1987 - 18th Biennial Conference - Worcester, MA

Held at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (A. Sacco and R.T.K Baker, Organizers)

Technical Program

Fibers and Carbon-Carbon Composites
The Effect of Textile Prestretching on Carbon Fiber Fabrication from PAN
E. Fitzer and M. Heine
Plasma Surface Treatments of Carbon Fibers and their Effects
M. Brendle, S. Dong and J. B. Donnet
The Oxidation of Carbon Fibers in Air
J. B. Barr and B. H. Eckstein
ESR of Vapor Grown Carbon Fibers
B. Marshik and T. Apple
Order-Enhancing Deformation of PAN-Based Precursors
S. K. Bhattacharya, G. Bhat, V. Daga and A. S. Abhiraman
Carbon Fibre Reinforced Bismaleimide Composites: Effect of Matrix Resin Structure and Carbon Fibre Type on the Mechanical Properties
V. Choudhary, E. Fitzer and M. Heine
Carbon Fiber Property Changes Resulting from Simulated C/C Composite Processing
D. A. Schulz
Stress Measurements in Graphite Fibers by Laser Raman Spectroscopy
H. Sakata, G. Dresselhaus and M. Endo
Transverse Thermal Expansion of Carbon Fibers
P. M. Scheaffer
Fiber Property Changes During Processing of Carbon-Carbon Composites
K. Leong and J. Zimmer
Effect of Wrinkles on the Mechanical Behavior of Carbon Fabrics
A. K. Mithal and W. Kyros
Preparation of Ceramic Oxide Fibers from Intercalated Graphite Fibers
B. W. McQuillan and G. Reynolds
SAXS Studies on the Micropore System and Density Fluctuations in Carbon Fibers
H. Tillgner and W. Ruland
Thermal Expansion Behaviour of Various Types of Carbon Fibers up to 1000 °C
E. Yasuda, Y. Tanabe, H. Machino and A. Takaku
Kinetics of Oxidation and Recession of Carbon Fabrics
I. M. K. Ismail
Mathematical Model of Solid State Thermo-Oxidative Stabilization of Acrylic Precursors for Carbon Fibers
D. Grove and A. S. Abhiraman
Thermal Expansion and Elastic Constant Measurements of Carbon Fibers
G. Wagoner, R. E. Smith and R. Bacon
Calculation of Fiber Volume Fraction and Matrix Density of 2-D Carbon/Carbon Composites
R. E. Booth and R. E. Yeager
Off-Axis Thermal Conductivity Measurements of Carbonaceous Material by a Modified Pulse Method
D. J. Jaklitsch and J. W. Walkinshaw
Electrical Conduction in Thin Film Carbons
K. Sugihara and M. S. Dresselhaus
The Effects of Postgraphitization Treatments of Carbon-Carbon Composites on the Surface
W. Kowbel, E. J. Hippo and N. Murdie
Infiltration of Porous Carbon Substrated by CVD Carbon
S. Marinkovic and S. Dimitrijevic
Description of CVD Carbon Infiltration of Porous Substrates
S. Dimitrijevic and S. Marinkovic
Morphological Investigations on Carbon Fibers using a Laser Diffraction Technique
P. Gagnaire, P. Delhaes, A. Pacault and M. Biensan
Fiber-Matrix Stress Transfer Length in Carbon-Carbon Composites
G. A. Binegar
The Role of Radial Yarns in 3D Carbon-Carbon Cylinders
J. Jortner
A Quantitative Study of Pores and Cracks in a 3-D Carbon-Fibre-Reinforced-Carbon Composite
T. J. Mays and B. McEnaney
Composition and Processing Dependence of the Conductivity Threshold in Short Carbon Fibers in Polymer Composites
F. Carmona and C. Mouney
Electrical Anisotropy and Percolation Transition in Aligned Short Carbon Fibers in Epoxy Resin Composites
F. Carmona and A. El Amarti
Microstructural Changes During the Matrix Conversion of Carbon-Phenolic to Carbon-Carbon Composites
