1973 - 11th Biennial Conference - Gatlinburg, TN

Electronic Properties
(Prof. S. Mrozowski, presiding)
Magnetoreflection Studies of Single Crystal and Pyrolytic Graphite
W. W. Toy, C. R. Hewes and M. S. Dresselhaus
A Relationship Between the Magnetic Susceptibilities of Pyrolytic and Single Crystal Graphites
W. S. Horton
Low Temperature Antiferromagnetism and Electrical Conductance of Amorphous Carbon Films
J. C. Orr, I. S. McLintock and J. M. Macfarlane
On Electronic Band Model in Carbons
P. Delhaes

(Prof. M. S. Dresselhaus, presiding)
Electronic Properties of Pyrographites and Irradiated Pyrographites
J. Amiell, F. Carmona and P. Delhaes
Electron Spin Resonance of Carbon Films Prepared from Graphite Oxide
S. Toyoda, T. Yamakawa and Y. Yamada
Ion Implantation on Stress Recrystallized Pyrolytic Graphite
J. J. Santiago and W. R. Woody
A Calculation of the Lattice Distortion Produced by a Vacancy in Graphite
D. J. Bacon and A. P. P. Nicholson
The Magneto Seebeck Effect in Graphite
T. Takezawa, J. H. Mangez, C. R. Hewes, M. S. Dresselhaus and T. Tsuzuku
Thermoelectric Power of Graphite-Bromine Residue Compounds
Y. Takahashi, Y. Hayashi and T. Mukaibo
Preferred Orientation of Carbon Fibre in Relation to Magnetoresistance Anisotropy
Y. Hishiyama

Carbonization and Graphitization
(Prof. D. B. Fischbach, presiding)
Graphitization Studies by "In Situ" X-Ray Technique
E. Fitzer and S. Weisenburger
Graphitization Studies of Soft Carbons and Anthracites by Electron Microscopy
A. Oberlin and G. Terriere
Graphitization, Boronation and Diffusion
R. M. Mayer and P. A. Thrower
Graphitization and Densification of Carbon Beads Under Pressure
M. Inagaki, Y. Tamai and S. Naka

(Prof. J. L. Kaae, presiding)
Graphitization Kinetics of Fluidized-Bed Pyrolytic Carbons
R. L. Beatty and D. B. Fischbach
The Pyrolysis of Propylene over Graphite Substrates
P. A. Thrower and D. J. Sorg
Kinetic Factors in the Chemical Vapor Deposition of Carbon from Methane
M. L. Lieberman and G. T. Noles
The Deposition of Pure and Alloyed Isotropic Carbons in Steady-State Fluidized Beds
R. J. Akins and J. C. Bokros
The Influence of Chlorine on the Formation and Properties of Pyrolytic Carbons
C. F. Cullis and A. C. Norris
Growth Mechanism of Carbon Black Particles Derived from Size Distribution
J. Lahaye and G. Prado
Kinetic Aspects of the Carbon Deposition Reaction on Iron from CO/H2 Mixtures
W. Karcher and P. Glaude

Thermal Properties
(Prof. D. L. McElroy, presiding)
Modulation Spectroscopy of Graphite
M. Anderegg, B. Feuerbacher and B. Fitton
The Effect of a Distribution of Crystallite Size on the Thermal Conductivity of Graphite
B. T. Kelly
The Effect of the Anahomicity of the Bond Bending Coefficient on the Thermal Expansion Coefficient of Graphite Parallel to the Hexagonal Axis
B. T. Kelly
Thermal Expansivity and Thermal Diffusivity of Silicon-Alloyed pyrocarbons
R. J. Price and K. Koyama

(Dr. T. S. Lundy, presiding)
The Interstitial Mechanism of Diffusion
R. M. Mayer and P. A. Thrower
Diffusion of Uranium and Thorium in Pyrocarbon
P. Koss, E. Balthesen and H. Nickel
Pulsed Laser Induced Vaporization of Graphite and Carbides
R. T. Meyer
Measurement of Carbon Vapor Pressure and Formation of Liquid Carbon at Low Pressure by Laser Heating
A. G. Whittaker and L. S. Nelson

