposition process of pyrolytic graphite
T. Nagaoki and Y. Tominaga
Carbon films from carbon suboxide decomposition. Inhibition by carbon monoxide and the heat of formation of C2O
H. B. Palmer and W. D. Cross
Effects of deposition conditions and heat treatment on the properties of pyrolytic carbon
J. Y. Chang, E. E. Stansbury and W. O. Harms
Formation of pyrolytic graphite
R. J. Diefendorf
On the kinetics of graphitization
D. B. Fischbach
Kinetics of carbon crystallite growth during graphitization
E. S. Bale
Vaporization of plain and boron doped pyrolytic graphite
P. D. Zavitsanos
Diffusion of Nb-95 in pyrolytic graphite
M. L. Hammond
High temperature basal plane shear in pyrolytic graphite
W. V. Kotlensky, D. B. Fischbach and H. E. Martens
Analysis of high-temperature tensile creep parallel to substrate in pyrolytic graphite
W. V. Kotlensky
Internal friction due to impurity-pinned dislocations in graphite
T. Tsuzuku and M. H. Saito

PART IV: Oxidation Studies Structural aspects of the oxidation of graphite by photolysed or radiolysed CO2
I. Y. R. Adamson, I. M. Dawson, F. S. Feates and R. S. Sach
The effect of gaseous additives on the oxidation of carbon by photolysed carbon dioxide
F. S. Feates and R. S. Sach
Reaction of nuclear graphite with water vapor
R. C. Giberson and J. P. Walker
Influences perturbatrices de la vapeur d'eau sur le mecanisme d'oxydation du graphite en presence d'oxygene (500 a 650 degres C)
F. M. Lang, P. Magnier, P. Gilles and R. Pollet
Physisorption et chimisorption de l'eau par le graphite nucleaire
F. M. Lang, C. Valle and H. Goenvec
The effect of chlorofluoromethanes on graphite oxidation
P. G. Pallmer
Cinetique de l'oxydation des noirs de carbone
J. B. Donnet, J. LaHaye, J. Schultz and E. Papirer
Nature de composes oxygenes crees par oxydation des carbones
F. M. Lang and J. B. Donnet
The effect of oxidation on the pore structure of some graphitized carbons
W. J. Thomas
Factors affecting the reactivity of British nuclear graphite
A. R. Blake, P. P. Jennings and E. E. Welch
Kinetic studies on the AGOT and pyrolytic graphite
W. G. Bradshaw, R. M. Bonesteel and J. N. Ong, Jr.
The oxidation process of ultrapure mineralogical and artificial graphite to form graphitic acid
J. D. Lopez-Gonzalez and A. Martin Rodriguez
Optical microscope studies of imperfections in natural graphite crystals
J. M. Thomas and C. Roscoe
The influence of solid catalysts on the etching of graphite single crystals. A motion picture study
J. M. Thomas and P. L. Walker, Jr.
Simultaneous reaction, diffusion and bulk flow in the thermal oxidation of carbon: (a) Highly reactive baked carbons from 300 to 420 degrees C; (b) Nuclear graphite from 550 to 675 degrees C
P. Hawtin, J. A. Gibson and R. Murdoch
Studies on factors influencing the relative rates of evolution of CO and CO2 during the oxidation of graphite in dry air
T. J. Dix, R. Murdoch and J. B. Lewis
Kinetics of the carbon-carbon dioxide reaction
P. L. Walker, Jr., L. G. Austin and J. F. Strange
Effect of hydrogen on the kinetics of the carbon-carbon dioxide reaction conducted at low pressures
P. L. Walker, Jr., F. J. Vastola and D. L. Biederman
Etude des composes formes au-dessous de 600 degres C par action de CO2 sur du graphite