S. T. Bhe and S. C. Brown
Strengthening Graphite-Polymer Composites by using Intercalated Graphite
D. D. L. Chung, P. Li and X. Li
Oxidation Protection Systems for Carbon-Carbon Composites
D. W. McKee
Carbon-Carbon Thermal Shield Components for a Solar Flyby
D. A. Eitman and R. B. Dirling, Jr.
Characterization of C-C Composites by Microscopic Techniques
N. Murdie, E. J. Hippo and W. Kowbel
Characterization of Matrix Inhibited 2D Carbon/Carbon Composites
R. A. Wagner and D. R. Petrak
Secondary Moduli in Carbon-Carbon Composites
D. F. Baker and P. C. Pinoli
Residual Stress and High Temperature Creep Behavior in Carbon-Carbon Composites
L. A. Feldman
An Analysis of Compressive Fracture Process of 3DC-C
D. H. Jiang, M. J. Li and C. F. Wang

Carbonization and Graphitization
Mechanism of Puffing Inhibition
R. T. Lewis
Anomalous Puffing of Coal Tar Pitch Needle Coke - Effect of Residual Nitrogen Content
M. H. Wagner, H. Jager, G. Wilhelmi and I. Letizia
Sulphur and Nitrogen Puffing of Petroleum and Coal Tar Pitch Cokes
E. Fitzer, W. Frohs, G. Hannes and D. Kompalik
Primary QI and Particulates in Pitch-Influence on Carbonization
H. Marsh and K. Kuo
Hydrodesulfurization of Petroleum Derived Coke
I. Mochida, T. Furuno, Y. Korai, H. Fujitsu and T. Oyama
Study on Formation Scheme of Needle Coke in a Tube Bomb
I. Mochida, Y. Korai and T. Oyama
Tertiary Air Injection & Evolution of Porosity in Petroleum Coke
L. R. Duara and R. K. Rawat
Semi-Quantitative Correlation Between Optical Anysotropy and CTE of Needle-like Coke Grains
I. Mochida, Y. Korai and T. Oyama
Improvement of Coke Texture by Thermal Pretreatment of Petroleum Residua
S. Eser, F. J. Derbyshire and G. G. Karsner
Influence of Solid Additives on Coke Texture
F. J. Derbyshire, S. Eser and G. G. Karsner
Dominant Partner Effect - A Hot Stage Microscopy Study on the Coking of Petroleum Derivatives
T. W. Fu and K. M. Roussel
Terminology for the Structural Evaluation of Coke via Scanning Electron Microscopy
S. L. Hoff, R. W. Pysz and E. A. Heintz
Correlation of Structural SEM Data of Cokes with Graphite Electrode Performance
P. A. Lefrank, J. J. Stefanelli and S. L. Hoff
Part 4: The Effect of Asphaltenes on the Characteristics of Carbonaceous Products
G. B. Dickakian
Control of Coke Yield in Liquid-Phase Pyrolysis of Hydrocarbons (Pitches)
R. Hegermann and K. J. Huttinger
Variation of Free Radical Concentration with Molecular Weight in Petroleum Feedstocks
L. R. Rudnick and D. R. Tueting
Preparation and Carbonization of Concensed Polynuclear Aromatic (COPNA) Resins
S. Otani, E. Ota, H. Inoue, Y. Hongan, T. Kaneko, M. Ota and H. Kakegawa
Physico-Chemical Treatment of Liquid-Phase Pyrolysis of Hydrocarbons (Pitches)
K. J. Huttinger
The Resiliency of Granular Graphitic Carbons
W. M. Goldberger and P. A. Thrower
Carbon Films from Polyphenylene Prepared by Electrochemical Polymerization
Y. Yamada, T. Furuta, M. Shiraishi, M. Satoh and K. Kaeriyama
Graphitization of Cokes, Characterized by AlCl3 Intercalation
M. Sorlie, T. Grande and H. A. Oye
Carbonization of Coal Derived Liquids from Gas-Coking Coal
U. Swietlik and S. Jasienko
Inducing Mesophase in Lignite
H. Sastre, E. Chornet, B. N. Nandi and J. A. MacPhee

Adsorption and Surface Science
The Study of Carbon Surfaces by X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy
M. M. Ross, R. J. Colton and V. R. Deitz
Pore Size Measurements by Small Angle X-Ray Scattering (SAXS)
E. F. Ezell, W. Mayo and D. A. Wickens
A Surface Study of Laser-Irradiated Pyrolytic Graphite Samples with Different Angular Cuts Relative to the Basal Plane
P. W. Yip, J. S. Perkins and S. S. Lin
Carbon Support Surface Chemistry and Its Effect on Molybdenum Carbon Interactions
