1971 - 10th Biennial Conference - Bethlehem, PA

Held at Lehigh University

Surface Phenomena (SP)
The Vapor Pressures of Mixtures of Cesium and Rubidium Sorbed by Graphite at High Temperatures
M. J. Haire and L. R. Zumwalt
Adsorption and Calorimetric Investigations on Carbon Black Surfaces. II. Precision Microgravimetric System and Initial Results in the Investigation of Gas Adsorption by Furnace Blacks at Low Pressures and Temperatures
M. L. Deviney, Jr., W. A. Brown, M. H. Hnoosh and D. R. Wallace
The Adsorption Characteristics of Polyvinylidene Chloride Carbon
A. N. Ainscough, D. Dollimore and G. R. Heal
Correlation of Two and Three Dimensional Phase Approaches to the Mechanism of Adsorption on to Solvent Extract Carbon Resin Surfaces
D. Dollimore and A. Turner
Sorption of SO2 from Air on Carbon: Effect of Pore Blockage by Water and Reaction Product
Joseph R. Polek, Juraj Gebauer and Robert W. Coughlin
Infrared Studies of Oxygen-Containing Groups on the Surface of Carbon Black
M. L. Studebaker and R. W. Rinehart, Sr.
Characterization of Carbon Surfaces by Adsorption from Solution
D. Fairhurst, T. H. Chiu, F. J. Micale and A. C. Zettlemoyer
The Thermodynamics of Adsorption from Binary Solutions on Graphon
D. R. Matayo and J. P. Wightman
The Reaction of 2,2-Diphenyl-1-Picrylhydrazyl on the Surface of Carbon Black
Kumakazu Ohkita and Norio Tsubokawa
Reactivity of Graphite Surfaces with Atoms and Molecules of Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Nitrogen
D. W. McKee and Bruce McCarroll
Surface Structures of Carbons as Studied in Terms of Properties of Surface Oxides Formed from Atomic Oxygen
H. Marsh, A. D. Foord, J. M. Thomas and J. S. Mattson
Reaction of Ozone with Adsorbent Charcoal
J. L. Bitner and V. R. Deitz
Kinetics of Carbon Formation on the Surface During Methane Pyrolysis in a Flow System
K. I. Makarov and V. K. Pechik
Desorption from Fixed Bed Columns Containing Activated Carbon
I. Zwiebel and J. J. Schnitzer
Carbon Molecular Sieves as Selective Catalyst Supports
J. L. Schmitt, Jr. and P. L. Walker, Jr
Catalytic Reactions on Carbon
B. R. Puri and K. C. Kalra
Studies of Porous Carbon Surfaces by High Resolution Nuclear Magnetic Resonance of Adsorbed Liquids
J. Conard and S. Gradsztajn

Fibers and Composites (FC)
The Fine Structure of a Range of PAN-Based Carbon Fibres
D. J. Johnson, D. Crawford and C. Oates
The Structural Changes in the Formation of Carbon Fibers from Polyacrylonitrile Precursors
Toshio Uchida, Izumi Shionoya, Yorio Ito and Kenkichi Nukada
Structure of High Performance Graphite Fibers
E. W. Tokarsky and R. J. Diefendorf
X-Ray Analysis of Carbon Fiber - Pyrocarbon Matrix Composites
S. Duliere, B. L. Butler and J. Tidmore
Electron Microscopy of Carbon Fibers
A. Fourdeux, R. Perret and W. Ruland
Microscopic and Electron Diffraction Study of Carbon Fibers with High Modulus of Elasticity
