1975 - 12th Biennial Conference - Pittsburgh, PA

Technical Program

Role of Carbon in Production of Energy
(Dr. A. J. Brainard, presiding)

Fast Neutron Irradiation of Carbon-Carbon Composites
E. J. Walker, L. Pain and P. B. Roscoe
The Potential of Codeposited Pyrolytic Carbon-Carbide Coatings for Nuclear Fuel Particles
J. L. Kaae and G. H. Reynolds
The Effect of Small Deviations from Isotropy on the Irradiation Induced Dimensional Changes of Pyrolytic Carbons
J. L. Kaae
The Evaluation of Pyrocarbon Fuel Sphere Coatings by Transmission Electron Microscopy
C. S. Yust, E. Pollmann and H. Nickel

Electronic Properties
(Prof. I. L. Spain, presiding)

Anomalous Temperature Dependent Magnetoresistivity in Pyrolytic Graphite
L. Kreps, R. Devaty and J. A. Woollam
Electrical Properties of Glassy Carbon
R. H. Bragg and R. Saxena
Effect of Neutron Irradiation on the Electronic Properties of Various Carbons
J. Rappeneau, G. Micaud, A. Pacault, A. Marchand and J. Amiell
The Quantum Magnetothermal Effect and Minority Carriers in Pyrolytic Graphite
A. Briggs
Change of Electronic Properties of Neutron Irradiated Pyrocarbon Under Thermal Annealing
A. S. Kotosonov
Model of Structure for Interstitial Carbon in Graphite
J. Conard and H. Estrade

Adsorption and Intercalation
(Dr. V. R. Deitz, presiding)

The Adsorption Characteristics of Polyphenylene Carbons
E. Fitzer and P. Laudenklos
Adsorption Characteristics of Polymer carbons
R. C. Bansal and T. L. Dhami
Acidic Surface Oxides on Carbon
B. H. Harrison and S. S. Barton
Adsorbents for Removal of Mercury Vapor from Air
J. K. Thompson
Reversible Interaction of Hydrogen with Activated Carbon
N. J. Wagner and R. K. Sinha
Exfoliation of Intercalated Graphites. Part I. Effect of Graphite Crystallinity
M. B. Dowell
Exfoliation of Intercalated Graphites. Part II. Structure, Porosity, and the Mechanism of Exfoliation
M. B. Dowell
Influence of Oxidation on the Wettability of Carbon Blacks
K. Kinoshita and J. A. S. Bett
Changes of the Porous Structure of a Natural Based Graphite Upon Gasification
F. Rodriguez-Reinoso, J. de D. Lopez-Gonzalez and A. Linares-Solano

Thermal Properties
(Dr. G. Wagoner, presiding)

Association of Nuclei During Carbon Black Formation in Thermal Systems
G. Prado and J. Lahaye
Behavior of Diamond Under Positive Ion Bombardment and CO2 Laser Irradiation at Very High Power Density
A. G. Whittaker
Carbon Solid-Liquid-Vapor Triple Point and the Behavior of Superheated Liquid Carbon
A. G. Whittaker and P. L. Kintner
Macroscopic Model for the Interlayer Thermal Expansion Coefficient of a Series of Pyrocarbons
G. Fug, P. Delhaes and H. Gasparoux
Triple Point Pressure of Carbon as Determined by Laser Heating
D. M. Haaland
Magnetic Field Dependence of the Specific Heat Peak at 0.6-0.7 K in Soft Carbons
A. S. Vagh and S. Mrozowski
Low Temperature Anomalies in Specific Heat of Soft Carbons
S. Mrozowski and A. S. Vagh
Relation Between Thermal and Electrical Conductivities of Fast Neutron Irradiated Reactor Graphite
W. van Witzenburg and H. J. Veringa

Adsorption and Intercalation
(Dr. V. R. Deitz, presiding)

New Ways in Determination of the Parameters of Porous Structure of Microporous Carbonaceous Adsorbents
M. M. Dubinin and O. Kadlec
Characterization of Coal by Complexation with Iodine
S. Aronson and A. Schwebel
Modification of Carbon Fiber Properties by Chemical Treatment with Strong Intercalating Acids
I. L. Kalnin
Free Carrier Plasma and Interband Spectroscopy of Graphite Nitrate
T. E. Thompson and J. E. Fischer
Adsorption of Oxygen and Nitrogen on Surface-Modified Carbons
P. Ehrburger, O. P. Mahajan and P. L. Walker, Jr.
Intercalation of Pyrocarbons by Aluminum Chloride
J. G. Hooley
Reaction of CO and Air Mixtures with Charcoals Impregnated with Ammonium salts of Cu(II) and Cr(VI)
V. R. Deitz, C. H. Blachly and E. J. Poziomek