F. P. Daly and J. S. Brinen
Effect of Oxygen Surface Complexes of Carbon Support on the Dispersion of Platinum Catalysts
C. Prado-Burguete, A. Linares-Solano, F. Rodriguez-Reinoso and C. Salinas-Martines de Lecea
Catalytic Activities of Active Carbons for Reduction of Nitric Oxide with Ammonia
I. Mochida, H. Fujitsu, I. Shiraishi and S. Ida
Influence of Exchangeable Anions on the Accesibility of Micropores in Activated Carbons
H. P. Boehm, A. Vass and R. Kollmar
Heterogeneous Adsorption in Microporous Carbons
T. J. Mays and B. McEnaney
Isotherm Models for Mixed Vapor Adsorption on Activated Carbon
P. J. Reucroft, H. K. Patel and W. M. Kim
Estimation of Micropore Volume of Activated Carbons from Vapor Adsorption Isotherms
S. Sircar
Adsorption of Alcohols and Water onto Active Carbons
R. H. Bradley, B. Ellis and B. Rand
Micro- and Meso- Porosity in Carbon Fabrics
I. M. K. Ismail
Texture and Surface Properties of Active Carbons used for the Retention of Gases and Vapors
J. de D. Casquero-Ruiz, J. de D. Lopez-Gonzalez and F. del Pino Lazaro
Surface Oxidation and Reduction of Activated Carbons at Room Temperatures
V. R. Deitz and J. A. Rehrman
Investigation of Functional Groups on Carbon Surface
A. S. Fedoseev, Y. G. Frolov and S. G. Avrutskaya
Carbon Surface Reactivity
L. R. Duara and R. K. Rawat
Deposition of Silica from Tetraethoxysilane on a Graphitized Carbon Black
W. Hoffman and P. Ehrburger
Breakthrough Prediction in Charcoal Filters
N. Bac, T. Gultop and A. Sacco, Jr.
Adsorption of Volatile Organic Substances on Activated Carbon Fibers
A. Sakoda, K. Kawazoe and M. Suzuki
Kinetics of Adsorption in Microporous Systems
Y. Suzin and C. Aharoni
The Effect of the Temperature on the Adsorption of Cyclohexane by Granular Activated Carbon
S. S. Barton, M. Good and S. J. Smith
The Dynamical Adsorption Properties of Xenon and Krypton Isotopes Adsorbed in Active Charcoal
Y. W. Yu, C. L. Sun, C. L. Chi, C. S. Lu and T. Y. Lee
Adsorption of SO2 on Active Carbon
G. A. Guruz and R. Oktem
Adsorption of SO2 on Activated Carbon
M. Molinas-Sabio, A. Munecas-Vidal and F. Rodriguez-Reinoso
Mechanism of the Interaction Between Cyanogen Chloride and 4-Pyridine Carboxylic Acid Impregnated Carbon
R. Fangeat, J. Lahaye and P. Ehrburger
Kinetics of the Dynamic Adsorption of Cyanogen Chloride on Impregnated Carbon
P. Ehrburger, J. Lahaye and R. Fangeat
A Coal-Carbon's Formation Conditions, its Pore-Structure and its Adsorption Capacity
W. S. O'Brien and B. A. Akash
Activated Carbons Prepared from Coconut Shell Impregnated with H3PO4
J. Laine, E. Calafat and F. Severino
Adsorption by Carbons Obtained from Some Waste Agricultural Products
Th. El-Nabarawy and A. M. Youssef
Effect of Calcium in the Preparation and in the Properties of Activated Carbons
M. Almela-Alarcon, A. Linares-Solano and C. Salinas-Martinez de Lecea
Narrow Pore Distribution formed in Steam and CO2 Gasified Cokes of Different Origin - Narrow Pores may be Related to Primary Structural Unit in Coke
L. L. Murrell, C. T. Ratcliffe, W. J. M. Pieters, L. G. Sherman, N. C. Dispenziere, Jr. and A. Venero
Characterization of Carbonaceous Solids by H2S Evolution and ESR Measurements
T. Yokono, K. Murakami, Y. Sanada and Y. Inoue

Graphite Intercalation Compounds
Electrochemical Intercalation of Alkylsulfuric Acids in Graphite
H. P. Boehm, W. Helle and B. Ruisinger
Direct Synthesis of Ternary Metal Chloride Graphite Intercalation Compounds
E. Stumpp, R. Kebschull and G. Nietfeld
Magnetic Study of a New Biintercalation Compound FeCl3-NiCl2-Graphite: An Ideally Decoupled Bimagnetic System
D. G. Rancourt, B. Hun and S. Flandrois
Are Brominated Thornel P-100 Carbon Fibers Intercalated?