Carbonization and Graphitization
(Dr. J. L. White, presiding)
Characterization of Cokes by Quantitative Image Analysis
K. R. Koziol and U. J. Zeidner
Simulation of Coke Calciners
K. W. Li and J. R. Friday
Influence of Carbonisation Conditions on the Development of Different Types of Optical Anisotropy in Cokes
J. W. Patrick, M. J. Reynolds and F. H. Shaw
The Pyrolysis of Pitch and the Baking of Pitch Bonded Carbon-Carbon Composites Under Nitrogen Pressure up to 100 BAR
E. Fitzer and B. Terwiesch
Dilatometric Studies of the Baking Behavior of Pitch Bonded Artifacts
E. Fitzer, K. J. Huttinger and A. Megalopoulos
Influence of Coke Porosity on Graphite Production
I. Letizia
The Development of Polycrystalline Binder-Free Graphites
W. C. Chard and D. E. Niesz
Monitoring Graphitization Temperatures by X-Ray Diffraction
R. Shemenski, I. W. Gazda and J. A. Harvey

(Prof. J. G. Hooley, presiding)
Surface Unsaturation in Microcrystalline Carbons
B. R. Puri
Interaction of Ozone with Adsorbent Charcoals
V. R. Deitz and J. L. Bitner
Properties and Reactivity of Heat Treated Carbon
D. Rivin and R. G. True
Carbon Molecular Sieves for the Concentration of Oxygen from Air
S. P. Nandi and P. L. Walker, Jr.

Chemical Reactivity
(Prof. G. L. Tingey, presiding)
Reactivity of Selected Carbons with Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide
S. S. Jones and R. D. Hildebrandt
Partial Pressure Effects in Thermal Oxidation of Graphite in Moist Helium
J. E. M. Palmer, F. W. Trowse and R. Lind
The Effect of Stress on Graphite in Water Vapour Atmosphere
R. Krefeld, G. Linkenheil and W. Karcher
The Radiolytic Graphite/CO2 Reaction: Inhibition by Methane in the Presence of Carbon Monoxide
J. V. Best, D. A. Dominey, R. S. Sach, R. F. Skinner and C. J. Wood
Comparison of the Reactions of NO, O2, and CO2 with Graphon Including Synergistic and Inhibitive Effects
J. P. Bartek, F. J. Vastola and P. L. Walker, Jr.
Particularities of Interaction Between C and CO2 at High Pressures and Temperatures
E. S. Golovina, V. G. Samsonov, and L. S. Solovieva
A Preliminary Investigation ot Factors Affecting the Ignition Temperature of Carbonaceous Material
J. A. Harvey, W. F. Wilson and I. W. Gazda
The Oxidation of Graphite: Zone II Omission
R. W. Wallouch and E. A. Heintz
Studies of the Catalysed Combustion of Cokes
J. W. Patrick and A. Walker
Oxidation of Graphite Powder in Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen, and Air
K. J. Seibold

Carbonization and Graphitization
(Dr. J. L. White, presiding)
Petroleum Pitch - A Consistent Carbon Precursor
J. W. Newman
Structural Characterization of Petroleum Derived Carbon Precursors
W. E. Smith
Correlation of Carbon Properties with Precursor Composition
O. J. Horne, Jr.
Unique Binder Systems for the Fabrication of Graphite
M. P. Whittaker and F. C. Miller
The Effect of Sulphur on the Pyrolysis Behavior of Pitch
E. Fitzer, K. J. Huttinger and H. Tillmanns
Carbonization of Anthracene Under Pressure
P. W. Whang, F. Dachille and P. L. Walker, Jr.
Structure and Properties of Iron Containing Glassy Carbons
R. Kammereck, M. Nakamizo and P. L. Walker, Jr.