A. Oberlin and F. Rousseaux
The Influence of Preferred Orientation on the Line Width of (hk) Interferences
W. Ruland and H. Tompa
Surface Properties of Carbon/Graphite Fibers
V. J. Mimeault and D. W. McKee
Microporosity of Carbon Fibers
L. G. Christner and P. L. Walker, Jr.
The Effect of Degree of Anisotropy on the Mechanical Properties of Carbon Fibers Produced from Phenolic Resin
G. M. Jenkins
Three Dimensional Model for Carbon Fibers
B. J. Wicks, R. A. Coyle and L. M. Gillin
The Relation Between Thermal Expansion and Preferred Orientation of Carbon Fibers
B. L. Butler, S. Duliere and J. Tidmore
Transverse Thermal Expansion Characteristics of Graphite Fibers
R. C. Fanning and J. N. Fleck
The Micromechanics of Modmor II - Pyrocarbon Composites
B. L. Butler and J. Tidmore
Carbon Monofilament as a Substrate Material for CVD Filaments
R. M. Mehalso and R. J. Diefendorf
Pyrolytic Carbon Infiltration of Fibrous Structures
J. J. Gebhardt
Liquid Impregnation of Pluton Fabric Composites
J. E. Shoffner and R. J. Pyle
Effect of Variation in Precursor Resin on the Properties of PHS Composites
W. Bradshaw
Fabrication and CVD Carbon Infiltration of Carbon and Graphite Filament Wound Cylinders
D. W. Bauer, W. V. Kotlensky, J. W. Warren, W. H. Smith and Earl Gray
CVD Carbon Infiltration and Strength for Fabric Lay-Up Carbon/Carbon Composites
D. W. Bauer and W. V. Kotlensky
Carbon-Carbon Composites Fabricated by Wet Winding Endless Carbon Fibers with Pitch
E. Fitzer and B. Terwiesch
Pyrostrand (TM) Graphite Composite
Eugene L. Olcott
Three Dimensionally Reinforced Carbon/Carbon Composites
L. E. McAllister and Arthur R. Taverna
3-D Reinforced Carbon-Carbon Fluted Core
K. R. Carnahan, R. W. Kiger, P. R. Dempsey and P. C. Partin
High Carbon Yield Impregnating Resins for Carbon-Carbon Composites
D. H. Petersen and W. C. Schwemer
The Properties of Carbon Fibre/Carbon Composites with Particular Reference to Their Application in Rocket Nozzles
A. C. Parmee
Preparation of Syntactic Carbon Foam
S. T. Benton and C. R. Schmitt
Thermal Expansion of a Thermally Degrading Organic Matrix Composite
J. D. Buch
Ultrasonic Measurements of the Elastic Properties of Carbon-Fiber, Resin-Matrix Composites
R. E. Smith
Carbon Fiber Thermal Insulation
Z. L. Ardary and C. D. Reynolds
Mechanical Properties of CVD Carbon Infiltrated Carbon and Graphite Filament Wound Cylinders
W. V. Kotlensky, D. W. Bauer, J. W. Warren and W. H. Smith
Recent Property Data for Mod 3 Carbon-Carbon
J. Tesson
Carbon-Carbon Composites Property Data
H. M. Blaes
Oxidative Characteristics of Carbon Fibers and Graphites
I. Shapiro
Thermal Expansion Interferometry of Graphitized Filament Wound Cylinders
C. G. Murphy, O. J. Burchett and C. W. Matthews
Influence of Microstructure on the Mechanical Properties of Carbon-Graphite Matrix Composites
R. A. Meyer, D. A. Eitman and J. S. Evangelides
On the Elimination of Nitrogen During the Pyrolysis of Poly acrylonitrile
W. Watt
Carbon-Carbon Composites and Their Relationship to NDT Measurements
J. S. Evangelides and R. A. Meyer
Properties of Flight-Tested CVD/Felt and CVD/FW Composites
H. M. Stoller, J. L. Irwin, G. F. Wright, B. Granoff and J. H. Gieske
Carbon/Carbon Composites for Reentry Protection Systems
H. W. Schmitt

Carbon Products Preparation (CP)