D. D. L. Chung and C.-T. Ho
The Structure and Catalytic Activity of Pt, Ni and Cu Intercalated into Graphite
G. Sirokman, A. Mastalir, A. Molnar, M. Bartok, Z. Schay and L. Guczi
Electron Transport in Graphite-ICl Intercalation Compounds
Y. Ohta, K. Kawamura and T. Tsuzuku
Transport Properties in CoCl2 Graphite Intercalation Compounds
K. Sugihara, N. C. Yeh, J. T. Nicholls and G. Dresselhaus
Low Temperature Hc2 Measurements in C4KHgx
A. Chaiken and M. S. Dresselhaus
Studies on the Anomalous Transport Properties of Acceptor-Type Magnetics GICS
N.-C. Yeh, K. Sugihara, J. T. Nicholls, M. S. Dresselhaus and G. Dresselhaus
Critique de la Construction du Potentiel Cristallin de Graphite et des Composes d'Insertion a Partir du Potentiel Atomique du Carbone
A. Charlier, J. Hugel, D. Hnikich, A. Habbou and M. F. Charlier
Effects of Sequential Treatment with Fluorine and Bromine on Graphite Fibers
C. C. Hung, M. Stahl, C. Maciag and M. Slabe
Stability of Bromine, Iodine Monochloride, Copper (II) Chloride, and Nickel (II) Chloride Intercalated Pitch-Based Graphite Fibers
J. R. Gaier, M. E. Slabe and N. Shaffer
Intercalation of High Surface Area Graphite (HSAG) Powders
P. Bowen and A. J. Groszek
Reaction of Cokes with Potassium Vapour
D. E. Clarke and H. Marsh
Even More on the Reaction of the Intercalation Compound C8K with Water
L. B. Ebert, J. C. Scanlon and A. R. Garcia
On the Reduction of FeCl3 GIC by Mixture of 3H2 + N2
K. Kalucki and A. W. Morawski

Growth of Various Forms of Carbon
Characterization of Metal-Soot Systems by Transmission Electron Microscopy
C. Wong
Further Developments on the Optical Constants of Dispersed Carbon Particles
R. A. Dobbins
Physical Interpretation of Soot Morphology in an Ethene Diffusion Flame
C. M. Megaridis and R. A. Dobbins
Chemistry of Soot Nucleation
M. Frenklach
Formation and Growth of Soot Particles in Diffusion Flames
R. Santoro and H. G. Semerjian
Soot Production in Axisymmetric Laminar Diffusion Flames at Pressures from One to Ten Atmospheres
W. L. Flower and C. T. Bowman
Soot and Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons Produced by Pyrolysis Under Pressure
J. Lahaye, D. Andre and G. Prado
High Resolution Electron Microscopy on Vapor-Grown Carbon Fibers Obtained by Ultra-Fine Fluid Catalysts
M. Endo, A. Kato, T. Sugiura and M. Shiraishi
Growth and Gasification of Carbon Filaments from Nickel
C. A. Bernardo, J. L. Figueiredo, J. J. Chludzinski and R. T. K. Baker
Fuerther Studies on the Formation of the Filamentous Carbon from the Interaction of Supported Iron Particles with Acetylene
R. T. K. Baker, J. J. Chludzinski and C. R. F. Lund
Carbon Filament Growth on Iron Particles in Methane
G. G. Tibbets, R. K. Mishra and E. J. Rodda
Models for Carbon Filament Growth on Nickel, Iron and Ni-Cu Allow Catalysts
I. Alstrup
The Growth of Filamentary Carbon within Fe and Ni Catalysts
J. W. Geus, P. K. de Bokx and A. J. H. M. Kock
Pyrolysis of Carbon Fibers and Fabrics
I. M. K. Ismail and M. D. Vangsness
Preparation of Conductive Carbon Films by Ion-Beam Deposition
A. Mizoguchi, Y. Yamaguchi, J. Shioya, Y. Ueba and H. Matsubara
Preparation and Properties of Conductive Carbons by a Plasma Chemical Deposition
J. Shioya, Y. Yamaguchi, A. Mizoguchi, Y. Ueba and H. Matsubara
Control of Diameter of Submicron Chemical Vapor-Deposited Carbon Filaments