F. M. Lang, S. May and J. Chenion
Study of the mechanism of the carbon-oxygen reaction using O18 as a tracer
F. J. Vastola, P. J. Hart and P. L. Walker, Jr.
The reaction between CO2 and graphite at temperatures between 1500 and 2100 degrees C
J. R. Walls and R. F. Strickland-Constable
The oxidation of graphite
E. M. Goldstein
Oxidation of ATJ graphite by low concentration of water vapor and carbon dioxide in helium
J. P. Blakely and L. G. Overholser
Oxidation of fueled and unfueled graphite spheres by steam
J. L. Rutherford, J. P. Blakely and L. G. Overholser
Oxidation of graphite by gram mixtures of CO2 and CO in helium
P. J. Bourke, W. H. Denton and M. D. Gray
Some aspects of carbon transport in high temperature gas cooled reactors
M. R. Everett and D. V. Kinsey
The effect of variation in pore size on the rate of radiolytic corrosion of graphite by carbon dioxide
V. Y. Labaton, B. Ashton and R. Lind
Oxidation of carbon black (ISAF grade) with oxygen
A. I. Medalia, H. Y. Pothiawala and E. Hagopian
Iron catalysis of the carbon-carbon dioxide reaction
R. A. Anderson and P. L. Walker, Jr.
Catalytic effect of major impurities on graphite oxidation
E. A. Heintz and W. E. Parker

PART V: Adsorption, Chemisorption, Surface Reactivity and Lamellar Compounds Monolayer physical adsorption on uniform graphitic surfaces
W. A. Steele
A radioactive tracer method for the determination of low pressure adsorption
H. C. Friedman, A. Weinstein, W. S. Diethorn and P. L. Walker, Jr.
The determination of adsorption parameters for graphitic surfaces
R. A. Pierotti and J. J. McAlpin
The adsorption of carbon dioxide on carbons at 0 degrees C and the presence of dual-energy adsorption sites
V. R. Deitz
Adsorption isotherms of n-butane at -78.5 and 0 degrees C on ultrapure mineralogical graphite: a suggested method for surface-area determination
J. de D. Lopez-Gonzalez and M. A. Banares
The heats of wetting of carbons in relation to their specific surface area
R. I. Razouk, S. Nashed and W. E. Mourad
Effect of heat treatment on the adsorption of surfactants from aqueous solution on Spheron 6 and Sterling MT
F. G. Greenwood, G. D. Parfitt and D. G. Wharton
Surface areas of non-porous carbons by gas adsorption
D. M. Young
The helium densities of polymer carbons
J. J. Kipling, J. N. Sherwood, P. V. Shooter, N. R. Thompson and R. N. Young
6a molecular sieve properties of Saran-type carbons
T. G. Lamond, J. E. Metcalfe, III and P. L. Walker, Jr.
Porosity and surface area of carbon black
J. H. Atkins
The effect of closed pores on the specific surface area of graphite
J. T. Clarke
The surface area of graphite calculated from adsorption isotherms and heats of wetting experiments
K. A. Broadbent, D. Dollimore and J. Dollimore
Chemisorbed oxygen evolved as carbon dioxide and its influence on surface reactivity of carbons
