Past Executive Committee members

S. Mrozowski (State University of New York at Buffalo)
P. L. Walker, Jr. (The Pennsylvania State University)
L. H. Juel (Great Lakes Carbon Corporation)
V. R. Deitz (U.S. Naval Research Laboratory)
J. T. Meers (Union Carbide Corporation)
J. C. Bokros (General Atomic Company/CarboMedics Inc.)
R. K. Carlson (POCO Graphite)
D. W. McKee (General Electric Company)
W. A. Nystrom (Stackpole Carbon Company)
D. Rivin (Cabot Corporation/U.S. Army Natick RD&E Center)
R. A. Meyer (The Aerospace Corporation/ University of California, Santa Barbara)
J. L. White (University of California, San Diego)
L. R. Radovic (Penn State University)
F. J. Derbyshire (University of Kentucky)
Dan D. Edie (Clemson University)
Frederick S. Baker (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
Timothy D. Burchell (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
Peter A. Thrower (Editor, Carbon Journal)
Nidia C. Gallego (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
Joseph M. Calo (Brown University)
Gary Tibbetts (Applied Sciences)
Wesley Hoffman (AFRL/PRSM Edwards, CA)
Linda E. Jones (Alfred University)