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Graffin Lectures 2023

The American Carbon Society Graffin Lecturer Matthew C Weisenberger
The American Carbon Society Graffin Lecture Series

Warm congratulations to Matt Weisenberger who has been awarded the 2023 Graffin Lectureship in recognition of his distinguished contributions to carbon science and engineering. His lecture series is Carbon Fiber – Past, Present & Future. Thank you also to Asbury Carbons for their continued generous support of this educational outreach program of the American Carbon Society, that has run since 1978!


July 16-21, 2023

The Carbon World Conference 2023, 16-21 July 2023, Cancun, Mexico
The Carbon World Conference 2023, 16-21 July 2023, Cancun, Mexico

The Carbon 2023 Conference will be hosted by the Mexican Carbon Association in Cancun, Mexico – in collaboration with the Latin American Carbon Federation and the American Carbon Society and Professor Sir Andre Geim (Nobel Prize in Physics 2010) will be a plenary speaker.
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Additionally, the Satellite Symposium to Carbon 2023 Beyond Absorption III will be held on July 15th – so try to arrive early in order to attend that too!


September 10-14, 2023

The International Nuclear Graphite Specialists Meeting – INGSM 23 – is taking oplace in Aachen, Germany. Abstracts are invited in all aspects of the Nuclear Graphite Lifecycle.

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September 24-28, 2023

Carbon For Energy Storage & Environmental Protection – CESEP2023 – is taking oplace in Budapest, Hungary and is hosted by the Hungarian Carbon Community.

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June29 – July 4, 2025

The World Conference on Carbon – Carbon 2025 – Hosted by the Francophone Carbon Association in Saint-Malo, France.

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