1969 - 9th Biennial Conference - Boston, MA

Held at Boston College

Carbon Products Application (CA)
Fabrication of Low-Density Carbon Honeycomb
C. R. Schmitt
The Development of a High-Density Isotropic Graphite
G. R. Peterson
Carbon-Foam Fabrication Technology
V. B. Campbell
Effect of Heat Treatments of Porous Carbon Cathodes for Molten Salt Reactions
J. L. Benak, J. E. Metcalfe and J. W. Sprague
Recent Developments in Glassy Carbon Fabrication
W. G. Bradshaw, P. C. Pinoli and M. J. Mitchell
Warm Isostatic Forming and Warm Vibratory Forming for Carbon Materials
Hideo Nagashima and Masao Koyama
Graphites - A Simplified Design Approach for Treating Scatter of Property Data
H. W. Babel
Properties of Pyrographite Anisotropic Structures for Use in Microwave Tubes
J. M. Osepchuk and J. E. Simpson
Methods of Selective Characterization of Carbon and Graphite Materials for Reentry Applications
E. R. Stover
Characterization of a Carbon Composite, Pyro-Carb 406, for Thermal-Stress Performance Predictions
E. R. Stover, W. Connell, J. P. Brazel, and R. N. Woldstad
The Incorporation of Glassy Carbons in Metals
Kiyoshi Kawamura, Tim Ryan, and Gwyn M. Jenkins
The Development of High-Strength Carbon-Metal Composites
Toshikatsu Ishikawa, Toshio Hiratsuka, and Hiroshi Yamazoe
The Use of Graphite in Laser Discharge Structures
Michael B. Seiden
Joining Graphite to Graphite with Transition Metal Foils
Donald J. Sandstrom
Structure, Properties, and Applications of Highly Oriented Graphite
N. F. Graves, A. W. Moore, and S. L Strong
The Use of Pyrolytic Graphite in Uncooled Rocket Nozzles
A. C. Parmee

Carbon Products Preparation (CP)
The Control of the Structure and Properties of Pyrolitic Carbon
Jack C. Bokros
Pyrolysis of Coal Tar Pitch Binders
R. W. Wallouch, H. N. Murty, and E. A. Heintz
The Use of Differential Thermal Analysis as a Method of Determining Graphite Fabrication Variables
E. M. Wewerka and J. M. Dickinson
Synthesis and Evaluation of High-Carbon-Yield Binder Materials
W. E. Smith and W. L Harper
Pyrolysis of Tetrabenzo (a,c,h,j) Phenazine
Sugio Otani and Shohji Watanabe
Catalysis of the Graphitization of Some Carbons by Chromium
Jacques Gillot, Benno Lux, Pierre Cornuault, and Francois du Chaffaut
Low-Temperature Halogen Purification of Graphite
W. V. Kotlensky and R. N. Donadio
Growth of Thin Single-Crystal Films of Graphite
A.E.B. Presland and P. L. Walker, Jr.
Mechanisms of Graphite Crystal Growth from Iron Melts
Colin Roscoe and Dennis Nagle
The Deposition and Structure of Pyrolytic Carbon
F. J. Buschmann and R. J. Diefendorf
Studies of Growth Inhibition in the Pyrolytic Carbon Formation from Hydrocarbons
B. Findeisen
Theoretical and Experimental Investigations on a "High-Speed CVD Method" for Carbon and Other Substances
Hans Lydtin
The Inhibition of Carbon Deposition on Iron and Steel Surfaces
Walter Karcher and Philemon Glaude