Carbon from Coal
(Dr. S. Ergun, presiding)

Carbon from Purified Coal Tar Pitch
I. Romey
Aspects of Coke Formation from Coals
H. Marsh and F. Goodarzi
The Properties and Structure of Carbonization and Activation Products of Vitrites from Hard Coals of Different Rank
S. Jasienko and C. Bieganska
The Properties and Structure of Carbonization and Graphitization Products of Extracts Obtained from Hard Coals of Different Rank
S. Jasienko, U. Swietlik and H. Machnikowska

Mechanical Properties
(Dr. E. J. Seldin presiding)

Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Carbon Fibers
A. Voet and J. C. Morawski
Lightweight Glasslike Carbon Mirrors
P. C. Pinoli and W. G. Bradshaw
Mechanical Properties of Selected Graphites at High Strain Rates
J. S. Evangelides
Microstructural Characteristics Affecting Crack Propagation in Carbon-Carbon Composites
J. S. Evangelides
Microstructure and Fracture of Graphite
J. E. Zimmer and R. A. Meyer
Effect of Environment on Crack Growth in Graphite
S. W. Freiman and J. J. Mecholsky
Finite Element Analysis of an Electrode-Nipple Point
J. M. Faircloth, Jr., I. W. Gazda, C. A. Switzer, Jr., O. T. Sigvaldason and R. G. Charlwood

Structural Properties
(Dr. R. H. Bragg, presiding)

ATJ-S Graphite Data Base: Uniaxial Properties
E. Y. Robinson
Structural Characterization of Carbon Materials by Laser Raman Spectroscopy
T. G. Miller, D. B. Fischbach and J. M. Macklin
An XPS Study of Binding Energies of Sulphur in Carbon
H. Marsh, P. M. A. Sherwood and D. Augustyn
Valence Charge Density and Thermal Motion in Graphite by X-ray and Neutron Diffraction
R. Chen, P. Trucano and R. F. Stewart
Optical Anisotropy and Preferred Orientation in Nearly Isotropic Pyrocarbons
D. W. Stevens
Rheological-Structural Properties of the Pittsburgh Coal at Elevated Temperatures
H. D. Shoemaker, L. Z. Shuck, R. R. Haynes and S. H. Advani
Phase-Contrast Electron Microscope Lattice Images of Carbons
D. Crawford and H. Marsh
A Phase-Contrast Electron Microscope and Optical Microscope Study of Mesophase Size and Structure
H. Marsh, D. Augustyn, C. Cornford, D. Crawford and G. Hermon
A Phase-Contrast Electron Microscope Study of Structure in Non-Graphitizing PVDC Carbon, Heat-Treated to 2973 K
L. L. Ban, D. Crawford and H. Marsh
Determination of Thermal Vibration Amplitudes in Graphite, Using Integrated X-ray Intensities Corrected for Thermal Diffuse Scattering (TDS)
E. Fitzer and U. Funk
A Modified Structural Model Describing the Interference-Function of Pyrolyzed Non-Graphitizing Carbon
W. Braun and E. Fitzer

Mechanical Properties
(Dr. E. J. Seldin presiding)

Correlations between the Modulus of Rupture and the Ultrasonically Determined Modulus of Elasticity in Commercial Graphites
J. M. Faircloth, Jr. and I. W. Gazda
Influences on the Change in the Young's Modulus of Graphitic Materials for HTR under Fast Neutron Exposure at Irradiation Temperatures between 400 and 1400 °C
W. W. Delle, H. A. Schulze and R. E. Schulze
Mechanistic Model of Graphite Behavior
J. D. Buch
A Fracture Criterion for Anisotropic Graphites in Polyaxial Stress States
J. G. Crose, J. D. Buch and E. Y. Robinson
Mechanics of Curved Strands as related to 3-D Carbon-Carbon Comosites
J. D. Buch
Torsional Nonlinear Elasticity and Damping of Carbon Fibers
R. E. Henrichsen and D. B. Fischbach
Subcritical Crack Propagation in Glassy Carbons
T. M. Hollenbeck, W. P. Minnear, R. C. Bradt and P. L. Walker, Jr.
Thermal Shock and Strength Degradation of Electrode Graphites
T. M. Hollenbeck, R. C. Bradt, P. L. Walker, Jr. and F. J. Rusinko, Jr.
Fatigue Behavior of a Near-Isotropic Graphite
R. E. Bullock
High Temperature Irradiation Enhanced Creep in Graphites for HTR Application
H. J. Veringa and R. Blackstone
Statistical Study of the Strength of Near-Isotropic Graphite
R. J. Price
A Study of the Determination of the Dynamic Young's Modulus of various Cokes
D. Billyeald and J. W. Patrick