Carbonization of Anthracene, Biphenyl, and Phenanthrene under Pressure
P. W. Whang, F. Dachille, H. Marsh and P. L. Walker, Jr.
The Chemistry of Carbon Formation from Polyphenylene and Polyphenylene Oxides
E. Fitzer and J. Kalka
Pore Structure of Chars from Polyphenylene Oxides by Specific Adsorption Measurements
E. Fitzer and J. Kalka
Physical Properties of Thermally Degraded Coal Tar Pitches - A Study on the Formation of Soft Carbons by Liquid Phase Pyrolysis
K. J. Huttinger
Carbon Black Formation by Pyrolysis of Benzene
J. Lahaye, G. Prado and J. B. Donnet
High-Temperature Centrifugation of Pitch
R. A. Strehlow
Chemistry of the Mesophase Transformation of Acenaphthylene
I. C. Lewis and L. S. Singer
Coke Value of Pitches - An Elusive Number
I. Shapiro
Properties of Isotruxene Carbons and of Graphites Fabricated from These Carbons
L. G. Overholser, J. M. Napier and D. R. Masters
The Use of Gamma-Alumina Polymerized Furfuryl Alcohol Resin Binders in the Fabrication of Graphite
E. M. Wewerka and J. M. Dickinson
Dilatometric Studies on the Baking Behavior of Resin Bonded Carbon Artifacts
E. Fitzer, K. J. Huttinger and F. A. El Shami
Contribution to the Knowledge of Factors Influencing the Irreversible Expansion of Carbon Bodies During Graphitization
Italo Letizia
Changes in the Properties of Nuclear Graphites Obtained from a Mixture of Cokes
P. Cornuault, J. Lore, J. Rappeneau, M. Yvars and P. Mottet
Improved Graphite Systems for Advanced Fuel Element Fabrication
H. K. Gilliam and M. P. Whittaker
Simultaneous Extrusion Process for Cinema Arc Carbons
S. S. Chari and J. N. Bohra
The Development of High-Strength Carbon/Metal Composite
T. Ishikawa, T. Kanemaru and H. Yamazoe

Structural Studies (SS)
Annealing of Isotropic Pyrolytic Carbons Formed Below 1500°C
D. W. Stevens
Dependence of the Lattice Thermal Expansion Perpendicular to the Layer Planes of Pyrocarbons on Their Structural Properties
G. Pellegrini, M. Moulaert and I. Zubani
Unusual Structural Characteristics of a Unique Thin Pyrolytic Graphite Film
H. D. Stanley and R. W. Froberg
Preferred Orientation in Pyrolytic Carbons and Polymers
S. Ergun and R. R. Schehl
An X-Ray Study of the Structure of a Highly Graphitized Pyrolytic Carbon
S. Ergun and R. R. Schehl
Effective Temperature Factor of Carbons
M. Inagaki
Structural Distributions in Anisotropic and Isotropic Graphites
G. B. Engle
A Study of the Catalytic Graphitization of Carbon
M. P. Whittaker and H. C. Fritz
The Development of Mesophase Microstructures During Pyrolysis of Selected Coker Feedstocks