Applications other than Nuclear and Aerospace
(J. J. Ferritto, presiding)
Relationship Between Wear Resistance and the Structure of Pure and Silicon-Alloyed Isotropic Carbons
H. Shim and F. Schoen
Carbonization of Cancerous Tissues
S. Hirano and F. Dachille
First Biocompatibility Tests of ORNL Graphite
G. H. Kenner, W. S. Williams and W. P. Eatherly
Fabrication of Graphite for Use as a Skeletal Prosthesis
J. M. Robbins, W. P. Eatherly and D. E. Rosson
Estimation of Electrode Quality by Use of Model Arc Furnace
M. Okamura, M. Watanabe, K. Usui and J. Kon
Determination of Electric Current Capacity of Electrode by Means of Fracture with Electric Current
M. Okamura and J. Kon
Reaction Brazing of Polycrystalline Graphites by High-Melting Solders
F. Demuth and E. Fitzer
A Computerized Carbon Literature Retrieval System
F. J. Vastola, G. Johnson and P. L. Walker, Jr.
The Development of Thermal Shock Resistant Graphite
C. R. Kennedy and W. P. Eatherly
Chemical Aspects of Carbon Brush Wear
D. W. McKee and G. Gunnoe
A Method for Predicting the Longitudinal Temperature Distribution and Heat Transfer Rate at the Exit End of High-Temperature Continuous Graphite Furnaces
R. F. Markel

(Prof. J. G. Hooley, presiding)
The Adsorptive Properties of Carbonised Olive Stones
M. Iley, H. Marsh and F. Rodriguez-Reinoso
Electrochemical Analysis of Carbon Surface Oxides on Teflon-Bonded Carbon Electrodes
K. Kinoshita and J. A. S. Bett
The Rate of Gas Adsorption by Activated Carbon
L. A. Jonas and J. A. Rehrmann
Heat of Immersion Studies on PVDC Carbon
S. S. Barton and B. H. Harrison
The Adsorption Capacity of Carbon Based Dusts for Toxic Monocyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons
W. Karcher, P. Glaude and R. Depaus
Adsorption of Weak and Non-Electrolytes by Activated Carbon
S. Parkash
The Surface and Pore Changes During the Steam Activation of a Sutcliffe Speakman Carbon
J. Dollimore, G. P. Libberton and F. Houghton
The Reactivity and Pore Structure of a Steam Activated Carbon
J. Dollimore, G. P. Libberton and B. H. Harrison
Analysis of Nitrogen Adsorption Isotherms Obtained on Activated Fibre Carbons
A. N. Ainscough, D. Dollimore and P. Spooner
Oxygen Chemisorption-Desorption Studies on the Surface of Graphite
B. H. Harrison, S. S. Barton and J. Dollimore
Analytical Model for Partial Gasification
S. Miura, K. Hashimoto and P. L. Silveston
Properties of High Surface Area Graphite
K. J. Seibold and F. G. Fischer

Structural Studies
(Dr. R. J. Diefendorf, presiding)
Optical Reflectivity of a Graphite Single Crystal
E. S. Bomar and W. P. Eatherly
Optical Anisotropy in Natural Graphite Flakes
D. W. Stevens
Optical Anisotropy in Nearly Isotropic Pyrolytic Carbons
D. W. Stevens
Optical Determination of the Anisotropy of Pyrocarbon Coatings
K. Koizlik and P. Koss

Chemical Reactivity
(Dr. G. L. Tingey, presiding)
Changes in Properties and Structure of Carbon Fibers During Oxidation
J. B. Donnet, H. Dauksch and E. Papirer
High Resolution Electron Micrography of Oxidized and Deflagrated Carbon Fibers and Powders
J. B. Donnet, A. Voet, P. A. Marsh, P. Ehrburger and E. Papirer
Ion Exchange Properties of Gel-Filtrated Nitro-Humic Acid
M. Nakagawa, S. Arita, T. Miki, H. Honda, Y. Nakayama, Y. Hosono and M. Saeki
Microscopic Study of the Oxidation Process at 0°C of Several Graphites
J. de D. Lopez-Gonzalez, A. Martin-Rodriguez and F. Rodriguez-Reinoso