Electronic Properties (EP)
The Magnetoreflection Technique and the Electronic Properties of Graphite
M. S. Dresselhaus
Hall Effect and Magnetoresistance of Pyrolytic Carbon at Low Temperature and High Magnetic Field Strength
J. Zanchetta, P. Belougne, and H. Gasparoux
Negative Magnetoresistance in Carbons and Graphite
Y. Hishiyama
Negative Magnetoresistance in Carbons and Diffuse Scattering at Crystallite Boundary
Shigeji Fujita
Non-Linear Conduction in Graphite at High Electric Fields
Sanchi Mizushima
Electronic Properties of Carbon Fibre
T. Tsuzuku and S. Arai
Electrical Properties of Carbon Fibers
C. Herinckx
The Influence of Chemisorbed Oxygen on the Electron Spin Resonance of a Graphitized Carbon Black
D. E. Brown, G. C. Michael, F. J. Vastola, and P. L. Walker, Jr.
Anisotropy of the Electron Spin Resonance in Acenaphthylene Coke
L. S. Singer and A. R. Cherry
ESR of Carbons in the Transition Region and the Hennig-Smaller Effect
S. Mrozowski and E. Kluth
E.P.R. Study of the Graphitization Kinetics of a Carbon Black
A. Marchand and J. Amiell
Study of Carbon Blacks by Electron Spin Resonance
J. B. Donnet, M. Rigaut, and R. Furstenberger
Low-Temperature Thermopower of Graphite
T. Takezawa, T. Tsuzuku, A. Ono, and Y. Hishiyama
Studies of Hall Coefficient of Doped Turbostratic and Graphitic Carbons
J. Bulawa, S. Mrozowski, and A. S. Vagh
The Effect of Boron on Thermal and Electrical Properties of a Polycrystalline Graphite
Paul Wagner and James M. Dickinson

Mechanical Properties (MP)
Mechanical Properties of Graphite - Review
E. J. Seldin
The Mechanical Behavior of Artificial Graphites as Portrayed by Uniaxial Tests
W. L. Greenstreet, J. E. Smith, G. T. Yahr, and R. S. Valachovic
The Behavior of Thick-Walled Graphite Cylinders Loaded with Internal Pressure
S. E. Moore
Time-Dependent Constitutive Equations for RVD Graphite at Elevated Temperatures
C. E. Pugh
The Behavior of Graphite under Biaxial Tension
W. L. Greenstreet, G. T. Yahr, and R. S. Valachovic
General 3-Dimensional Constitutive Equations for Transversely Isotropic Graphite
Robert D. Snyder and Alvin J. Strauss
Calculations of the Elastic Constants and Anharmonic Coefficients of Graphite Crystals
B. T. Kelly and M. J. Duff
The Effect of Thermal Oxidation by Water Vapour on the Mechanical Strength of Nuclear Graphites
Walter Karcher, Rolf Krefeld, and Philemon Glaude
Tensile Creep Rate Studies on Pyrolytic Carbon
D. B. Fischbach
Creep Behavior of Hot Isostatically Pressed Graphite
E. G. Zukas and W. V. Green
Microstructural Changes Produced in Graphite by High-Temperature Creep
W. V. Green and E. G. Zukas
The Relationship Between Preferred Orientation and Elasticity of Carbon Fibers
W. Ruland
Characterization of High Modulus and High Strength Carbon Fiber and Related Composite
Motohiro Yamamoto and Shigehiko Yamada
Mechanical Properties of CVD Infiltrated Composites
W. V. Kotlensky and J. Pappis
New Results on Glasslike Carbon from Polyfurfuryl Alcohol
E. Fitzer and W. Schaefer
New Methods for the Characterisation of Pyrocarbon Coatings Used in HTGR Fuel Elements
W. W. Delle, K. W. Drittler, H. B. Grubmeier, G. Haag, G. P. Scheidler, and H. A. Schulze