F. D. McKenney and I. L. Spain
Formation of Octopus Carbon on Sulfur and Copper Modified Nickel Catalysts
I. Alstrup, J. R. Rostrup-Nielsen and C. A. Bernardo
Two Factors Related to the Microstructural Variations of Pyrolytic Carbon
M. H. Kim and J-Y. Lee
Factors Determining the Structure of Pyrolytic Carbon Films
K. Hirai and Y. Aiba
C.V.D. of Carbon from Methane: An Analytical Approach to the Chemical Pathways
P. Lucas, S. Thery and A. Marchand
The Structure, Mobility and Interaction with Hydrogen of Carbon on Ru(001)
L. L. Lauderback and W. N. Delgass
Carbon Deposition on Nickel during Steam Gasification
C. R. F. Lund
Characterization of Carbon Deposits on Carbon and Alumina-Based Molybdenum Sulfide Catalysts
G. M. K. Abotsi, A. W. Scaroni and F. J. Derbyshire
Carbon-Covered Alumina as a Support for Sulfide Catalysts
J. P. R. Vissers, F. P. M. Mercx, S. M. A. M. Bouwens, V. H. J. de Beer and R. Prins
The Structure of Coke on a Lanthanum Exchanged Zeolite
R. M. Andrews and W. J. Hatcher, Jr.
Catalytic Carbon Deposition on Low Alloy Steels
R. J. Shozda
Pyrolytic Carbon Formation on a Steam-Cracker Alloy
J. L. Figueiredo and M. L. G. M. Pinto
Microstructure and Reactivity of Carbon Deposits on Metal Surfaces
J. L. Figueiredo and J. J. M. Orfao
Coking Phenomena During Pyrolysis: Factors Affecting Formation and Deposition
J. C. Marek and L. F. Albright
Mechanistic Model of Coke Formation in Pyrolysis Furnaces
J. C. Marek and L. F. Albright
Aging of Reforming Catalysts by Carbon Deposition
D. Espinat, G. Martino, E. Freund and H. Dexpert

Pitch and Mesophase
New Analytical Methods for Pitch Characterization and Production Control
G. M. Romovacek
Glass Transition Characteristics of Coal Tar Pitches
P. Ehrburger, C. Martin, J. Lahaye and P. Couderc
Viscosity of Pitch and Connection with the Electrical Conductivity
H. Jager, M. H. Wagner and G. Wilhelmi
Effects of Pitch Solid on Penetration Behavior and Binder Performance
K. C. Krupinski and R. J. Osterholm
Fractionation of Coal Tar Pitch with Iodine
T. Yokono, M. Sasaki, T. Imamura and Y. Sanada
The Quantitative Estimation of Mesophase in Industrial Pitches
D. R. Ball
Rheology of Mesophase Pitch from A240
S. Whitehouse and B. Rand
The Properties and Microstructure of Fine Mosaic Structure Cokes
S. Keshun
Constitution of Coexisting Phases in Mesophase-containing Pitch during Heat Treatment
R. A. Greinke and L. S. Singer
Mesophase Growth in Heated Coal-Tar and Petroleum Pitches
W. S. O'Brien and A. Desgupta
Chemical Polymerization of Polynuclear Aromatics to Mesophase
I. C. Lewis
Preparation of Mesophase Pitch from Modified Eureka Pitches
I. Mochida, I. Ueno and Y. Korai
Enhancement of Anisotropic Development in Low Rank Coals using Heavy Oil Mixtures
J. M. Rincon, C. Torres and P. Sanchez
Quality Assessment of Binder Pitches (Part III)
M. H. Wagner, H. Jager and G. Wilhelmi
Studies of the Strength and Structure of Electrode Materials
B. Larsen, M. Sorlie, J. W. Patrick and A. Walker
A Study on Coal Tar Polymerization with Nitric Acid
T. Iwahashi and Y. Sunami
Preparation of Aqua-mesophase by Nitration or Sulfonation of Carbonaceous Mesophase and Properties of Carbon Materials made from it
M. Fujii, Y. Yamada, T. Imamura and H. Honda
Oxidation Stabilization of Bulk Mesophase
P. M. Sheaffer and J. L. White