R. J. Price and J. L. White
Kinetics of Graphitisation of 1600°C Pyrocarbon Deposit
J. Prost and H. Gasparoux
Kinetics of Graphitization: Determination of Activation Parameter
S. Flandrois and A. Tinga
Microscopic Observation on Graphitization under High Pressure
T. Noda, M. Inagaki and K. Kamiya
The Influence of Internal Stresses on Graphitization
D. B. Fischbach
Catalytic Graphitization of Model Compound Chars
D. L. Biederman, H. N. Murty and E. A. Heintz
Catalysis of Graphitization of Boronated Commercial Carbons
D. L. Biederman, H. N. Murty and E. A. Heintz
Carbonisation of Anthracene and Biphenyl under Pressures Approaching 300 MNm-2
H. Marsh, J. M. Hurley, A. P. Warburton, F. Dachille, J. Melvin and P. L. Walker, Jr.
Structure of Glassy Carbon
Madan M. Biswal, Peter P. Bihuniak and Robert H. Bragg
X-Ray Small-Angle Scattering of Glassy Carbon
R. Perret and W. Ruland
An X-Ray Study of the Structure of a Heat-Treated Glassy Carbon
S. Ergun, R. Schehl and M. Berman
Galvanomagnetic Effects in Multi-Phase Carbons
Y. Hishiyama, Michio Inagaki and Kan-ichi Kamiya
Structural Changes Caused by Air Activation of a Petroleum Base Activated Carbon
Harry B. Nickles
Multiple X-Ray Small-Angle Scattering of Porous Carbon Materials
R. Perret and W. Ruland
Preferred Layer and Lattice Orientations and Three Dimensional Crystallinity in Some Carbon Fibers
Sabri Ergun
Interaction Between Halogen Impurities and Stacking Faults in Graphite
M. Saito and T. Tsuzuku
Paracrystalline Distortions in Carbon Blacks
L. L. Ban and W. M. Hess
Microstructure of Carbons: A High Resolution Electron Microscopy Study
L. L. Ban and W. M. Hess
The Effect of Thermal Expansion Anisotropy on the Strength of Carbon Fibers
C. W. LeMaistre and R. J. Diefendorf
The Defect Theory of Carbon Structure
Sabri Ergun
The Structure of Polymeric Carbons
G. M. Jenkins and K. Kawamura

Radiation Damage (RD)
The Effect of Dose Rate on Radiation Damage in Graphite
J. H. W. Simmons
Defects in Graphite Crystals Irradiated at High Temperatures
P. A. Thrower
A Simple Model of the Effect of Interstitial Atoms on the Interlayer Properties of Graphite
B. T. Kelly
Interpretation of High-Temperature Irradiation Effects in Carbons and Graphites
G. B. Engle and J. C. Bokros
Electron Irradiation Damage in Graphite
S. M. Ohr and T. S. Noggle
Effect of High-Temperature Irradiation on Thermal Conductivity of Artificial Graphites
G. B. Engle and K. Koyama
Laser Effects on Graphites at Moderate Argon Pressures
J. E. Colwell, J. D. McClelland, J. H. Richardson and E. H. Zehms
High Resolution Microscopy of Carbon and Graphite
M. D. Allen, W. H. Cook, B. C. Leslie and R. J. Gray
A High Temperature Graphite Irradiation Creep Experiment in the Dragon Reactor
R. Manzel, M. R. Everett and L. W. Graham
The Effect of High Temperature Fast Neutron Irradiation on the Distribution Functions of Strength of Some Nuclear Graphites
R. Krefeld, G. Linkenheil and J. Meeldijk
Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Gamma-Irradiated Graphite
P. R. Blankenhorn and D. E. Kline
The Characteristics of Gilsocarbon Graphite and Its Significance for the Design of High Temperature Reactors
R. Krefeld, R. Blackstone, M. R. Everett and W. W. Delle
Fuel Elements for High-Temperature Gas Cooled Reactors
R. L. Hamner, J. M. Robbins, J. H. Coobs and J. L. Scott
The Effects of Cryogenic Irradiation on the Mechanical Properties of Graphites for the NERVA Reactor
J. A. DeMastry and T. P. Merrick
The Effect of Fast Neutron Irradiation on the Structure of Carbon and Graphite Fibers
I. D. Peggs and R. W. Mills
The Effect of Fast Neutron Irradiation on the Mechanical Properties of Carbon and Graphite Fibers
