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American Carbon Society Graffin Lecture Series

The American Carbon Society & Asbury Carbons, Are Proud To Sponsor The Graffin Lecture Series Presented By Ryan M Paul of ORNL

The American Carbon Society Graffin Lecturer Ryan M Paul
The American Carbon Society Graffin Lecture Series


The Graffin Lecture Series

The American Carbon Society, supported by grants from Asbury Carbons, sponsors a lecture series at North American universities in honor of George D. Graffin, a pioneer in the natural graphite industry.

Each year, the Society selects a lecturer who has made distinguished contributions to carbon science and engineering. The lecture is available by direct arrangement with this year’s lecturer – Ryan M Paul.


The Current Graffin Lecturer

The 2021 Graffin Lecturer is: Ryan M Paul, Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Dr Paul is a Research Staff Member in the Carbon and Composites Group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He has given over 30 public presentations and invited talks, and authored over 40 technical documents, including a number of peer-reviewed publications.


The Current Graffin Lecture

The 2021 Graffin Lecture is: 125 Years of Synthetic Graphite (1896 – 2021)

The graphite materials segment represents a $15-20 billion global industry, with over 3 million tons produced every year in various forms, growing at a rate of over 5% per year. The objective of this lecture is to highlight the fundamentals of graphite materials technology (including the raw materials, processing, structure, and properties), that make graphite a critical component of our current technological development. The lecturer will explain how and why modern graphite materials are enabling advancements in nearly every aspect of today’s energy technology, such as:

  • Aerospace and automotive light-weighting
  • Next-generation nuclear reactor designs
  • Higher performance and lower cost electric vehicles
  • Faster charging electronics
  • Growth in the semiconductor market
  • More-efficient steel recycling

To Find Out More, Download the 2021 Graffin Lecture Informational Flyer.


For More Information On Education In The American Carbon Society

For information on additional Educational Opportunities in the Society, please contact
The Education Secretary:
Dr. Weiming Lu
Technical Fellow
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Previous Graffin Lecturers

  • John Linck, Collins Aerospace (2020)
  • Mauricio Terrones, Pennsylvania State University (2018/2019) – VIDEO >>
  • Teresa Bandosz, City University of New York (2016/2017)
  • Cristian Contescu, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (2015/2016)
  • Khalid Lafdi, University of Dayton (2014)
  • Amod A. Ogale, Clemson University (2013)
  • Julian Norley, GrafTech International Holdings, Inc. (2012) – VIDEO >>
  • Rodney Andrews, University of Kentucky CAER (2011)
  • Ray Baughman, University of Texas (2009-2010)
  • Fred Baker, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (2008-2009)
  • Ljubisa R. Radovic, Pennsylvania State University (2007-2008)
  • Peter Eklund, Pennsylvania State University (2005-2006)
  • Robert H. Hurt, Brown University (2004-2005)
  • Tim Burchell, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (2002-2003)
  • Neil Murdie, Honeywell (1999-2000)
  • Peter A. Thrower, The Pennsylvania State University (1998-99)
  • Jim Zimmer, Aerotherm Corporation (1997-98)
  • Linda E. Jones, New York State College of Ceramics (1996-97)
  • Wesley P. Hoffman, Air Force Research Laboratory (1995-96)
  • E. A. Heintz, State University of New York at Buffalo (1994-95)
  • Dan D. Edie, Clemson University (1993)
  • Harry Marsh, Southern Illinois University (1992)
  • W. P. Eatherly, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (1991)
  • Gary G. Tibbetts, General Motors Corporation (1990)
  • Roger Bacon, Amoco Performance Products (1989)
  • Julius Jortner, Jortner Research and Engineering (1988)
  • Douglas W. McKee, General Electric Company (1987)
  • I. C. Lewis, UCAR Carbon Company (1986)
  • R. T. K. Baker, EXXON Corporation (1985)
  • Jack. L. White, The Aerospace Corporation (1984)
  • L. S. Singer, Union Carbide Corporation (1983)
  • Mildred S. Dresselhaus, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1982)
  • D. B Fischbach, University of Washington (1981)
  • Philip L. Walker, Jr., The Pennsylvania State University (1980)
  • S. Mrozowski, State University of New York at Buffalo (1979)
  • R. J. Diefendorf, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (1978)

Previous Graffin Lecture Video


Previous Graffin Lecture Video


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