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The American Carbon Society Carbon Jobs Board, Background Photo by Clem Onojeghuo
The American Carbon Society Carbon Jobs Board


Jobs Board

The American Carbon Society makes this Jobs Board publicly available. Our Sponsors and Membership may post their open positions on this board by contacting Dr. Julian Norley directly via e-mail.

All open positions will first be e-mailed to our entire membership within 1 week of being received. They will then be posted on this public Jobs Board within 2 weeks of being received.

If you wish to receive priority e-mail notification of all upcoming open positions you must register as an American Carbon Society Member.

The American Carbon Society is not responsible for any errors or omissions in the posted job descriptions.

Current Open Positions

GrafTech International, Ltd – Reposted 8/24/21

GrafTech International, a leading manufacturer of graphite electrode products used in steel-making, has openings for a Materials Scientist / Engineer in Brooklyn Heights, Ohio. For more information see the links below:
Materials Scientist / Engineer, More Information >>>


Cabot Corporation – Reposted 8/24/21

Cabot Corporation is seeking a Scintist to complete R&D in the field of Battery Technology & Materials, focused on solid-state lithium-ion batteries. For more information see the link below:
Energy Materials Scientist, More Information >>>


Amsted Graphite Materials – Posted 8/24/21

Amsted Graphite Materials has an opening for for a Technical Sales Lead for graphite anode materials in the lithium-ion battery market. For more information login to Linked In using the link below:
Technical Sales Lead More Information >>>


Morgan Advanced Materials – Posted 8/24/21

Morgan Advanced Materials have several openings at their Carbon Science Center of Excellence at Penn State University. For more information see the link below:
Sr Advanced R&D Engineer/Scientist More Information >>>


University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research – Posted 8/24/21

The Carbon Materials Group at the University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research is looking to hire at least 2 Research Associates by year end. There are 2 topical areas, and they are looking for at least one research associate for each area. Applications will be accepted through 7 Sept 2021. Links to the UK postings where one can apply for the positions are listed below.

Area 1: Spinning, Oxidation and Carbonization of PAN-Based Carbon Fiber
1. Research Engineer Assistant/CAER –51045176 – RE29519
2. Research Engineer Associate/CAER –51045177 – RE29518
3. Research Engineer Senior/CAER – 51045178 – RE29516
4. Research Engineer Principal/CAER – 51045179 –RE29517

Area 2: Processing and Characterization of Carbon Fiber-Carbon Matrix Composites
1. Research Engineer Assistant/CAER –51042973 – RE29540
2. Research Engineer Associate/CAER –51042732 – RE29541
3. Research Engineer Senior/CAER – 51042570 RE29539
4. Research Engineer Principal/CAER – 51019092 –RE29531


Upcoming Positions

Incoming open positions will be posted here as they become available.


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