Structural Studies and Mechanical Properties
(Dr. D. B. Fischbach, presiding)
Growth Features in Isotropic Pyrolytic Carbons Deposited Below 1500 °C
J. L. Kaae
Small Angle X-Ray Scattering from Glassy Carbons
R. G. Jenkins and P. L. Walker, Jr.
Single-Crystal Diffraction Patterns of Several Carbon Forms from Glassy Carbon
A. G. Whittaker and B. Tooper
Lasar Raman Studies on Carbons
M. Nakamizo and R. Kammereck
Strain Effects on Diffraction Profiles of Carbons
S. Ergun
Self-Consistent Theory of Thermal Expansion and of Elastic Properties of Polycrystalline Graphite
R. E. Smith
Thermal and Mechanical Properties of a Codeposited Pyrographite - Silicon Carbide Composite Material
R. H. Singleton, E. L. Olcott and C. D. Pears

Intercalation Compounds
(Prof. J. G. Hooley, presiding)

Isotherms of Metal Chloride Vapors on Graphite
J. G. Hooley
Vapor Pressure and Hysteresis in the Graphite-Bromine System
T. Sasa and Y. Takahashi
A Magnetic and Gravimetric Study of the Kinetics of the First Intercalation of Bromine into a Pyrocarbon
A. Marchand, J. C. Rouillon and M. H. de Macuzo
Anomalous Thermal Emission of Bromine Molecules from Graphite-Bromine Residue Compounds
V. R. Deitz and J. L. Bitner
Extra Diffraction Patterns Due to Halogen Doping of Graphite
M. Saito and T. Tsuzuku
Lamellar Oxide Formation by Liquid Phase Oxidation of Carbons
P. Ehrburger and J. B. Donnet
A Study of the Electrical Resistivity of the Oxidation Products of Graphite
A. Martin-Rodriguez, J. de D. Lopez-Gonzalez, E. Fernandez-Duran and G. Pardo-Sanchez

Carbonization and Graphitization
(Dr. J. L. White, presiding)
Orientation of Mesophase in a Magnetic Field: Optical and Electron Spin Resonance Studies
L. S. Singer and R. T. Lewis
Observations of Mesophase Behavior During Coke Formation
J. L. White and R. J. Price
Mesophase Graphite
H. K. Gilliam and M. P. Whittaker
Characteristics of Meso-Carbon Microbeads Separated from Pitches
Y. Yamada, T. Imamura, H. Kakiyama and H. Honda
Characteristics of Heat-Treated Meso-Carbon Microbeads
Y. Yamada, T. Imamura, H. Kakiyama and H. Honda
On the High-Density Isotropic Carbon Solids Made of Meso-Carbon Microbeads
Y. Yamada and H. Honda
Carbonaceous Mesophase Spherules Having a New Molecular Arrangement
H. Honda, Y. Yamada, S. Oi and K. Fukuda

Mechanical Properties
(Dr. W. V. Kotlensky, presiding)

Comparison of Mechanical Properties in Bending and Tensile Tests for Industrial Graphites
J. Amesz, J. Donea and F. Lanza
Investigation of the Volume Effect on Mechanical Properties of Various Industrial Graphites
F. Lanza and H. Burg
Influence of Grain-Size on the Fracture Toughness of Industrial Graphites
J. Amesz and G. Volta
Deformation and Fracture of Thin-Walled Graphite Tubes Under Biaxial States of Stress
G. T. Yahr, R. S. Valachovic and B. L. Greenstreet
Micromechanics of Fracture in Graphite Using the Scanning Electron Microscope
R. A. Meyer and J. D. Buch
A New Theory of the Role of Porosity in Graphite Fracture
J. D. Buch
The Room Temperature Fracture of Polycrystalline Graphite
C. A. Andersson and E. I. Salkovitz
The Room Temperature Deformation of Polycrystalline Graphites
C. A. Andersson and E. I. Salkovitz