Structural Properties
(Dr. R. H. Bragg, presiding)

Structural Parameters and Molecular Sieve Properties of Carbons Prepared from Metal Carbides
H. P. Boehm and H. H. Warnecke
Void Growth in Glassy Carbon
M. Biswal and R. H. Bragg
Influence of Deposition Gas and Gas Mixtures on the Micropore Spectra of Pyrocarbon Coatings, and Prediction of Irradiation Behavior
P. Krautwasser and H. Nickel
Identification of Three Components in Pyrocarbon Coatings by Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) and Measurements of Microporosity, Inner Surface, Degree of Order and Crystallite Size
P. Krautwasser, C. S. Yust, H. Luhleich, H. Nickel and E. Pollmann
Influence of Low-Order Material on the Irradiation Behavior of Pyrocarbon Coatings
P. Krautwasser and C. S. Yust
The New Method for Determining Softening Points of Pitches
E. R. McHenry
Grain Growth of the Stress-Annealed Pyrolytic Graphite
N. Okuyama and K. Takeya
Optical Image Analysis of Graphite Pore Structure
R. E. Smith and S. L. Strong

Reactions of Carbon
(Prof. J. G. Hooley, presiding)

Gas-Graphite Reactions in the Fort Saint Vrain Reactor
W. C. Morgan and G. L. Tingey
Electric Probe Studies in Pyrolysing Hydrocarbons
J. Abrahamson and E. R. Kennedy
The Oxidation of Pyrolytic Graphite in Oxygen
F. Rodriguez-Reinoso, J. D. Lopez-Gonzalez and L. Zurita-Herrera
Effect of Structure Defects on the Oxidation Rate of Carbons
A. S. Kotosonov and Y. N. Vasiliev
Adsorption Studies on an Artifical Graphite and Its Oxide
J. de D. Lopez-Gonzalez, A. Martin-Rodriguez, C. Moreno-Castilla and F. Rodriguez-Reinoso
Characterization of Graphite Surface Complexes by Temperature-Programmed Desorption
G. Tremblay, F. J. Vastola and P. L. Walker, Jr.
Electron Spin Resonance as a Quantitative Tool in Studying the Reactivity of a Cu/Cr/Ag Impregnated Charcoal
E. J. Poziomek, R. P. Barrett and R. A. Mackay
Chemical Reactivity of Glass-Like Carbons
G. L. Tingey

Gasification Reactions of Carbon
(Dr. E. T. Turkdogan, presiding)

Some Kinetic Features of Radiolytic Reactions of Carbon
J. Wright
Oxidation Catalysis on a Carbon Support
R. K. Sinha and J. E. Urbanic
Catalytic Behavior of Alkali Metal Salts in Graphite Gasification Reactions
D. W. McKee and D. Chatterji
Catalytic Graphitization Using Titanium and Zirconium
H. Marsh and A. P. Warburton
Thermodynamics of the Solid-Gas Phase Interactions in the Carbon-Oxygen-Hydrogen System
S. K. Das

Activated Carbon
(Dr. R. S. Joyce, presiding)

Oxygen Uptake by Wet Activated Carbon
R. K. Sinha, R. F. Sutt, J. R. Lutchko and R. S. Joyce
Activated Carbon II. Adsorption of Acids from Concentrated Electrolyte Solutions
K. A. Kraus and F. Nelson
The Effects of Faults in Activated Carbon Beds on Gas Adsorption Efficiency
L. A. Jonas and H. M. Berlin
Preparation and Properties of Granular Activated carbons from Oil Sands Bitumen and Petroleum Residues
S. Parkash and N. Berkowitz

Carbonization and Graphitization
(Dr. J. L. White, presiding)