B. R. Puri
Surface oxides on diamond
H. P. Boehm and R. Sappok
Catalysis of the isomerization and polymerization of olefins on carbon black
P. H. Given and L. W. Hill
Fixation of gaseous chlorine by anthracite
W. O. Stacy, G. Imperial and P. L. Walker, Jr.
Halogenation of carbon black
D. Rivin and J. Aron
Cesium-graphite sorption isotherms determined by an isopiestic method
C. E. Milstead, A. B. Riedinger and L. R. Zumwalt
Electrochemical characteristics of graphite anodes in aqueous brine solutions
R. W. Marek and E. A. Heintz
The effect of coke on the anode overvoltage of aluminum cells
V. L. Bullough and H. C. Marshall
Optical properties of graphite compounds
G. R. Hennig
Ionic and molecular structures in lamellar graphite structures
R. Setton
Samarium, erbium and ytterbium graphite intercalation compounds
W. Ostertag and W. E. Craven
Carbon layer ordering in the graphite nitrates
D. E. Nixon, G. S. Parry and A. R. Ubbelohde
The effect of sample shape on the bromination of graphite
J. G. Hooley, W. P. Garby and J. Valentin
Inhibition de la sorption du brome dans les pyrocarbones bores
R. Gremion, J. Maire, F. Tombrel et J. Mering
Thermodynamic properties of the cesium-graphite lamellar compounds
F. J. Salzano and S. Aronson
Mechanisms of puffing and puffing inhibition
H. F. Volk and M. Janes

PART VI: Thermal and Mechanical Properties The thermal conductivity of compacted powder carbons and mixtures of carbon powders with uranium carbide particles
R. P. Tye and M. J. Woodman
Thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity of graphite at elevated temperatures
M. R. Null, J. F. Doar and W. W. Lozier
Thermal conductivity of flexible carbon and graphite to 800 degrees C
A. J. Hansen
Thermal conductivity and total emittance of ZT-type graphite in the temperature range 1000-2000 degrees C
M. Hoch and C. K. Jun
The normal spectral emissivity of isotropic and anisotropic materials
G. W. Autio and E. Scala
Total normal total hemispherical and spectral emittance of several well characterized carbon and graphite materials
J. D. Plunkett and F. V. Fair
Room-temperature mechanical properties of EGCR-type AGOT graphite
B. L. Greenstreet, J. E. Smith, F. J. Witt and F. J. Witt and G. T. Yahr
Failure characteristics of EGCR-type AGOT graphite at room temperature
J. G. Merkle, J. E. Smith and F. J. Witt
The prediction of failure properties of EGCR-type AGOT graphite from nondestructive tests
F. J. Witt and G. T. Yahr
Analysis of graphite fracture data by Weibull's statistical theory of strength
S. E. Moore
Variations in physical properties of some molded graphites
C. M. Pyron and C. D. Pears
A critical examination of the flexural test for graphites
G. F. Gillis and C. D. Pears
Stress-strain properties of polycrystalline graphites in flexure at room temperature
T.-L. Weng
Impact resistance of fueled graphite spheres for pebble bed reactor applications
C. O. Smith and J. M. Robbins
Shear strength in single crystal and pyrolytic graphite
D. E. Soule and C. W. Nezbeda
Mechanical properties of compression-annealed pyrolytic graphite at room temperature. Part I: Sonic and ultrasonic tests
O. L. Blakslee and G. B. Spence
Mechanical properties of compression-annealed pyrolytic graphite at room temperature. Part II: Static tests
E. J. Seldin and T.-L. Weng
Tensile properties of glassy carbon to 2900 degrees C
W. V. Kotlensky and H. E. Martens
The effect of specimen geometry on the tensile strength of graphite
J. L. Jackson and M. E. Freed
Dependence of physical properties of graphite specimens on machining
M. Beutell and O. Vohler
Mechanical and thermal properties of heat-treated coal
H. Honda, Y. Sanada and T. Furuta
Properties of a low-permeation graphite for molten-salt nuclear reactors
W. H. Cook and A. Taboada
Creep of carbon mixes
S. S. Chari and C. L. Verma
Viscoeleastic properties of carbon mixes
S. S. Chari
The rheological properties of a carbon mix using a capillary rheometer
R. L. Finicle
Fluage thermique et comportement non elastique du graphite artificiel
J. Rappeneau, G. Jouquet et M. Guimard
The variations in elastic modulus of carbons and graphites over the temperature range -196 to 1000 degrees C