Radiation Damage (RD)
The Application of Electron Microscope Techniques to an Understanding of Radiation Damage in Graphite
P. A. Thrower
Effects of High-Temperature Neutron Irradiation on Highly Oriented Carbons and Graphites
Robert J. Price
The Irradiation of Graphite in HFIR
C. R. Kennedy
Radiation-Induced Parabolic Graphite Distortion
W. P. Eatherly
Irradiation Behavior of Nuclear Graphites at 950° - 1250°C to 1022 n/sq cm
Glen B. Engle
The Irradiation Behavior of a Fine-Grain Isotropic Graphite
A. L. Pitner
Dimensional and Physical Property Changes of H.T.R. Graphites Irradiated at Temperatures in the Range 600° - 1200°C
M. Everett, R. Blackstone, L. W. Graham, and R. Manzel
Anisotropy Determinations of Potential Nuclear Graphites
O. B. Cavin
Overpotential Effects in the Formation of Graphite Nitrates
A. R. Ubbelohde
Vacancy and Interstitial-Cluster Concentrations in Irradiated Graphite
George W. Hinman, Axel Haubold, and James K. Layton
Changes in the Electronic Properties of Neutron-Irradiated Carbons
J. Rappeneau, G. Micaud, A. Pacault, A. Marchand, and J. Amiell
High-Temperature Radiation-Induced Creep in Graphite
R. Blackstone, L. W. Graham, and M. R. Everett
Properties of Absorbent Carbons Intended for the Shielding of Fast Neutron Reactors
J. Cledat, R. Gremion, J. Rappeneau, and P. Degas
The Effect of Sample Size on the Irradiation-Induced Contraction of Nuclear Graphite
W. J. Gray and A. Russell
Application of Weibull's Theory to the Strength of Irradiated Isotropic Graphite
Rolf Krefeld and Vincenzo Lungagnani

Reactivity Studies (RS)
Low-Pressure Reaction of Sulphur Dioxide with Graphon
W. C. Rovesti, F. J. Vastola, and P. L. Walker, Jr.
Effects of Temperature, Pressure, Gas Composition, Particle Size and the Nature of the Carbon on the Rate of Oxidation of Carbons in CO2-CO Gas Mixtures
E. T. Turkdogan
Microstructural Changes in Nuclear Graphites Produced by Gas-Graphite Reactions
S. S. Jones
Factors Affecting the Product Ratio of the Carbon-Oxygen Reaction
Roger Phillips, F. J. Vastola, and P. L. Walker, Jr.
Anisotropic Reaction Kinetics of Oxygen with Pyrolytic Graphite
William S. Horton
The Effect of Substitutional Boron on the Kinetics of the Graphite-Oxygen Reaction
D. J. Allardice and P. L. Walker, Jr.
Study of the Oxidation Products of Ultrapure Graphite at O°C: Retention of Ethylene Glycol, Surface Area, and Kinetics of the Oxidation Process
J. de Dios Lopez-Gonzalez, A. Martin-Rodriguez, and F. Dominguez-Vega
Oxidation Studies of a Furnace Carbon Black by Ozone in Aqueous Medium
J. B. Donnet and P. Ehrburger
Thermal Degradation Characteristics of Coal-Tar Pitch
I. Shapiro and G. W. Asawa
The Graphitization of Organic Compounds: III. Heterocyclic Nitrogen Derivatives of Anthracene and Phenanthrene
L. G. Isaacs
Early Stage Carbonization of 2,4,6 Octatriyne
Robbin C. Anderson
The Effect of O2 on the Carbonization of Aromatic Hydrocarbons
I. C. Lewis and L. S. Singer
Intercalation Compounds of Carbon Fibers
C. Herinckx, R. Perret, and W. Ruland
Intercalation and Disruption of Non-Graphitising Carbons in Potassium and Sodium Vapour
M. Killian Halpin and Gwyn M. Jenkins
Sodium Lamellar Compounds in Non-Graphitized Soft Carbons
M. C. Robert, M. Oberlin, and J. Mering
Hydrogen Inhibition of the Graphite-Water Vapor Reaction
G. L. Montet and G. E. Myers
Study of the Action of Water on Graphite
F. M. Lang and Y. LaFargue