Nuclear Fuels
(J. H. Coobs, presiding)

Development and Irradiation Testing of Graphite and Matrix Materials for High Temperature Reactors in the Federal Republic of Germany
W. W. Delle, D. F. Leushacke, W. Rind, H. Rosswurm and W. Theymann
The Slug Injection Process for Fabricating HTGR Fuel Rods
R. A. Bradley and J. D. Sease
Behavior of Restrained Pyrolytic Carbons During Irradiation
J. L. Kaae
Influence of Hardener and Grain Size of Filler on the Irradiation Behaviour of Resin Bound Matrix Based on Natural Graphite
W. W. Delle, G. Haag, F. J. Herrmann, H. Luhleich, H. Nickel and R. E. Schulze

(Dr. R. J. Price, presiding)
Resin Fuel Particles for High-Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactors
M. D. Silverman and C. B. Pollock
Structural Changes and Microporosity in Pyrocarbon and Graphite
K. Koizlik, P. Krautwasser and H. Nickel
Irradiation Stability of Carbon Coatings on HTGR Fuel Particles
J. H. Coobs, W. P. Eatherly, C. B. Pollock and J. M. Robbins
Structural Changes in Pyrocarbon Coatings of Spherical Particles by Heat Treatment and Neutron Irradiation
P. Koss, K. Koizlik, H. Nickel and E. Balthesen
Remote Coating of HTGR Fuel Particles
W. J. Lackey, W. H. Pechin and J. D. Sease
Some Properties of Pyrocarbons Deposited from Propene and the Influence of Neutron Irradiation on the Apparent Crystallite Size
H. A. Schulze
Development of Continuous-Matrix Fuel Rods for Advanced High-Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactors
R. L. Hamner, J. M. Robbins and J. H. Coobs

Fibers and Composites
(Dr. H. M. Blaes, presiding)

Pan Pyrolysis Studied by Gas- and ESR-Analyses
A. K. Fiedler, E. Fitzer and F. Rozploch
Large Diameter High Strength, High Modulus Carbon Fibers from Polyacetylenes
C. M. Krutchen, D. G. Flom, B. Gorowitz and B. W. Roberts
High Modulus Carbon Ribbon
R. G. Bourdeau
Effects of Boron Catalysis During Graphitization of Selected Polymeric Fibers
H. M. Ezekiel
Stress Graphitization in Carbon Fiber
Y. Hishiyama
High Strength Carbon-Carbon Composite by Copyrolysis of Fiber and Matrix Precursors
W. G. Bradshaw, P. C. Pinoli and A. E. Vidoz
Effects of Compaction on the Properties of Carbon Felt-Carbon Matrix Conical Frusta
B. Granoff and M. P. Apodaca
Development and Properties of PAN-Based Carbon Felt-Pyrolytic Carbon Composites
H. O. Pierson, D. A. Northrop and J. F. Smatana
Multidirectional Reinforced Carbon-Carbon Composites
E. R. Stover and J. D. Latva
Practical Carbon-Carbon Composite Structures
J. Hill, C. R. Thomas and E. J. Walker
Pyrocarbon Formation from Benzene in the Preparation of Carbon/Carbon Composites
R. M. Curlee and M. L. Lieberman

Nuclear Graphite
(Dr. R. J. Price, presiding)