Hot Stage Microscopy of Mesophase Pitches
R. T. Lewis
Binder Materials Modified by Sulfur
E. Fitzer and H. Tillmanns
Linear Free Energy Relationships in Carbon Film Deposition
D. B. Murphy and R. W. Carroll
Mechanisms of Formation of Needle Coke
J. L. White, G. Johnson and J. E. Zimmer
The Structure of Needle Coke
J. E. Zimmer and J. L. White
Hydrogen Desorption: A Possible Rate Determining Step in Pyrocarbon Formation
J. Hill and K. R. Norman
Factors Controlling the Mesophase Microstructure Produced during Pyrolysis of Aromatic Hydrocarbons
D. O. Rester
Formation and Structure of Coke from Non-Coking Coals by Carbonization in Hydrogen
B. N. Nandi, M. Ternan, B. I. Parsons and D. S. Montgomery
Inhomogeneous Model for Carbonization
F. Carmona and P. Delhaes
An Examination of the Origins and Growth of Mesophase in the Liquid Phase of Carbonization
H. Marsh and C. Cornford

Carbon and Graphite Products
(Dr. J. T. Meers, presiding)

A Critical Examination of the Analytical Methods Used for Evaluating the Petroleum Coke Quality
I. Letizia
Kinetics of Graphitization within the First Minute of Heat Treatment
E. Fitzer and S. Weisenburger
Graphites Made from Seeded Cokes
C. R. Kennedy and W. P. Eatherly
Evidence of Catalytic Effect of Sulphur on Graphitization between 1400-2000 °C
E. Fitzer and S. Weisenburger
Kinetics of the Graphitization-Induced Dimensional Changes of Artificial Carbons
K. J. Huettinger and U. Rosenblatt
Graphitized High Density Carbon with No Pitch Binder
K. Kobayashi, I. Ogawa, H. Honda and Y. Matsushita
Theoretical and Practical Approach to Influences on Graphite Electrodes Consumption in Arc Furnaces (Experience with Coated Electrodes)
D. Zoellner, W. Lippert, G. Klier, F. Schieber and F. Rittman
The Graphitization Process of Different Types of Pyrolytic Carbons Obtained in Low-Temperature Pyrolysis of Acetylene
S. Jasienko and J. Machnikowski
The Effect of Nickel Surface Oxide on the Chemical Vapor Deposition of Carbon from Propylene at 800 °C
K. Y. Chen and P. A. Thrower
Graphites Fabricated from Green Petroleum Pitch Cokes
O. J. Horne and C. R. Kennedy
Bulk Density Characteristics of Binary Mixtures of Carbon Powders
J. N. Bohra and G. Bhatia
Thermal Stress Distribution in a Graphite Specimen Having Cracks--Determination of Electric Current Capacity of Electrode by Means of Fracturing with Electric Current (2)
M. Okamura

Carbonization and Graphitization
(Dr. J. L. White, presiding)

The Formation of Mesophase from Acenaphthylene: Kinetic and Free-radical Studies
I. C. Lewis and L. S. Singer
Heat of Reaction for Mesophase Formation
I. C. Lewis and G. W. Jackson
On the Pyrolysis Behaviour of Coal Tar and Petroleum Pitches Under Pressure
K. J. Huettinger and U. Rosenblatt
The Formation Rate of Carbonaceous Mesophase in Coal-Tar Pitch
Y. Yamada, S. Oi, H. Tsutsui, E. Kitajima, M. Tsuchitani, H. Kakiyama and H. Honda
Change of Pore Properties During Carbonization. Part I. Experimental
S. Miura and P. L. Silveston
Change of Pore Properties During Carbonization. Part II. Modeling
S. Miura and P. L. Silveston

Fibers and Composites
(Prof. R. J. Diefendorf, presiding)

Diamagnetic Studies on Carbon Fiber Graphitization
G. B. Mellinger and D. B. Fischbach
Carbon Aircraft Brakes - A Description
F. P. Kirkhart
Toughness of Advanced Composites
G. C. Chang
Activated Carbon Fibers and Fabrics
R. N. Macnair, G. N. Arons and L. G. Coffin
The Compressive Strength of Carbon Felt/Pyrocarbon Composites
J. Hill
Heat Treatment Behaviour of Carbon Fibre-Carbon Composites
L. Boyne, J. Hill and K. Turner
The Influence of Copolymer Content of the PAN Precursor and of Tensile Load During Oxidation and Carbonization on the Formation of Carbon Fibers
E. Fitzer and J. Simitzis
Compression Fracture and Microhardness Characteristics of Carbon Fibres
H. M. Hawthorne and E. Teghtsoonian
Pyrolyzed Composites from Chopped Fibers in High-Char Yield Polymeric Precursors
W. G. Bradshaw and P. C. Pinoli
Fracture Energy of Carbon-Carbon and Carbon-Resin Composites
E. J. Walker and J. Hill
The Modulus and Strength of Carbon Fibers
E. W. Tokarsky and R. J. Diefendorf
Effects of Fiber Strength and Surface Treatment on the Fracture of Graphite/Epoxy Composites
J. W. Nelson and R. J. Diefendorf