B. F. Jones
Irradiation of Fluidized Bed Pyrolytic Carbons at 700°C to Fast Fluences up to 330 n/cm2
D. M. Hewett, II, and C. R. Kennedy
Dimensional Changes Induced in Poorly Crystalline Isotropic Carbons by Radiation
J. L. Kaae, D. W. Stevens and J. C. Bokros
High Dose Fast Neutron Irradiation of Highly Oriented Pyrolytic Graphite
B. T. Kelly and J. E. Brocklehurst
Annealing of Neutron-Irradiated Pyrocarbons
R. J. Price and J. C. Bokros
Thermal Conductivity of Neutron-Irradiated Pyrocarbons
R. J. Price, K. Koyama and J. C. Bokros
Irradiation Behaviour of Gilsocarbon Graphites
R. Blackstone, R. Krefeld, M. R. Everett and W. W. Delle
Dimensional Stability of Graphite under Irradiation at 715 °C
C. R. Kennedy
A Study of the Graphitization of Lampblack Graphite
O. B. Cavin, W. H. Cook and C. R. Kennedy
Interpretation of the Behaviour of Various Nuclear Graphites Irradiated up to High Fluences by a Two Phase Model
W. W. Delle and O. Vohler
Influence of the Rate of Graphitisation of Carbon Products on Dimensional Changes Induced by Neutron Irradiation
J. Rappeneau, M. Yvars, P. Mottet, P. Cornuault, J. Lore and A. Galy
The Fabrication and Irradiation Behavior of Pyrolytic-Carbon Impregnated Graphite
C. B. Pollock and R. L. Beatty
Irradiation Behavior of Nuclear Graphites Based on Natural Graphite Filler
G. Spener, R. Blackstone, W. W. Delle, G. Haag, F. J. Herrmann and D. Schoenfeldt
Electronic, Magnetic and Thermal Properties of Carbon Fibres. Variation under Neutron Irradiation
J. Rappeneau, G. Micaud, A. Drouet, A. Pacault, A. Marchand and E. Dupart

 Mechanical Properties (MP)
The Dependence of Young's Modulus on Porosity in a Series of Isotropic Graphites at Elevated Temperatures
P. E. Armstrong
High Temperature Creep of a Poco Graphite
E. G. Zukas and W. V. Green
Non-linear Viscoelastic Behavior of Graphite at High Temperatures
Yu. N. Rabotnov, N. N. Dergunov and L. H. Papernik
An Integrated Evaluation on the Mechanical Strength of Graphite Electrode at Elevated Temperature
Sennosuke Sato and Jun-ichi Kon
A Physically Based Statistical Theory of Fracture Applied to Graphite
J. D. Buch
Application of Fracture Mechanics to Graphite
G. T. Yahr, R. S. Valachovic and W. L. Greenstreet
High Temperature Graphite Fracture
H. M. Blaes, J. D. McClelland, J. H. Richardson and C. D. Pears
Observation of Fracture Phenomena in Polygraphites and the Resulting Arguments of Fracture Mode and Criteria
C. D. Pears
Internal Friction of Halogen-Doped Graphites
M. Baba and M. Saito
Mechanical Properties of Composite Particle Fuel in a Graphitic Matrix
J. P. Ashford
Relations Between the Structure and the Mechanical Properties of Fluidized-Bed Pyrolytic Carbons
J. L. Kaae
Properties of Thin Pyrolytic Graphite Film
R. W. Froberg, E. E. Conabee and H. D. Stanley
Some Properties of a 2D C-C Material
L. Landers
The Character of Pyrofoil Tape
D. G. Miller, R. H. Singleton, H. S. Starrett and A. Bush

Carbon Products Applications (CA)
Thermistor with Positive Temperature Coefficient Based on Graft Carbon
Ichiro Tsubata and Naomitsu Takashina
Flexible Planar Heating Element Based on Carbon Black Composition
Kumakazu Ohkita, Ichiro Tsubata and Naomitsu Takashina
Isotropic Graphite for Electronic Tooling
F. V. Brosseit
Ion Exchange Carbon Fiber
S. Otani, M. Tamura and Y. Yoshida
Influence of Microstructure on the Sublimation Characteristics of Bulk Graphites
R. A. Meyer, K. M. Kratsch and R. B. Dirling, Jr.
High Pressure Erosion Behavior of Polycrystalline Graphite with Variable Structure
R. A. Meyer, K. Kratsch and R. Dirling

Reactivity Studies (RS)