The Influence of Nongraphitic Carbon on the Irradiation Behaviour of Polycrystalline Graphitic Materials
G. Haag
Influence of Microstructure on Irradiation-Induced Dimensional Changes in Annealed Oriented Pyrocarbons
R. J. Price
The Preparation and Characterization of Pyrolytic Carbon Sealants for Graphite in Power Reactors
C. B. Pollock and W. H. Cook
Irradiation Damage to Graphite at 1475°C
P. A. Thrower and D. D. Burleigh
Ultrasonic Testing for Web Integrity in Nuclear Fuel Graphite Blocks
B. F. Disselhorst
Irradiation Behaviour of Gilsocarbon Graphites
R. Blackstone, R. Krefeld, W. W. Delle, M. R. Everett, D. L. Leushacke and H. J. Veringa
The Relation of the Dimensional Changes of Polycrystalline Graphites Irradiated at 1050°C to Their Crystal Size and Structure
J. W. Harrison
Atomic Displacement Cross Sections and Damage Production in Graphite
W. C. Morgan
Relationship Between Crystal Structure and Properties and Irradiation Behavior of Reactor Graphites
G. B. Engle
Effects of Changes in Irradiation Temperature on the Irradiation Behaviour of Graphites and Matrix Materials
W. W. Delle, M. R. Everett, R. Blackstone and R. Krefeld
Theory of Irradiation Creep in Reactor Graphite - The Dislocation Pinning-Unpinning Model
B. T. Kelly and A. J. E. Foreman
Development of Graphites for Resistance to Irradiation Damage
C. R. Kennedy and W. P. Eatherly
The Effect of Boron Impregnation on the Dimensional Changes of Polycrystalline Graphite Irradiated at 575°C
J. W. Harrison
The Irradiation Behaviour of New Isotropic Nuclear Graphites
W. Hammer, R. Krefeld and H. Rosswurm
The Effect of Fast Neutron Irradiation on the Pore Structure of Reactor Moderator Graphites
B. W. Ashton, J. E. Brocklehurst and B. T. Kelly
Irradiation of Graphite at 950°C
C. R. Kennedy

Fibers and Composites
(Dr. H. M. Blaes, presiding)

Effect of Gas Phase Conditions on Resultant Matrix Pyrocarbons in Carbon/Carbon Composites
M. L. Lieberman and H. O. Pierson
Carbon-Carbon Composites: The Effect of Processing Parameters on Properties
J. Hill and E. J. Walker
Properties of Carbon/Carbon Filament Wound Composites with Laminar and Isotropic Matrix Microstructures
R. M. Curlee and D. A. Northrop
Some Properties of Carbon-Fiber Reinforced Nickel Composites
K. Kobayashi, A. Kitamura, S. Kumazawa, F. Yoshida and N. Ueda
Glassy Carbon - CVD Composites
D. C. Nagle and P. L. Walker, Jr.
Thermal Expansion of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composites
K. Murayama
Graphitization of Carbon Fibre and Glassy Carbon Composite
Y. Hishiyama and S. Yamada
High Strength and Modulus Carbon-Carbon Composites
J. Hill, E. J. Walker and C. R. Thomas
Thermal and Crystallographic Properties of Pyco-bond Pyrolytic Carbon Bonded Graphite Cloth Composites
D. H. Leeds
Voids in Filament Wound Graphite/Graphite Composites
R. W. Mills and I. D. Peggs
A Preliminary Evaluation of Effects of Fiber and Matrix Properties on the Properties of 7-Directional Reinforced Graphite Composites
E. R. Stover, J. A. Roetling, E. J. Ruzauskas, W. Connell and K. J. Hall
Restrained Thermal Expansion Behavior of ATJ-S and Some Carbon Fiber/pyrocarbon Matrix Composites
B. L. Butler and J. C. Tidmore
Dynamic Response of Carbon-Carbon Composites
S. Ranganath, Y. P. Gupta and D. H. Petersen
Processing and Properties of Pyco-Bond/Resin Char/Chopped Fortafil Fiber Composites
W. V. Kotlensky, D. W. Bauer, M. F. Baud and R. Prescott
Properties and Application of MOD-3 Pierced Fabric Reinforced Carbon/Carbon Composite
P. G. Rolincik

Post-Deadline Papers
The CO/CO2 Ratio and Surface Complex Formation for Oxygen and Steam Reactions with Carbon
J. Dollimore, J. Bailey, B. H. Harrison and S. S. Barton
Development of Structure in Polyacrylonitrile-Based Carbon Fibers
J. S. Perkins, D. B. Barr and A. O. King
Pyrolytic Analysis of Carbon Fibers
J. S. Perkins, D. S. Smith and D. Rivin