Structure and Oxidation Studies of Mesophase Pitch
W. Kowbel and J. Don
Stabilization of Pitch Based Carbon Fiber
Y. Korai, I. Mochida and T. Matsumoto
Deformation Modes in Carbonaceous Mesophase
K. J. Chen, D. F. Taggart and R. J. Diefendorf

Reactivity of Carbons and Coals
Oxidation of Coals and Carbon Blacks
H. Beall and J. T. Vaughey
Low Temperature Reactivity of Chars towards Oxygen
M. Wojtowicz, J. Calo, W. Lilly and E. Suuberg
Investigation of the Gasification Reactivity Profiles of Different Carbons
L. R. Radovic and A. A. Lizzio
Influence of Additives in the Reactivity of Cokes from Low Rank Coals
L. A. Pacheco, P. Sanchez, H. de Lopez, J. M. Rincon and S. Gaviria
The Reactivity of Coals
N. M. Skorupska, H. Marsh, I. A. S. Edwards and A. Sanyal
Inhibition of Water Vapour Gasification of Coal and Carbon by Hydrogen
K. J. Huttinger, A. Michenfelder and Th. Neu
Fundamental Rate Constants for the Carbon-Oxygen Reaction
J. M. Ranish and P. L. Walker, Jr.
Oxidation of TSX Graphite over the Temperature Range 450 - 1200 °C
L. R. Bunnell, T. K. Campbell and G. L. Tingey
Effect of Acid Treatment on the Reactivity of Carbon-Carbon Composite
E. J. Hippo, N. Murdie, W. Kowbel and P. G. Wapner
The Effect of Boron on Carbon Fiber Oxidation
L. E. Jones and P. A. Thrower
Combustion of Carbon Deposits from Coal Liquefaction Catalysts in the Presence of Accumulated Metals
B. D. Adkins and B. H. Davis
Catalyzed Carbon Hydrogenation Reaction; Mechanism of Monolayer Channeling by Nickel and Ruthenium
P. J. Goethel and R. T. Yang
CAEM Study of the Gasification of Graphite by H2O, H2 and O2 Catalyzed by a Ni/K Mixture
J. Carrazza, H. Heinemann, G. A. Somorjai, J. J. Chludzinski, Jr. and R. T. K. Baker
Carbon Oxidation Catalyzed by Low Melting Point Oxide Phases
D. W. McKee
Microscopical Study of Reactivity of Malagasy Flake Graphite: Role of Natural Impurities
S. P. Appleyard, A. A. Haggie and B. Rand
Reaction Kinetics of Gasification of Black Liquor Chars
J. Li and A. R. P. van Heiningen
Study of High Initial Rate in Reaction of Water Vapor with Pyrolytic Carbon
H. Imai, K. Fujii, T. Kurosawa, S. Nomura and M. Eto

General Session
Electronic Properties of Carbon Films by Ion Beam Sputtering Technique
Y. Ohashi and S. Masaki
Electronic Properties of Pregraphitic Carbon
K. Matsubara, K. Kawamura and T. Tsuzuku
4 K to 2300 K Dependence of Electrical Resistivity in Vapor Grown, and Boron Doped Carbon Fibers
A. U. Ahmed, M. C. Rost, D. Meyer, H. Chang, M. Lake and J. A. Woollam
Thermoelectric Power and Electrical Conductivity of Low-Temperature-Treated Glass Like Carbon
Y. Kaburagi, S. Yasuda and Y. Hishiyama
The Effect of Trigonal Warping on the Conductivity and Hall Coefficient of Graphite
I. J. Nield and R. O. Dillon
Magnetic Field Dependence of Low-Temperature Anomalies in the Thermoelectric Power of Highly Oriented Graphite
Y. Hishiyama and A. Ono
Acoustic Emission Monitoring during Fracture of an Electrode Graphite
B. McEnaney, Y. Yin and R. G. Cooke
Strength-Structure Relationships for Porous Glassy Carbons
I. M. Pickup, B. McEnaney and L. Bodsworth
A New Fracture Criterion for Graphite
T. D. Burchell and M. O. Tucker
The Influence of Irradiation on the Acoustic Emission Response of a Nuclear Graphite
T. D. Burchell and A. P. G. Rose
Petroleum Coke VCM: Characterization by Thermogravimetric Analysis