Surface Phenomena (SP)
Chemistry of Heteroatoms on the Carbon Surface
H. P. Boehm
Adsorption of Organic Vapours by Saran-Carbon Fibres and Powders
L. B. Adams, E. A. Boucher, and D. H. Everett
Moisture Sorption and Desorption Characteristics of Carbon Foam
W. B. Malthouse and E. T. Creech
Packing Density of Nitrogen Adsorbed on Different Carbons
Andries Voet
The Adsorption of Tetrapentylammonium Bromide from Aqueous Solution on Graphitized and Non-Graphitized Carbon Blacks
J. C. Abram, M. C. Bennett, A. C. Morriss, and S. C. Simpson
The Determination of Pore Volumes in Activated Carbon by Adsorption of Organic Vapors
Vincent A. DeBari
Dynamic Adsorption of CO2 on Microporous Carbons
O. P. Mahajan, M. M. Morishita, and P. L. Walker, Jr.
Characteristics of Surface Area in Non-Graphitizing Type Carbons
Haruo Teranishi, Toshikatsu Ishikawa, and Hidemasa Honda
Fine Structure of Carbonized Coals
Y. Toda, M. Hatami, Y. Yoshida, and H. Honda
The Isotherms of Chlorine on Various Graphites
J. G. Hooley
The Adsorption of Potassium and Oxygen on Graphite Surfaces
M. Killian Halpin and Gwyn M. Jenkins
The Initial Reactions in Intercalation
J. G. Hooley
Carbon-Sulphur Surface Complexes
Balwant Rai Puri and R. S. Hazra
Changes in Graphite Pore Structure Arising from Irradiation-Induced Attack in CO2
V. Y. Labaton and B. W . Ashton
Surface Oxygen Complex on a Non-Graphitic Carbon
John Dollimore, Clive M. Freedman, and Brian H. Harrison
Studies on Ultra-Clean Carbon Surfaces. III. Kinetics of Hydrogen Chemisorption on Graphon
R. C. Bansal, F. J. Vastola, and P. L Walker, Jr.
The Influence of Chemisorbed Gases on the Parahydrogen Conversion over Diamond
D. E. Brown, Y. Ishikawa, R. Sappok, and P. L. Walker, Jr.
Functional Groups on Carbon Black: Infrared and Supporting Studies
Merton L. Studebaker and Robert W. Rinehart, Sr.

Structural Studies (SS)
X-Ray Determination of the Structure of Monocrystalline Carbons
S. L. Strong
The Effect of Iron on the Graphitization of Evaporated Carbon Films
A.E.B. Presland and M. C. Borah
Accelerating Effect of Coexisting Calcium Compounds on Graphitization under Pressure
Michio Inagaki, Shin-ichi Hirano, Hajime Saito, and Tokiti Noda
The Structural Perfection of a Stress-Recrystallized Pyrolytic Graphite
Colin Roscoe and James Baker
Electron Microscopy and Diffraction Studies of the Kinetics of Graphitization
G. Terriere, M. du Besset, A. Oberlin, and A. Pacault
Structure of a High-Modulus Carbon Fiber
Sabri Ergun
Small-Angle X-Ray Scattering Studies on Carbon Fibers
R. Perret and W. Ruland
Electron Diffraction and Electron Microscopy of Carbon Fibers
A. Fourdeux, R. Perret, and W. Ruland
Scanning Electron Microscopy of Discontinuous Fiber-Reinforced Graphite
P. E. Trent and R. K. Bennett
Microstructure of Carbon Fibers
B. L. Butler and R. J. Diefendorf
Orientation of Graphite Layers in Standard and Heat-Treated Carbon Blacks
L. L. Ban and W. M. Hess
Observations of Deformation in Pyrolytic Graphite
Nelson F. Graves
Layer Defects and Stacking Faults in Carbons
Sabri Ergun
A Neutron Scattering Investigation of the Graphitization Process
Pak S. Leung and George J. Safford
Effect of Hot Working on the Structure of Polycrystalline Graphite
H. Boder and E. Fitzer
Magnetic and Structural Properties of a 1600°C Pyrocarbon Deposit
H. Gasparoux and J. Prost
Graphitization of Hard Carbons by Means of Iron Powder Addition (Electron Microscopy and Diffraction Studies)
A. Oberlin and J. Rouchy
Studies of Cracks and Twins in Graphite
A. S. Vagh
Optical Mesophase Texture and X-Ray Diffraction Pattern of the Early-Stage Carbonization of Pitches
H. Honda, H. Kimura, Y. Sanada, S. Sugawara, and T. Furuta
Kinetics of Graphitization: Parts I to V
H. N. Murty, D. L. Biederman, and E. A. Heintz