Nuclear Energy Industry
(Prof. R. J. Price, presiding)

Effects of fast-Neutron Damage from 0 to 42x10^21 Neutrons/cm^2 on the Physical Properties of Near-Isotropic Grades of Graphite
W. H. Cook, C. R. Kennedy and W. P. Eatherly
The Relationship Between Irradiation Temperature and Dimensional Changes of Nuclear Graphite
M. Van Den Berg, M. R. Everett and A. Kingsbury
Some Estimates of the Irradiation Creep Constant of Pyrocarbon Contained in the Coatings of Reactor Fuel Particles
S. N. Buckley, S. A. Manthorpe and D. G. Martin
The Effect of B-11 Impregnation on the Changes of Certain Physical Properties of Polycrystalline Graphite Due to Irradiation over the Temperature Range 575-1050 °C
J. W. Harrison
Preparation and Performance of Coated Particle Nuclear Fuels Having UCxOy Kernels
R. L. Beatty and E. L. Long, Jr.
A Rate Theory Approach to radiation Damage in Graphite
B. T. Kelly
Development of the Pore Structure of Graphite by Radiolytic Oxidation in CO/CO2
B. T. Kelly, B. W. Ashton, R. Lind and V. Y. Labaton
The Irradiation Induced Creep of Graphite Under Accelerated Damage Produced by Boron Doping
J. E. Brocklehurst

Fibers and Composites
(Prof. R. J. Diefendorf, presiding)

Role of Load and the Oxidizing Gas During Preoxidation of PAN on the Properties of Carbon Fibers
O. P. Bahl and L. M. Manocha
Heterogeneities in Carbon Fibers
S. B. Warner, D. R. Uhlmann and L. H. Peebles, Jr.
High Modulus Carbon Fibers from Mesophase Pitches. Part One: Preparation and Properties of Pitches
R. Didchenko, J. B. Barr, S. Chwastiak, I. C. Lewis, R. T. Lewis and L. S. Singer
High Modulus Carbon Fibers from Mesophase Pitches. Part Two: Fiber Properties and Structure
R. Didchenko, J. B. Barr, S. Chwastiak, I. C. Lewis, R. T. Lewis and L. S. Singer
Vitreous Carbon Matrix Carbon-Carbon Composites by Copyrolysis
L. R. Bunnell
Cellulose Carbon-CVD Carbon Composites
S. Marinkovic, P. W. Whang, A. Navarrete and P.L. Walker, Jr.
New Graphite Fiber Surface Treatments and Effects on Composite Properties
B. S. Marks, R. E. Mauri and W. G. Bradshaw

Additional Papers
The following papers were received too late to be included with these extended abstracts.

The Moisture Adsorption Behavior of Syntactic Carbon Foam as Related to the Micropore Structure
S. J. Mitchell
Statistics of Fracture of ATJ-S Graphite in Uniaxial and Biaxial Tension
J. Jortner
Detection of Interstitial Carbon Atoms in a Coke during the Graphitization
J. P. Rouchy and L. Gatineau
Structural Evolution of a Glassy Carbon with the Heat Treatment between 1000 °C and 2700 °C
F. Rouneaux and D. Tchoubar
Kinetics of the Coke Shrinkage Process During Calcination
R. W. Wallouch
Interlayer Spacings of Coke as a Means of Temperature Measurement in Acheson Graphitizers
L. G. Isaacs
Crystallite Growth in the Pre-Graphitization Temperature Range
E. A. Heintz
Pitchcoke Graphite for HTGR Fuel Elements
D. F. Leushacke
High-Pressure Densified Carbon-Carbon Composites. Part I. Processing Procedures
W. Chard
High-Pressure Densified Carbon-Carbon Composites. Part II. Properties and Characterizations
A. Levine and W. Chard
Processes in Oxidatin Treatment of PAN Fibers
V. Raskovic and S. Marinkovic