J. D. Bacha and N. A. Gorman
Nuclear Graphites on the way to their next Application
G. Haag, D. Mindermann and M. H. Wagner
Effect of Neutron-Irradiation on Mechanical Properties of HTGR Graphites
M. Eto, M. Matsumoto, Y. Honda, K. Fujisaki and T. Oku
A Hot-Strip Method for Determination of Thermal Conductivity in Solid Carbon Materials at Elevated Temperatures
T. Log and H. A. Oye
Structure and Properties of Co-Deposited PBN and Pyrolytic Carbon
A. W. Moore

Poster Session
Adsorption, Spreading Pressure, and London Force Interactions of Hydrocarbons on Carbon Fibers
D. G. Gray and A. J. Vukov
Macroporous Carbons from Polymeric Precursors
I. R. Harrison, M. Farr and M. E. Jordan
The Pore Structure of the Carbons prepared from Five Kinds of Bamboos
K. Hosokawa and M. Yamaguchi
The Catalytic Activity of Carbon Powders Produced from Activated Cokes in the Simultaneous Removal of SOx and NOx
I. Mochida, H. Fujitsu, S. Hisatsune, S. Ida and I. Shiraishi
Kinetics of Desorption in Heterogeneous Systems
Y. Suzin and C. Aharoni
The Adsorption Properties of the Expanded Fine Graphite Particles
X. Zhong-Yu and M. Xiao-Wen
The Behaviour of Secondary QI in Pitch
D. A. Broughton, I. A. S. Edwards and H. Marsh
Carbonization of Aromatic Asphaltenes - Part 3
G. Dickakian
Flow of Liquid Pitch on Coke Surface
L. R. Duara and R. K. Kawat
ESR Study of Carbonization of Pitch/Carbon Black Systems
K. Murakami, T. Yokono, Y. Sanada and H. Marsh
Co-60 gamma-Ray Irradiation Effects on Carbonization of Starches
Y. Nakayana
A Study of the Thermal Treatment of a Hydrocarbon Feed by ESR
L. R. Rudnick and S. Gudath
Optical Absorption of Carbon Surfaces Modified by Filamentous Growth
C. W. Bowers, R. B. Culver, W. A. Solberg and I. L. Spain
A Model for the Growth of Carbon Filaments Prepared by Ion Bombardment of Carbon Surfaces
W. A. Solberg, I. L. Spain and N. E. Pederson
Continous, Multi-Zone Stabilization in a PAN-Based Carbon Fiber Process
G. Bhat, P. Desai and A. S. Abhiraman
Influence of Properties of Porous Substrates on Pyrocarbon Deposition Rate
S. Dimitrijevic
Coking Behaviour of Polyacrylonitrile (PAN)
E. Fitzer and W. Frohs
Evaluation of Fiber Tensile Characteristics from a Small Data Base
D. B. Fischbach, G. V. Yen and A. Ghosh
The Diameter Dependence on Magnetoresistance and Lc of Pitch Based Carbon Fibers
T. Hamada, T. Nishida, Y. Sajiki, M. Furuyama and T. Tomioka
Structural Development of Pitch Based Carbon Fibers by Heat-Treatment
T. Hamada, Y. Sajiki, M. Furuyama and T. Tomioka
Mechanical Compatibility of Carbon Fibers in Polysulfone and Polycarbonate
W. Huettner, R. Weiss and H. Pesek
Adhesion Structure of Graphite Using COPNA Resins
H. Kakegawa, Y. Maeda, Y. Uno, A. Demura and S. Otani
A Model for Fabrication of Carbon-Carbon Composites
C. D. Ponce-Campos and B. A. DeVantier
Differential Scanning Calorimetric Survey of Brominated PAN, Pitch-Based, and Vapor-Grown Fibers
D. A. Jaworske, J. R. Gaier, C. Maciag and M. E. Slabe
The Effect of Graphitization Treatment Inside and Outside Composite on the Structure of PAN Fibers
W. Kowbel, E. Hippo and N. Murdie
Carbon Fiber Composites Containing Exfoliated Graphite
P. Li, X. Li and D. D. L. Chung
Microstructural Development of Furan Resin Derived Carbon by Hot-Pressing
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