Kinetic Studies of the Oxidation of Highly Oriented Pyrolytic Graphite
F. Rodriguez-Reinoso, P. A. Thrower and P. L. Walker, Jr.
Microscopic Studies of Oxidized Highly Oriented Pyrolytic Graphite
F. Rodriguez-Reinoso and P. A. Thrower
Scanning Electron Microscope Studies of Oxidized Pyrolytic Graphite
W. S. Horton and D. B. Ballard
The Exchange of Carbon Atoms Between Carbon Monoxide and Graphon
M. L. Potts, F. J. Vastola and P. L. Walker, Jr.
Catalytic Oxidation of Carbon
E. T. Turkdogan and J. V. Vinters
Continuous Observation of Deposition Processes by Controlled Atmosphere Electron Microscopy
R. T. K. Baker, F. S. Feates and P. S. Harris
Studies of the Formation of Pyrolytic Carbons from Gases
C. F. Cullis and A. C. Norris
The Effect of Elevated Pressures (from 1 to 30 atm) on Reaction Rate for C+CO2 at High Temperatures (1500-3400 K)
E. S. Golovina and V. G. Samsonov
Relative Rates of Gas-Carbon Reactions
J. B. Donnet and J. F. Demendi
Effect of Calcium, Iron, Silicon, Titanium and Vanadium on the Rates of Gas-Carbon Reactions
J. B. Donnet and J. F. Demendi
Influence of Lattice Defects in Graphite on Intercalation Reactions
H. P. Boehm and I. Pflugmacher
Bromine Intercalation - The Effect of Oxidation of Natural Graphite on Uptake
S. K. Pushkarna, R. K. Sinha and P. L. Walker, Jr.
The Reaction of Nuclear Graphites with Hydrogen
W. Karcher
The Rate of Reaction of Graphite and Coke with Steam-Hydrogen, Steam-Carbon Dioxide, Steam-Carbon Monoxide, and Carbon Dioxide-Hydrogen
W. M. McKewan and B. B. Rice
Carbon Sublimation in Flow at Normal and Elevated Pressures
E. S. Golovina and L. L. Kotova
Reaction of Single Crystals of Graphite with Low Concentration of Water Vapor
G. E. Myers and G. L. Montet
An Investigation of the Reactivities of an Isotropic Nuclear Graphite and "Poco" Graphite
J. Dollimore and C. M. Freedman
Kinetics of Gasification of Polyfurfuryl Alcohol Carbons Doped with Atomic Dispersions of Catalytically Active Additives
H. Marsh and R. R. Adair
Magnetic Susceptibility and Anisotropy Studies on the Gasification of Graphites and Graphitic Carbons
J. J. Santiago, L. N. Mulay and P. L. Walker, Jr.
Reduction of Nickel Oxide by Carbon
S. K. Sharma, F. J. Vastola and P. L. Walker, Jr.
Study of the Oxidation of Carbons by Ozone in Aqueous Medium
J. B. Donnet and P. Ehrburger
Investigation of the Mechanism of the Carbon-Oxygen Reaction by Isotropic Tracer Techniques
I. G. Ward and H. Harker

Thermal Properties (TP)
Particle Emission During the Sublimation of Graphite
A. G. Whittaker and P. Kintner
The Identification of Carbon Allotropes by Ion Microprobe Mass Analysis
W. K. Stuckey and A. G. Whittaker
Time Dependency of Carbon Species Distribution During the Sublimation of Graphite
W. K. Stuckey and F. M. Wachi
Lattice Dynamics of Graphite
R. M. Nicklow, N. Wakabayashi and H. G. Smith
Low Temperature Specific Heat of Carbons
A. S. Vagh, K. Kamiya and S. Mrozowski
Specific Heat of Neutron Irradiated Graphite
S. Mrozowski, A. S. Vagh and K. Kamiya
The High-Temperature Thermal Expansion Coefficient of Graphite Parallel to the Basal Planes
B. T. Kelly
Thermal Diffusivity and Thermal Conductivity of Pyrolytic Graphite above 1500 K
M. R. Null, W. W. Lozier and A. W. Moore
The Effect of Doping on the Thermal Conductivity of Polycrystalline Graphite
B. T. Kelly, P. A. Wagner, A. Whittaker and D. Tobin

