1997 - 23rd Biennial Conference - State College, PA

Held at the Pennsylvania State University (Peter Thrower and Ljubisa Radovic, Organizers)

Some 260 oral papers and 270 poster papers were presented at what turned out to be one of the best (and busiest!) conferences ever.

Nobel Prize trio at Carbon '97: Robert Curl, Sir Harold Kroto and Richard Smalley were the first recipients of the American Carbon Society Medal for Achievement in Carbon Science. The title of Prof. Kroto's Thursday evening lecture was "Symmetry, Space, Stars and C60." The title of Prof. Smalley's Friday morning lecture was "The Future of the Fullerenes."

Retrospective photo exhibit: Professor Yusuke Nakayama (Ehime University, Japan) - who has been the 'official' photographer of the international carbon community for many years - prepared a selection of photographs from Carbon Conferences over the last decade. They were displayed together with the poster presentations. Many participants enjoyed reliving the "good old times"!

Proceedings from the 1997 conference are available at acs.omnibooksonline.com