I. B. Mason and R. H. Knibbs
The lateral strain behavior of graphite: an anisotropic material
F. J. Digesu and G. F. Gillis
Stress-strain properties of polycrystalline graphites in tension and compression at room temperature
E. J. Seldin

PART VII: Fabrication Technology, Permeability, Reactor Materials and Radiation Effects Comminution of carbon powders in a fluid energy mill
M. J. Currin and J. Byrne
Preparation of graphite by isostatic pressing baking
G. Stecker
Determination of the critical rate of heating for baking shaped carbon considering the gravimetric process of degasification
G. Heinze
Carbon bodies prepared from demineralized anthracite: a comparative study with petroleum coke
P. L. Walker, Jr. and W. O. Stacy and E. Wege
Graphitization of spectroscopic carbons
E. Wege
Effect of heat-treatment on compacted natural graphite
Y. Sasaki
Studies on manufacturing polymer carbon and its application to impervious graphite
T. Ishikawa and H. Teranishi
Production of dense carbon aggregate from low and high volatile carbonaceous substances: studies on high volatile lignitious coals of Assam
H. P. S. Murthy and B. Chatterjee
Graphite-carbide materials prepared by hot-working
J. L. White
Permeability relationships using Darcy permeability, vacuum decay, pressure decay, and pore size distribution methods on graphitic materials
W. A. Anderson
Observations on the impregnation of graphite
C. P. Buhsmer, E. A. Heintz, T. E. Morrisson and W. E. Parker
The effect of gaseous impregnation on the pore properties of artificial graphites
T. R. Jenkins, J. B. Morris and H. J. C. Tulloch
Chemical additives improve the processing of extruded graphites with controlled permeability
A. S. Schwartz and G. R. Tully, Jr.
The development of a fine-grained graphite for use as a purged fuel tube in high temperature nuclear reactors
B. Longstaff, T. R. Jenkins, J. B. Morris and L. W. Graham
The manufacture of the first charge of fuel and fuel elements for the Dragon Reactor
R. A. U. Huddle, J. F. G. Conde and M. S. T. Price
Fabrication semi-industrielle du graphite pour les elements combustibles du reacteur Dragon
P. Bergognon, P. Cornuault, M. Darmony, M. S. T. Price and L. W. Graham
Pilot-scale extrusion of graphite fuel elements for HTGR
G. R. Tully, Jr., A. S. Schwartz and W. V. Goeddel
Irradiation induced plasticity in graphite
B. S. Gray, J. E. Brocklehurst and A. A. McFarlane
The annealing of irradiation damage in graphite
B. T. Kelly, W. H. Martin, A. M. Price, P. Dolly and K. Smith
The strength of irradiated graphite
R. Taylor, E. Hall and B. T. Kelly
Mechanism of radiation induced contraction in polycrystalline graphite
B. S. Gray, R. F. Hanstock, B. T. Kelly and P. T. Nettley
The temperature dependence of the irradiation induced creep of graphite
G. M. Jenkins
The tensile fracture strain of graphite determined during neutron irradiation
J. L. Jackson
Dimensional changes and radiation creep of graphite at very high neutron doses
A. J. Perks and J. H. W. Simmons
The elastic moduli of reactor graphites
P. R. Goggin and W. N. Reynolds
Radiation effects in graphite at high temperatures
J. W. Helm
Experiments on the irradiation of graphite at high temperatures
R. Blackstone, P. S. Sens, L. W. Graham and E. H. Voice
Threshold energy for the displacement of atoms in graphite
G. L. Montet
Deformation of graphite lattices by interstitial carbon atoms
C. A. Coulson, S. Senent, M. Herraez, M. Leal and E. Santos
The effect of the random formation of vacancy complexes on the irradiation induced properties of graphite
P. Horner
Energie liberee a haute temperature par le graphite irradie
J. Rappeneau, J. L. Taupin et J. Grehier
Lattice parameter changes in irradiated graphite
R. W. Henson and W. N. Reynolds
Postirradiation thermal conductivity of graphite measured from 100 to 2200 degrees C
K. Koyama and R. A. Meyer
Neutron irradiation effects in boronated graphite
J. M. Davidson, L. O. Gates, R. Neidner and G. B. Engle
Irradiation effects in glassy carbon
T. Shimada and T. Kikuchi
Effect of alpha particle irradiation on coal polished sections
E. Stach and J. Depireux