Thermal Properties (TP)
The Thermal Properties of Graphite
B. T. Kelly
The Study of the Relationship of Thermal Conductivity and Electrical Resistivity of Graphite at High Temperatures
Peter G. Ruopp
Development of Graphite Thermal Conductivity and Diffusivity Standards
A. E. Wechsler and M. L. Minges
Graphite Thermal Expansion Reference for High Temperatures
Peter S. Gaal
The Theory of Thermal Expansion of a Graphite Crystal
B. T. Kelly
A Theoretical Model for the Thermal Expansion of Polycrystalline Graphite
M. D. Thomason and M. P. Whittaker
Variations in CTE as a Function of Prestressing
I. W. Gazda
Lattice Thermal Expansion of Pyrocarbons Produced in a Fluidized Bed
G. Pellegrini, M. Moulaert, and I. Zubani
Specific Heat of Soft Carbons at Low Temperatures (0.5°-4.2°K)
Part I - P. Delhaes and Y. Hishiyama
Part II - Y. Hishiyama, E. Kluth, and A. S. Vagh
Development of a Technique to Thermally Shock Graphites
Charles R. King
Thermal Shock Testing Using Focused Electron-Beam Heating
P. E. Armstrong, R. D. Reiswig, and L. S. Levinson
Effects of Fabrication on Thermal Shock Resistance of Graphites
G. T. Yahr and R. S. Valachovic
Thermal Motion in Highly Oriented Graphite
Cullie J. Sparks, Jr., and Ernest Epperson
Total Hemispherical Emittance of Pyrolytic Graphite at Elevated Temperatures
R. J. Champetier and J. D. McClelland
High-Temperature Mass Spectrometry. l. Free Vaporization Studies of Graphite
Francis M. Wachi and Donald E. Gilmartin

Supplementary Program (SP-1/9)
A Progress Report on In-House Carbon/Graphite Composites
D. H. Leeds and W. H. Smith
Carbon Foam: A Cellular Structural Material for High-Temperature Applications
A. K. Thoeni and G. K. Baker
Modifications of Phenolic Precursor Carbon Foam
R. A. Mercuri and J. M. Criscione
Modification of an Isotropic Graphite by Use of Filler Flour Mixtures
J. M. Dickinson, P. Wagner, and P. E. Armstrong
Effect of Sublimation on the Surface Morphology of Pyrolytic Graphite
A. Greenville Whittaker and Paul Kintner
Basal Plane Metallography of Deformed Pyrolytic Carbons
D. B. Fischbach and J. M. Adkins
The Reaction of Carbon with Carbon Dioxide and Its Self-Diffusion
E. S. Golovina, V. S. Chapligina, and L. L. Kotova
Interstitial Atom Energies in Graphite
P. A. Thrower and R. T. Loader
Endor and Dynamic Nuclear Polarization in Charcoals
J. Auvray, M. Decaillot, G. Theobald. and J. Uebersfeld

Post-Deadline Papers (PD)
Adsorption from Solution on Characterised Porous Carbons
H. G. Campbell and H. Marsh
A Critique and Experimental Observation of the Applicability to Microporosity of the Dubinin Equation of Adsorption
Elaine M. Freeman, Teresa Siemieniewska, H. Marsh, and B. Rand
A Mass Spectrometric Study of the Carbonisation of Organic Molecules
S. Evans and H. Marsh
Topographical Studies of Gasification of Pure and Impure Carbonaceous Materials
R. Adair, E. H. Boult, Elaine M. Freeman, and H. Marsh
The Effect of Stretch during the Wet-Spinning of Polyacrylonitrile Precursor Fibres on the Mechanical Properties of the Resultant Carbon Fibres
R. Moreton