Electronic Properties (EP)
High Field Magnetoreflection Studies in Graphite
B. L. Heflinger and M. S. Dresselhaus
Majority and Minority Carriers in Graphite
John A. Woollam
Energy Band Parameters of Graphite from Electronic Properties Calculations
J. W. McClure
Tunneling Spectroscopy in Graphite
Kazao Shiiki and Sanchi Mizushima
The Perturbed Density of States of Graphite
A. D. Boardman, M. I. Darby and E. T. Micah
Anisotropic Electronic Correlations in Graphite
P. B. Visscher and L. M. Falicov
Specific Heat of an Irradiated Graphite Between 1.4 K and 4.4 K in Presence of a Strong Magnetic Field
P. Delhaes, M. Y. Lemerle and G. Blondet-Gonte
The Phonon-Drag Thermoelectricity of Graphites in Relation to the Structural Imperfection
T. Tsuzuku, T. Takezawa, Y. Hishiyama and A. Ono
Thermoelectric and Thermomagnetic Effects in Graphite
K. Sugihara, T. Takezawa, T. Tsuzuku, Y. Hishiyama and A. Ono
Galvanomagnetic Effects in Pyrolytic Graphite in High Magnetic Fields
I. L. Spain and J. A. Woollam
The Effect of Pressure on the Galvanomagnetic Properties of Graphite
I. L. Spain
Anisotropic Negative and Positive Magnetoresistances in a Pyrolytic Carbon
P. Delhaes, H. Gasparoux and M. Uhlrich
Electronic Processes in Isotropic Coke
Y. Hishiyama, A. Ono and M. Hashimoto
Electronic Properties of Graphite Intercalates with Metal Halides
B. Bach and A. R. Ubbelohde
Electronic Properties of Very Thin Graphite Crystals
Y. Fujibayashi and S. Mizushima
E.P.R. Between 4.2 and 3000 K of a Carbon Black Family (P33)
P. Delhaes and F. Carmona
Diamagnetism of Carbon Fibers
C. B. Scott and D. B. Fischbach
Insertion Kinetics and Diamagnetism of Pyrocarbon-Bromine Residue Compounds
A. Marchand, J. C. Rouillon, and F. Courtois d'Arcollieres
Thermal Annealing of Neutron-Irradiated Carbons, Changes in the Electronic Properties
A. Pacault, A. Marchand, J. Amiell, E. Dupart, J. Rappenau, G. Micaud and R. Wlodarsky

General Session and Late Papers (GS)
Deposition of Carbon Films with Diamond Properties
S. Aisenberg and R. Chabot
Single Crystal Growth of Graphite in Gaseous Phase
T. Noda, M. Inagaki and K. Taoka
Carbon as a Molecular Crystal
H. Harker
The Formation of Chaoite (White Carbon) on Various Solid Carbons with a Carbon Dioxide Laser
Lloyd S. Nelson, A. Greenville Whittaker and Bernadine Tooper
Self-Diffusion in Graphite
R. M. Mayer and P. A. Thrower
Appearance and Development of Anisotropic Mesophase from Various Carbonaceous Materials in Early-Stage Carbonization
Y. Sanada, T. Furuta, H. Kimura and H. Honda
Some Practical Aspects of Crystallite Size in Electrothermal Graphite
H. T. Abrecht and K. Seibold
Examination by Mossbauer Spectroscopy of the Chemical Nature of Iron in Kish Graphite
T. C. Gibb and H. Harker
Kinetics and Mechanism of Catalyzed Boudouard's Reaction
B. P. Jalan and Y. K. Rao
Spreading in Graphite/Oil/Water/Air Systems
M. C. Wilkinson, M. P. Aronson, A. C. Zettlemoyer and J. W. Vanderhoff
X-Ray Photoelectron Spectra of DPPH and Diphenylpicrylhydrazine
I. Drummond and H. Harker
X-Ray Photo-Electron Spectroscopy as a Means of Determining the Band Structure of Carbons
M. Barber, P. Swift, E. L. Evans and J. M. Thomas
Thermal Expansion Coefficients of Graphite Crystals
W. C. Morgan
Pyrolytic Graphite Coated Rocket Nozzles: Their Design, Manufacture and Performance
A. C. Parmee